10 Great R.E.M. Songs

  1. Talk About The Passion ("Not everyone can carry the weight of the world")
  2. Losing My Religion ("Every whisper of every waking hour, I'm choosing my confessions")
  3. So. Central Rain ("The city on the river, There is a girl without a dream")
  4. Driver 8 ("Way to shield the hated heat, Way to put myself, my children to sleep")
  5. World Leader Pretend ("This is my mistake. Let me make it good.")
  6. Gardening at Night ("The feelings that broke through that door just didn't seem to be too real")
  7. Fall on Me ("Feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air")
  8. Nightswimming ("September's coming soon. I'm pining for the moon. What if there were two?")
  9. E-Bow The Letter ("This star thing, I don't get it")
  10. Texarkana ("20,000 miles to an oasis")
Author Comments: 

Ten very high class tunes from one of the most important bands of all time.

Great list! Many of my favorites on here. Nice to see somebody actually make a choice from the post-Automatic years worthy of the boast (E-Bow the Letter is a killer song).

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

How about Man on the Moon, from the movie soundtrack? We all know that it is their best...

Man on the Moon was a single from Automatic for the People long before the "Man on the Moon" semi-hit movie.

To some, that may be their best. I have never really gotten into it.

I love R.E.M.

"Losing My Religion" is one of the greatest love songs. And "Nightswimming" is a classic.

I'd probably have included "Crush with Eyeliner."