002: Amusing Lines in 'Skins'

  • Abigail: Ow! I'll kill you, you fucking flat-chested cocksucking spastic horse-fucker!
  • Sid: Whoa... good swearing.
  • Sid: Michelle would never, never fuck a horse
  • Chris Miles: What did you do with the drugs man?
  • Anwar: What, I don't have any.
  • Chris Miles: Thought you were gonna put them in your turbun?
  • Anwar: I don't wear a turban Chris.
  • Chris Miles: I thought you were gonna get one especially?
  • Sid Jenkins: Every time. Every fucking time. 'Buy three ounces of weed, Sidney.' 'Oh yes, sir.' 'Shove a bag of pills up your ass, Sidney.' 'Oh right away.' 'Come help me save some random chick.' 'Oh could I?' What have we learned, Sidney? Your friends are shitheads.
  • Maxxie: It's all my fault. I got off with Tony on the Russia trip. I only did it because I fell out with Anwar when he said he hated gays, so I got upset, and Tony said he'd give me head, to cheer me up, you know. And I didn't mean anything, but I lost my head... and then he gave me head. And then we got deported from Russia. And I'm really really sorry for being a slut, okay?
  • Sid Jenkins:It's not a night light, it's a glow-in-the-dark Batman - it's retro.