0001: Ten Reasons that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is the Best Show of All Time

  1. The Body - my vote for the best single of episode of TV ever...the cinematography, the acting, the sound...everything just works perfectly
  2. Once More With Feeling - a Sondheim-inspired spectacular. One of the few great musical episodes of any series. Of course, if you know the Buffyverse this is incredibly potent as well as entertaining.
  3. Surprise/Innocence - a two-parter that tears Buffy and Angel apart. A great example of Joss Whedon's use of metaphor to expand these characters past fantasy and into the real world.
  4. Becoming - the second two-parter of the Angelus saga. That last scene will kill you.
  5. Hush - like The Body, everything in this episode works together. Another ballsy, experimental episode that works so well it's (literally) scary.
  6. Restless - you may consider this an oddly anti-climactic season finale, considering that the big bad was defeated and the entire episode consists of dreams, but just watch the rest of the series. Nearly everything in these dreams is a prophecy for future episodes. It is another indicator that Joss Whedon REALLY knows how to tell a story.
  7. Tabula Rosa - a great character examination. By erasing all traces of knowledge or self in all of the characters, Joss allows you to see them at their base forms, which is fascinating, and ultimately heartbreaking.
  8. Selfless - Anya's sorta-redemption. One of the best characters in the show gets her true moment to shine. The musical number is pretty wrenching, as well.
  9. The Gift - Buffy dies. It's not an easy hour to watch, let's put it that way.
  10. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - Joss can be hilarious, truly funny, I swear.

I agree wholeheartedly that Buffy is the best TV show of all time... Joss Whedon is my idol i life... as a writer, as someone who wants to work in TV, and as a director... The show was brilliant... And I agree with all of your choices... but I must clone this list anyway. :)

I'm thrilled to hear that you agree. I think that it is a matter of serious shame that not only regular people, but the emmys never acknowledged his genius writing. NEVER. ARGH!

Yeah I agree too. The body is excellent! althou i can't watch it again as it was too much for me. I cried for days!

It's certainly a rough episode on the ol' tearducts.

i certainly love the whole series. Once More With Feeling was perfect. I LOVE THAT EPISODE! Good list