Developments of my life over the past two yeras


-Got a girlfriend. Broke up and got back together numerous times (currently together)
-Transferred Tim Hortons stores twice (worked three other jobs for a grand total of 9 days)
-Slept with a coworker (eventuating transfer #2)
-Tried marijuana
-Got drunk for the first time
-Went to college for one semester (didn't like it)
-Lost a grandfather
-Been accused of rape. Multiple times.
-Got a laptop
-Had a threesome
-Became obsessed with Jinnai Tomonori
-Had a radio show
-Been to my first football game
-Got mugged
-Gotten engaged


Nice, you have an exciting life. I like seeing listologists making lists about themselves, it gives insight into the kind of people that like compulsively making lists :D
You have much more interesting sexual-type experiences than I do. Kudos! And congratulations on getting engaged!
Hmmm, I may make a list of this type too. Good call.