My favourite films

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick (1968) [3/3]
  2. Persona - Ingmar Bergman (1966) [3/3]
  3. - Federico Fellini (1963) [3/3]
  4. Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese (1976) [2/3]
  5. Apocalypse Now - Francis Ford Coppola (1979) [2/3]
  6. Citizen Kane - Orson Welles (1941) [1/3]
  7. Werckmeister harmóniák - Béla Tarr (2000) [3/3]
  8. C'era una volta il West - Sergei Leone (1968) [2/3]
  9. Vertigo - Alfred Hitchcock (1958) [1/3]
  10. Memento - Christopher Nolan (2000) [1/3]
  11. A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick (1971) [2/3]
  12. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Michel Gondry (2004) [1/3]
  13. Videodrome - David Cronenberg (1983) [2/3]
  14. Eyes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick (1999) [3/3]
  15. Mulholland Dr. - David Lynch (2001) [3/3]
  16. Fa yeung nin wa Wong Kar-Wai (2000) [2/3]
  17. There Will Be Blood - Thomas Paul Anderson (2007) [2/3]
  18. Chinatown - Roman Polanski (1974) [1/3]
  19. 2046 - Wong Kar-Wai (2004) [3/3]
  20. Synecdoche, New York - Charlie Kaufman (2008) [3/3]
  21. Touch of Evil Orson Welles (1958) [1/3]
  22. À bout de souffle - Jean-Luc Godard (1960) [2/3]
  23. Vérités et mensonges - Orson Welles (1974) [3/3]
  24. Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino (1994) [1/3]
  25. Inception - Christopher Nolan (2010) [2/3]
  26. Being John Malkovich - Spike Jonze (1999) [2/3]
  27. Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese (1980) [2/3]
  28. Irréversible - Gaspar Noé (2002) [3/3]
  29. Rosemary's Baby - Roman Polanski (1968) [1/3]
  30. Moon - Duncan Jones (2009) [2/3]
  31. Barry Lyndon - Stanley Kubrick (1975) [1/3]
  32. Fantasia - Ben Sharpsteen [1/3]
  33. The Shining - Stanley Kubrick (1980) [1/3]
  34. Enter the Void - Gaspar Noé (2010) [3/3]
  35. Requiem for a Dream - Darren Aronofsky (2000) [1/3]
  36. Children of Men - Alfonso Cuarón (2006) [1/3]
  37. Rear Window - Alfred Hitchcock (1954) [1/3]
  38. Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - Stanley Kubrick (1964) [1/3]
  39. The Godfather: Part II - Francis Ford Coppola (1974) [1/3]
  40. Full Metal Jacket - Stanley Kubrick (1987) [1/3]
  41. The Birds - Alfred Hitchcock (1963) [1/3]
  42. Brick - Rian Johnson (2005) [2/3]
  43. The Departed - Martin Scorsese (2006) [1/3]
  44. Lost in Translation - Sofia Coppola (2003) [2/3]
  45. 21 Grams - Alejandro González Iñárritu (2003) [2/3]
  46. Out of the Past - Jacques Tourneur (1947) [1/3]
  47. Goodfellas - Martin Scorsese (1990) [1/3]
  48. Black Swan - Darren Aronofsky (2010) [1/3]
  49. (500) Days of Summer - Marc Webb (2009) [1/3]
  50. Blue Velvet - David Lynch (1986) [3/3]
  51. Adaptation. - Spike Jonze (2002) [2/3]
  52. Double Indemnity - Billy Wilder (1944) [1/3]
  53. Un prophète - Jacques Audiard (2009) [2/3]
  54. The Ghost Writer - Roman Polanski (2010) [1/3]
  55. No Country for Old Men - Ethan Coen & Joel Coen (2007) [2/3]
  56. Cidade de Deus - Fernando Meirelles (2002) [1/3]
  57. The Godfather - Francis Ford Coppola (1972) [1/3]
Author Comments: 

Things could move around a bit and stuff might enter/drop off (this is a sort of draft version). And yeah I know I have a bit of a bias for newer films. The number afterwards is how inaccessible I believe the film is for anyone looking to watch some of them.

[1/3] - Accessible; these films can be watched by pretty much anyone.
[2/3] - Testing; these films can often be appreciated by people given they are soley focused on the film and willing to step out of the blockbuster comfort zone.
[3/3] - Challenging; these films are often surreal, heavily metaphorical or can generally cause confusion/discomfort. Advised that you watch all 2/3s before trying films classified as this and films in this category will often need repeated viewings to appreciate the many nuances they possess.

C'mon bro.

Kubrick is overrated, I expect my fellow listologists to see through him; Persona, Taxi and Apocalypse are all pretty exceptional and blow away the following ie. Kane, Memento etc. Werckmeister is better than EVERY FILM ABOVE IT. But yeah cool list. I'm not down with a lot of it (watch some international films plz?) but it's cool nevertheless. Just ease up on the Kubrick.

All I can say I guess, and I know you'll agree with this, is that Kubrick is probably in the top 5 auteurs in cinema and I just find that highly distinctive style to be powerful in communicating his various messages. I don't expect any of the films on the list of his that I've seen to drop off but ideally when I've seen more films it won't look quite as much like he's dominating the upper echelons. I do still have quite a viewing gap in cinema especially with regards to older films and even more so foreign films. The sad thing is I still probably have a more complete viewing log than nearly every one I know which I guess shows that cinema remains only a form of entertainment and not art for the masses. Like I said on my film log, I'm interested in doing a proper review of Werckmeister at some point but I'd have to watch it a few more times before I'd do so (I've watched it 2 and a half times so far). I found the film to be incredibly powerfully so to be honest I couldn't fault someone for saying it's better than all the films above it. Out of interest if you were forced to name a least hated Kubrick film what would it be?

Sorry about any perceived aggression, was somewhat drugged / liquored up last night (stupid wisdom teeth).

ANYWAY, I'll try to be more coherent. No way is Kubrick top five. No way. I can think of a hell of a lot more interesting directors, I wouldn't place him in my top 100, and I don't hate him! My reaction is more, admittedly unfairly, directed towards his fan base. I think Paths of Glory is quite a good film and Eyes Wide Shut ain't half-bad, either. I still want to see Lolita, though, which I PVR'd ages ago and haven't gotten around to. Subjective, obviouslyyyyy.

But I agree, your film knowledge does definitely outshine 99% of people.

I'll try to clarify - by top 5 auteurs I mean literally how much any film they make is 'their vision'. Given how notorious Kubrick was for wanting everything exactly as he planned and hence how easy it is to spot a film as being a Kubrick film I mentioned Kubrick as being one of the top 5 auteurs, regardless of the quality of those auteurs. I thought it might be one of his early works given that his style was less marked in those days. I don't know whether you've seen it but you may want to check out Spartacus as Kubrick did not have creative control over that, Kirk Douglas was also a big input I believe. I haven't seen Spartacus yet so I can't comment personally, this is just based on what I've heard. Lolita is my least favourite Kubrick film that I've seen but I still enjoyed it. Subjective of course lol.

I must admit I'm a bit of an obsessive when it comes to anything with Charlie Kaufman's name on it as well and can imagine feeling similarly about Welles once I've seen some more of his.

Okay, I get what you mean, and I agree. Kubrick did have a very distinct style; but I think that's a value neutral statement. And yeah, I think in his earlier work one doesn't find the emptiness that pervades the latter half of his filmography. Spartacus was a decent flick, I saw it waaaaay back when I was a young'n. The battle scenes had appeal but I can't comment on how they would hold up.

I like Charlie Kaufman, too, but only as a screenwriter. He can't direct for shit.

You would do well to listen to Marquee, he is a very insightful and intelligent man, and I cannot think of too many people who have illuminated and exposed the work of Stan K better.

You're far too modest Marquee, I think it's perfectly fair to direct scorn at Kubrick's fanbase. They are after all a busy little cult, are they not? They like to think he was infallible or perfect! The man wrote bumbling scripts with awkward dialogue, laughable performances & were more often than not tediously boring. His fans have the annoying habit of giving utmost praise even to his faults! And they are indecent enough to stick their noses out at films they deem 'less personal' and therefore 'false'. The whole thing is a deluded farce. Surely a twisted game the devil plays. Surely a DREAM or some WITCHCRAFT or the END OF THE WORLD. Oh if it were only true. Than I could perhaps have faith in my fellow man. Kubrick fans come in so few colors, all lifeless shades of gray reciting the same cultural memes. What can you expect from a man whose films are creatively bankrupt? His hollowness is merely reflected in The mirror of his fans.

This list is outdated now, I don't really have an order beyond the top 10 and those have changed slightly. For anyone who cares the updated list is on and my username is 'khriz' like on here.