10 favorite actors and my favorite roles

  • 1.Johnny Depp-Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • 2.Ewan Mcgregor-Christian in Moulin Rogue or Edward Bloom in Big Fish
  • 3.Robert De Niro-Jake Lamatta in Raging Bull
  • 4.Al Pacino-Tony Montana in ScarFace
  • 5.Ed Harris-Christoff in The Truman Show
  • 6.Nicholas Cage-Rick Santoro in Snake eyes or Seth in City of Angels
  • 7.Gene Hackman-Royal Tennenbaum in The Royal tennenbaums
  • 8.Harvey Kietel-Jacob Fuller in From Dusk til Dawn
  • 9.Steve Buscemi-Nick Reve in Living in Oblivion
  • 10.Martin Landau-Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood

#10: "Ed Wood" '94 :)

Yup,Ed wood!

Hmmm... I must be missing something with this "Ed Wood." I am curious to know what it is because I see the character "Bela Lugosi," who is one of my horror-film favorites. I'm wondering who this Martin Landau is and curious if he portrays Lugosi really well, unless of course it's a comedy or something and then they never do!

Anyway, I really LOVED MacGregor in Moulin Rouge. What a voice! I'd almost tell him to quit his day job and take up singing, but he's such a good actor I'd hate to have him give it up! I really want to see "Big Fish." Ewan is so cute. My co-worker has a clipping from a magazine of him in a Scottish kilt. Yum!

Landau won an Oscar playing Lugosi, and he is terrific. Landau was also in 1959's North by Northwest as a young man, if you can believe that.

Ed Wood is a biopic about Mr. Wood, an ultra-low-budget director whose films are so horribly bad they are now revered as camp classics (his film Plan 9 from Outer Space is probably cited as the worst film of all time more often than any other movie). Rather than simply mocking this man, Tim Burton's film admires his love of film and his determination to make movies no matter how many obstacles try to stop him. Wood managed to get Lugosi in some of his films when Lugosi was a washed-out junkie has-been. The film investigates Wood's odd relationship with Lugosi, along with several other elements.

Oh, and Johnny Depp is Ed Wood. He completely disappears in the role. Watching the trailer in the theater, I honestly didn't realize it was him until his name flashed across the screen! It might be Depp's finest hour yet.

For my money, Ed Wood is easily Tim Burton's best film. If that sounds interesting to you at all, you should check it out!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Ed Wood is a fantastic movie,I agree.

You forgot to mention the lead character's fetish for a certain type of sweater. I guarantee John Waters raised at least an eyebrow. Expect the unexpected, but it's definitely a good movie. Just a little off center.

As for Martin Landau, I liked him again in "The Majestic", but alas it was not to be on award day. He was a regular cast member on "Mission Impossible" in the U.S.

He was also great in The Majestic,ahhh I love that movie as well.

Martin Landau does a great job as Lugosi,you should check out "Ed Wood".Ewan in a kilt senda my heart aflutter.

You guys, will someone please tell me how on earth I went this long without seeing a movie that was first of all done by Tim Burton, secondly has my dream-lover Depp in it, and not only that includes the role of one of my heroes, Bela Lugosi??!!!! Have I been living in a cave? You can bet I will take your advice and check this movie out. It is on my list, priority = high! Thanks so much for letting the light in. I will let you all know how the movie turned out for me. I'm so excited!

It was a sleeper hit so it's understandable.