101 Things To Do in 1001 Days for 11/15/11 to 8/13/14

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  1. Write a poem and share it with people
  2. Read the entire Bible
  3. Go to a National Park - You have never visited before
  4. Teach Sunday School 10 times (0-10)
  5. Watch 50 of IMDB's top 250 movies (0-50)
  6. Read 10 or Random House 100 best novels (0-10)
  7. Try a new recipe every month
  8. Walk in a Fund raising Event
  9. Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  10. Hear "Live" Music three times (0-3)
  11. Take a graduate class
  12. Lose 15 pounds
  13. Visit 5 art museums/shows (0-5)
  14. Go camping three times (0-3)
  15. Go to a zoo four times (0-4)
  16. Read The Lord of the Rings Series (0-7)
  17. See The Lord of the Rings films
  18. Try 10 new recipes from 10 different countries (0-10)
  19. Go to an outdoor movie
  20. Go see 3 Major League Baseball Games in 3 different cities
  21. Plant a garden
  22. Read five Pulitzer Prize winning books that I haven't already read (0-5)
  23. Go on three picnics (0-3)
  24. Bake bread
  25. Have people over for meal
  26. Read 20 books in a year (0-20)
  27. Do a 12 hour readathon
  28. Watch the Star Wars Trilogy in one day
  29. Watch any trilogy in a day
  30. Visit an ocean
  31. Go sledding in the snow
  32. Eat two pieces of fruit a day for one month
  33. Stay up all night
  34. Go one week without using lights after dark
  35. Try five cheeses I've never had before (0-5)
  36. Read five graphic novels (0-5)
  37. Take a trip with friends
  38. Take a trip out of the country
  39. Visit five new libraries (0-5)
  40. Eat only from the farmers market & Garden for two weeks
  41. Go to 10 concerts/shows/performances (0-10)
  42. Go to a film festival
  43. Go without Facebook for two weeks
  44. Visit 10 new restaurants in OKC/Norman area (0-10)
  45. Talk to a stranger in a coffee shop or book store
  46. Take a train trip
  47. Read a Dickens novel
  48. Go to a county fair
  49. Go without meat for two weeks
  50. Cook a three-course meal for family
  51. Go to two book readings (0-2)
  52. Buy something practical off of Craigslist, ebay or similar
  53. Go without candy, sweets for a month
  54. Go to three Christmas Events outside our church (0-3)
  55. Hit golf balls or go golfing
  56. Go to 10 College Sporting Events (0-10)
  57. Run a 10k
  58. Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  59. Prepare & give 15 boxes to Operation Christmas Child (3-15)
  60. Read three books on a Kindle or similar (0-3)
  61. Listen to two audiobooks (0-2)
  62. Visit OKC Memorial Musuem
  63. Read a sci-fi/fantasy book series (0-5)
  64. Watch all of John Hughes' movies
  65. Watch a full television series
  66. Run a half marathon
  67. Go a week without taking a nap
  68. Compliment someone every day for a week
  69. Go to a yoga class once a week for two months
  70. Write in a journal every day for a month
  71. Do 50 sit ups a day for a month
  72. Donate 10% of every paycheck to a charity for 3 months
  73. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  74. Go rock climbing
  75. Make my bed every day for a month
  76. Remember friends birthdays and send them home made cards
  77. Bake a cake from scratch
  78. Hike a mountain
  79. Go rappelling
  80. Do not tough a computer for 1 day a week for a month
  81. Stay up all night
  82. Go a month without buying anything new(besides groceries)
  83. Wear everything in my closet at least once or get rid of it
  84. Learn how to sew
  85. Go a month without eating sweets/desserts
  86. Clean bathroom once a week for a month
  87. Do 3 jigsaw puzzles (0-3)
  88. Get a bike
  89. Have a day of solitude and prayer
  90. Move into a house of my own
  91. Give up watching tv/movies for a week
  92. Watch the sunrise everyday for a week
  93. Knit something from stitch and bitch
  94. Give a 100% tip for excellent service
  95. Get a hammock
  96. Acquire 3 house plants
  97. Host a game night
  98. Look at Christmas lights
  99. Prepare a Thanksgiving day meal
  100. Try seafood
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A simple lists of needs and dreams - now with a deadline