014 ... Indulge Me My Guilty Pleasures: Lame Movies I Love

  • Gumball Rally - The predecessor to an even worse Cannonball Run, this is a truly hokey "Race across the country" movie. My brother and I watched it several times as kids, and I think this movie reminds me of the good time with my brother.
  • Deathrace 2000: The origination of "50 points for the old guy walking down the street" and "Go for the baby, go for the baby, it's worth 100 pts." David Carradine in the post-Grasshopper days (who I ran into in Albuquerque in 1994).
  • Texas Dynamite Chase - LAME show, but it was the first time I got to see naked breasts. I was 11 in 1978, and these girls tits were 11's, at least to me.
  • Haiawatha - Yes, it should be Hiawatha, but the movie is so bad they actually missppeell the name. Poor animation, lame and long, we've watched it so many times (he loved it from day one, the 3 y/o that he is) that it's really grown on me. I got it on Half.com for $5.
  • Caligula - Well, I don't love this one as much as laugh at this one, AND it's unrated, AND it has Malcom McDowell. Hey, if Bob Guccione can produce it, it's unrated, AND it's a Roman period piece, I gotta like it. I mean, how many times can you get incest, rape, and an orgy with actors like Malcom McDowell and Peter O'Toole...well, what can I say!
  • Flamingo Kid - I'm stretching it by calling it a Bad movie, when really it should just be an underrated movie, but it's WAY late (technically, REALLY early) and this is where it's going. This is where Wayne Gretzky got his wife, and Matt Dillon got...paid. A fun show.
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Flash Gordon (1980). I just have to rent that as an adult for a big ol' cringefest.

The music by Queen was perfect for the movie, wasn't it? It was amazing how good a job they did on making this an intentionally lame movie. I think the intent, no big exposition here, is that they wanted to maintain the simplistic cheesy air of the olden days superheroes, but they ended up becoming what they were mocking/paying homage to.

I dont think Real Genius belongs on this list, in my opinion of course. That is a wonderful little comedy.

Yeah, you're right. I should move it to "underrated" or "guilty pleasures".

I always thought the real reason Gretzky got traded to the LA Kings( rarely even princes if you ask me) was so that he and Rob Dugray(sp?) could compare their wives centerfold staple placements. I could be wrong.