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  • The Source by James Michener

If you are reading THE MARTIANS, then I take it you have already read RED MARS, GREEN MARS, and BLUE MARS. I've read those three, and I would place them among the best of 'hard' sf. I'd be interested to know if TM is as good.

Yes. I read all 3 of the original Mars books and loved them. The Martians is a book of short stories based in that same world. I haven't finished it yet because I read one or two then put it down for a few weeks. They've been a bit uneven, though I'd say I think Robinson is probably better as a novelist than a short story writer. You might like to check out his Three Californias series as well. (The Gold Coast, The Wild Shore and Pacific Edge I think were the titles. Very different from his Mars books but also good.

How is the Tom Robbins book-- I have really enjoyed his work, but I heard this one is not worth the read.

I haven't gotten terribly far yet, (I've been too tired to read more than a chapter a night yet) but I want to see what's going to happen next, so I guess that's a good sign. I'll let you know more when I finish it.

Cool about Guards! Guards!. My wife (not a fantasy person) and I (not much of a fantasy person anymore) both recently read and loved the "Watch" books of Discworld.

BTW, where did you get your copy? I tried to find one as a gift and struck out at Amazon and Bibliofind.

I've got a SF book club edition I got several years ago and had never gotten around to reading. I've enjoyed all of the Pratchett I"ve read so far and I'm not much of a fantasy person either.

Ah! You've reminded me. I must add The Discoverers to this list.

I saw your other vote thingy. I reckon you'd like A Clockwork Orange. After all, like pixel Juice, it's set in Manchester. Just imagine the Russian slang with a Mancunian accent, Oh my droogy.

Then, if you like Burgess - Earthly Powers, Enderby (look out for the famous "Onions" sentence) - and his excellent book on linguistics, "A Mouthful of Air" (incidentally, I got myself around Leningrad as was using barely-remembered Russian learnt from A Clockwork Orange.)

thanks for the recommendations. I actually took A Clockwork Orange along with on a trip this weekend but didn't manage to get to it :(

Perhaps next weekend.

How was Salt? I've been thinking of picking it up, but had some doubts, so your opinions would be really appreciated.

I've only gotten about 100 pages in, but I'm liking it so far. I picked it up to peruse while waiting for an author reading to start and got sucked in enough I bought it. A week later I went back to see Kurlansky speak, but I think he's a better writer than speaker.

I put it down to try to finish a book for book group and Christopher Moore's new book since he's dong a reading here Sunday, but I'll be back to it before long.

Kristin, you may have answered this before, but there seem to be 3 books on your list that are always on your list. Is that intentional or some sort of inside joke?

They're ones that are by my bed with bookmarks in them but that I seem to never get around to finishing.

So could you really consider yourself Currently Reading them?

Well, if i took them off it would cease to be a reminder that I ought to get back and finish them :)

How's Thud! so far?

Unsurprisingly, it's good :) I do keep making these things harder by reading them out of order though. (I haven't read Going Postal yet).

Going Postal is not really on one of the main trunks. Have I shared the reading order guide with you yet?

I've seen it but haven't really worried about what order I've read them in.