Odd facts about me (Yes, another one of these.)

  • Well, seems like almost everyone else has one. I want one too!
  • UPDATE: This list is horribly out of date. I'll work on a new one soon.
  • Both my pinkie fingers are crooked.
  • I have never broken any bone, though I have had stitches three times.
  • I have been out of the country only once, in Canada for Anime North 2006
  • I have not managed to keep a friendship with any of my ex-girlfriends.
  • I know how they prepare food at Tim Hortons, and I tell people regularly.
  • I have worked a Tim Hortons morning shift alone.
  • I can walk two blocks and see another country.
  • I do not believe in Internet relationships.
  • Despite the fact that I hate stereotypes, I often stereotype people myself
  • My ex has gotten me banned from a forum by claiming I was the leader of a secret terrorist society.
  • I speak English and Spanish
  • I hope to move to Ibiza one day.
  • I always end chats with the term "TTFN"

I've never heard of anyone becoming a christian from being an atheist (who didn't have some political or social motivation to say they're christian, but I sincerely doubt you're running for office).

What happened? What's your story?

Ahh! This list is horribly out of date!

Ignore that.