Albums that I love

  1. Dream Theater-Octavarium
  2. Tose Proeski-Igra bez granica
  3. Dream Theater-Images and words
  4. Dream Theater-Falling into Infinity
  5. Dream Theater-Systematic chaos
  6. Dream Theater-Awake
  7. Dream Theater-Six degrees of inner turbulence
  8. Dream Theater-Black clouds and silver linings
  9. Dream Theater-Scenes from a memory
  10. Tose Proeski-Ako me pogledas u oci
  11. Helloween-Rabbit don't come easy
  12. Norah Jones-come away with me
  13. Bajaga-Prodavnica tajni
  14. Bajaga-S druge strane jastuka
  15. Bajaga-Sou pocinje u ponoc
  16. Daleka obala-Mrlje
  17. Daleka obala-Ludi mornari dolaze u grad
  18. Depeche Mode-Violator
  19. Evergrey-In search of truth
  20. Evergrey-Recreation day
  21. Evergrey-Torn
  22. Marko Tolja-Stare dobre stvari
  23. Negativ-Ni ovde ni tamo
  24. Negativ-Tango
  25. Norah Jones-Feels like home
  26. Tose Proeski-Ima li dan za nas
  27. Tose Proeski-Pratim te
  28. Tose Proeski-Sinot Boziji
  29. Tose Proeski-Nekade vo nokta
  30. Tose Proeski-The hardest thing
  31. Nightwish-Over the hills and far away
  32. Nightwish-Century child
  33. Nightwish-Angels Fall First
  34. Nightwish-Oceanborn
  35. Nightwish-Wishmaster
  36. Helloween-Keeper of the seven keys pt1
  37. Helloween-Keeper of the seven keys pt2
  38. Helloween-Master of the rings
  39. Helloween-Gambling with the devil
  40. Helloween-The dark ride
  41. Helloween-Better than raw
  42. Helloween-The time of the oath
  43. Blind Guardian-Nightfall in middlearth
  44. Blind Guardian-Imaginations from the other side
  45. Sonata Artica-Winterheart's guild
  46. Stratovarius-elements pt.1
Author Comments: 

This is a work in progress, this is all I can remember for tonight but I'm sure that there are plenty more, and that in the future there will be added some new ones I still haven't heard