the 10 best (rock) cd's ever (in no particular order)

  • pink floyd - the wall
  • tool - aenima
  • tori amos - boys for pele
  • nirvana - in utero
  • nine inch nails - the downward spiral
  • deftones - adrenaline
  • smashing pumpkins - siamese dream
  • radiohead - the bends
  • rage against the machine - rage against the machine
  • portishead - live PNYC
Author Comments: 

i know - it's unoriginal. but i had to start somewhere. these are the ones that i sing in my sleep. maybe someone shares my taste. =)

i like your list. I really love The Downward Spiral. So many songs with a passive anger that cuts deep in to the mind. A very psychological work.