0011: Best Modern Films

  1. Being John Malkovich
  2. Heavenly Creatures
  3. Talk to Her
  4. The Silence of the Lambs
  5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  6. The Sweet Hereafter
  7. Moulin Rouge!
  8. Edward Scissorhands
  9. The Last of the Mohicans
  10. Fargo
  11. The Truman Show
  12. Beauty and the Beast
  13. Pulp Fiction
  14. Dancer in the Dark
  15. Dead Man Walking
  16. The Velvet Goldmine
  17. Yi Yi
  18. Babe
  19. Trainspotting
  20. Spirited Away
Author Comments: 

This list encapsulates all films in the past thirteen years. From 1990 until our current year of 2003. This is just my opinion, etc, etc.

Comments to come...

I loved Bruce Almighty as a recent film - side splittingly funny.

I felt decidedly mixed on Bruce Almighty. I felt that certain parts were amusing, but that it ultimately lost steam and its original voice seemed to fade into generic idiocy. I didn't hate it like many online critics, but I can't say that I enjoyed it. If anything from 2003 was gonna make this list, Finding Nemo is the only candidate right now.

AAA, you should really see "Swimming Pool." Parts of it reminded me of "Talk to Her" in its tone, though "Swimming Pool" is nowhere near as depressing. I think you'd like it as long as you don't mind the "ending plot twist that redefines the rest of the movie and makes you see it in a new light." Some people are bothered by those; I like them.

I've been meaning to catch Swimming Pool. Considering my love for Rampling, and my deep respect for the recent work of Ozon, I don't know why I've waited this long.