John Oates

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The day without her,
I am Garfunkel while Simon's at Graceland,
Left only a sad angelic cry
Without words wrapped inside.
I've a large large loveseat
With only a cat beside
Who blames me with narrow eyes
For her growing absence
Like an angry Beatles fan
At a Yoko Ono show.

Abbott without Costello
Just annoys everybody.
Lonely Stan Laurel simply shrugs.
Ginger never danced worth a damn without Fred.
Robin couldn't scare a child.

Nobody orders dry pancakes.

The bed slowly stretches twenty feet wide
While Walter Becker loses hair and puts on weight.
Wednesday mornings,
There's always too much coffee
For my cold ceramic cup.

Silent Bob solo has nothing to say.
The Beast without Beauty
Wonders empty castles and caves alone.
John Oates
Couldn't even muster the reason
Not to shave.

- 7/11/12