Tracks/Albums I like from other genres


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Just to give you an idea of my general music tastes. This list has changed a lot over time as I've created more and more genre specific lists especially. So the older comments might not sync with what's on now.


Akasha - Cinematique (Trip Hop)
Amalgamation of Soundz - Amalgamation of Soundz (Future Jazz)
Ambient Temple of Imagination - Mystery School Vol. 1 - 1994 - Ambient, Tribal, Ambient
Architect - Consume, Adapt, Create (2010) (Experimental)
Enigma - MCMXC a.D. (Trance)
Enigma - Le Roi est Mort, Vive Le Roi (Trance)
Kraftwelt - Electric Dimension - 1996 - IDM/Techno/Experimental
Sad Lovers & Giants - Epic Garden Music - 1982 (Classic/Punk Rock)
Psilodump - The Nya Albumet (Experimental)
The Doors - The Doors (Rock)
Tool - Lateralus (Metal)
Violet Vision - First Sign of Communication - 2001 - (Experimental/Psy/Abstract)

VA - Hakkapeliitta (Finnish Freeform)


Stuff not covered in the above albums

4 Voice III - Move (Rave/Trance)
501 - Circle of Fire (Dubstep)
Astrix - Poison (Progressive Psytrance)
Beckers - Switch (GMS Remix)
Bizzare Contact - Run Away (Full-on Psytrance)
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon The Sun (Symphonic)
Blues Traveler - Run-Around

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I'm so glad to see Royksopp's "Beautiful Day Without You" on your list!!! That's my favorite song by them as well. Have you heard the rest of their album The Understanding? It's a very strong one indeed.

Yeah, its a nice, lilting track and one of the few trance tracks which has blended vocals with melody well. I haven't got the rest of the album though, I got this one because I heard it on TV and liked it. Is the rest of the album trance too?

No, The Understanding isn't all that trance involved at all. It's mostly experimental house and downbeat, with alot of trance elements. An entirely soothing cd.

Where did you hear this song on TV?

I heard it on VH1. The video is ok, but the song caught my attention. Saw it a long time ago though, I've completely stopped watching TV now.

Wow, you're one of the few people who agree with me that both 'Born Slippy' and 'Cafe Del Mar' are overrated.
I never liked Born Slippy, even though I generally really like Underworld. I was in England at the time that song got huge (when Trainspotting was released) and you heard it EVERYWHERE. I totally agree that it's not trance (don't really know what I'd categorize it as).
As far as Cafe del Mar goes, yes! it does NOT deserve the high merit it gets. IMO, it does nothing. It's just a tease. I don't care if it's considered a "classic." It does nothing for me.

Yay! Finally, someone agrees with me. I'd break Born Slippy into 2 parts, is it really like 2 tracks joined together. The first part sounds like house and the second, minimal techno? Anyway, there just isn't enough happening in Born Slippy for me. As for del Mar, the part before the breakdown makes me yawn, and part after sounds a bit cheesy and flat. And its soo repetitive.

I got so slammed for putting "Cafe del Mar" in my 'Trance songs I don't like' list. While I don't hate the track per se, I do think it's incredibly overrated. I totally agree on the repetitive comment.
And I really agree that there isn't much going on in Born Slippy. I think it just came out at a time when electronica needed a song to appeal to the mainstream masses, and Born Slippy was just simple enough to do that.

Yeah from your list, I agree with some of your selections. People should really think about Cafe del Mar. Just because it popular doesn't mean its good.
For Born Slippy, I'm pretty sure the vocals made all the difference. Once a track has vocals it makes it much more palatable for the masses. And that the vocals didn't make any sense could have made the track "cool". The vocals themself are fine, I just wish the track was more layered. But if they put in the usual trance sounds into it, then the masses wouldn't have liked it so much.

Remember the number of versions of Cafe Del mar. Most of them are absolutely awful. Only 3 of them are good.

I'm fond of the original, and the Three N' One mix. The Nalin and Kane mix is over-rated (but OK), and every other is terrible.

The version I have changes every 4 bars without repeat, except in the anthem, which does so only for a short time before the track ends. I don't hear that extreme repetition.

I have a 3:12 long edit, however, I can imagine a full 9 minute or whatever version would be grating. Virtually all trance needs to be edited down to be listened to (after all, there are a lot of "DJ-only" parts to every track). Cafe Del Mar (which I think is one of the best, regardless of popular opinion), is no exception.

Fair enough opinion on it though.

Hehe, I have the 8:44 version, no wonder I find it boring. But, I don't like trance tracks that are under 5 minutes in length. In trance you need a gradual build-up, you need the addition of layers, so the whole thing comes together to form a great melody/rhythm. And thats something you can't do in under 5 minutes. And for listening to trance, I like the track long, because it becomes more like a sort of experience. Strictly my opinion though. Try getting the ambient track Koxbox - Doktor Mesmer , its 10 minutes long and it illustrates how the careful building up of layers and melody can make a great track, without getting boring.

I totally agree with you on the length issue for trance songs. I generally hate club mixes of trance songs, which are under 6 minutes. Trance tracks need time to build. That's what it's all about. I think most of my favourite trance songs are 8 minutes or more. An example that comes to mind is Quench - Dreams. The original extended mix is so much better than the shortened version. I find people who prefer the shortened versions don't have the attention span nor patience to listen properly.

It depends. Acid trance/classic trance, and goa trance (and often minimal trance) are better long, for sure. However, anthem trance and epic trance are better short (ish). Progressive trance sits in between.

I guess. I'm not a fan of anthem and epic, so I guess that explains it.

All right, though epic and anthem are apparently horrible, I haven't downloaded any of them so I don't know. Basically all good trance should be long? Or moderately long? Also I'll check that link you posted in the Goa topic out later, exams on right now.

Anthem is very good in my opinion, in small doses of very good tracks. The same goes for epic, but I find anthem to be a much stronger genre. My complete order of liking is this:

Classic trance/acid trance
Minimal trance/neo-trance/microtrance/nanotrance/melodic tech-house/"new trance" [it's new, so it still hasn't shaved off the dozens of names music critics have given it to look like they came up with the category]
Ambient trance and ibiza trance
Progressive trance
Deep Trance and breaktrance
Psytrance and goa trance
Anthem trance
Symphonic trance
Tribal trance
Epic trance [below this is pretty much an artistic wasteland]
Hard Trance
Buttrock goa/"Heavy metal psytrance"
Dutch trance
Scouse trance

On your list, Sandstorm and Gamemaster are both anthem trance, as is Cafe Del Mar.

Hard trance is and 'artistic wasteland?'
I'm interested to know what you consider hard trance, b/c it's one of my favourite genres. Although I'm not into all these labels for trance, I would label a lot of classic trance also as hard trance. I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that when I listened to it the first time around it wasn't 'classic' yet, it was just 'hard trance.'

Stuff like Cosmic Gate is hard trance. I find it just sounds like (weak) anthem trance with the beats amplified.

Sorry for saying anthem was bad, I'm not too familiar with anything other than Goa Trance. I guess the quality of anthem trance is variable. As for Gamemaster and Sandstorm I'm perfectly happy with the 6 minute plus versions, a shortened version would be much worse IMHO. And by hard trance you mean stuff like Hardfloor - Acperience 1? That sounded pretty good to me.

In my opinion, most epic and anthem is horrible...

hey lyceam, me again :D

Born Slippy is a crap track, for several reasons:

a) The vocals just screw it up
b) The part after the main melody is just random noise to me
c) The lead melody is pretty trancy but it doesnt last for long

Cafe Del Mar is a crap track, except:

1) Oliver Lieb Club Mix - you must take a listen to it, lieb darkens and toughens this track up - its no longer the happy cheerful anthem trance track that it is in the Three N' One Mix, its really tranceized
2) Nalin & Kane Mix - very hypnotic up until the lead melody kicks in - but the first 3/4ths of the track is so good that I think you can just ignore the happy happy part at the end (which isnt all that bad, its not as overblown as most uplift)

No. Just no. Yes, Born Slippy is overrated, and the average listener likes it for the wrong reasons.

a) The vocals are all nonsensical and disorientating to be entrancing.
b) It's called techno. (that is, I assume if you mean the on the 9 minute version anywhere after the 5.40 mark)
c) Man With No Name - Teleport doesn't last for long, it leaves you wanting more.

As for Cafe Del Mar, I can understand why people don't like it, but I just do.

On the contrary,

a) I think the lead synth does more of the entrancement than the vocals - and the pads in the background. The vocals are definitely more entrancing than most vocal trance out there, but nonetheless, its all about the main melody for me.
b) I've heard much better techno than that - there isnt any groove/rhythm/flow to the sound in there, it just a mashup of synths
c) 7 minutes isnt long? Anyways, thats a sign of a good song - one that leaves you wanting more. Teleport is a surreal track - it makes you feel totally lost and disoriented.

Born Slippy would be a good track if only they had come up with a melody to complement those vocals. The vocals are nice but there is nothing else happening...and the techno part is basic, there isn't much innovation happening there.

As for Teleport its great! But I felt from the beginning that 6:59 is a little short for a Goa track. The main melody is great, it could have gone on for longer.

7 minutes isn't short, but the duration of the main melody is. You say better and worse, but nothing is definitively better or worse, aesthetics can only be judged on popularity, not quality. That lead melody of Born Slippy is not entrancing, it's anthemic if anything.

Ok, suit yourself, i still think its mostly crap.

but nothing is definitively better or worse, aesthetics can only be judged on popularity, not quality.
Aah! The philosophy of music :P Well if you judge music on popularity goa would come *ahem* rather low...

I didn't say I judged music on popularity, but that's the only way you can evaluate art.

Hm..the only way you can judge art is on personal preference and how it appeals to you.

Art is judged on personal preference. Popularity has nothing to do with it.

It does though, the closest you can get to saying something is "better" than something else is if more people's personal preference leans towards A rather than B. Once again, I'm not saying I evaluate music like this, but it's the only plausible way to rate how good something is.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

That's not a logical point, that's just a disagreement. Why do you think that? You can't measure an opinion, or choose whose opinion is more valuable than anothers. You can however, measure the number of people who like a song.

Saying something is better because a lot of people like it is such a ridulous statement I don't even know how to argue with you.

It may sound ridiculous to you, but how else can you agree among two people whether something is definitvely better than another thing?

You can't definitively - nothing in the universe is certain - but most of the time you can generally establish the inferiority of one track as opposed to another.

Yes, but you cannot say for definite whether something is better than another. I personally believe Faust - Faust is one of the greatest album of all time, though most pop listeners would think I was insane if they heard the album, it's highly experimental, yet extremely profound.

I hope you realize you just contradicted yourself.

No. I believe that what I like are the greatest albums of all time, but the only way to definitively say that something is greater than something else is by voting. I don't agree with what would most likely win, but it's the only logical way to do it.

Yeah, I agree with that. What appeals to the greatest number of people is the greatest music BUT the flaw in that is most people haven't even heard of (let alone heard) the music I consider to be best. Besides commercial music is easy to like, but trance takes listening to appreciate, its not something you'll like on the first hear.

So by that logic, Britney Spears makes great music.

As do the Beatles. Look at is this way, things are widely acknowledged as being great based on how many people think so e.g. Elvis. That's why you have votes for "The Greatest 100 ....s" on television, because that has the largest number of people agreeing. I'm not saying that's how I view music, but I'm agreeing with you - music is based on personal preference, and the more people prefer something, the "better" it is. All I'm saying is that is the only reasonable way to do it, unless you said some people's opinions are more important than others...

I think you're confusing the words "popular" and "better."

"Greatest of..." lists are still subjective.

"better" means nothing though in an aesthetic sense, as people will disagree.

No! No! Which is why I added this clause!

"BUT the flaw in that is most people haven't even heard of (let alone heard) the music I consider to be best. Besides commercial music is easy to like, but trance takes listening to appreciate, its not something you'll like on the first hear."

You should be a lawyer!

This discussion has gone on long enough, I respect your opinion though lycaeum, I just guess we gotta agree to disagree.

yes we disagree, but that's ok.

I like to read "greatest of..." lists myself, or I wouldn't be on here. But I generally just respect that it's the other person's opinion of what is the best, not mine. I'm not saying that lists often influence opinions one way or the other. Not sure if that makes sense, but this discussion has been argued to death I think.

Yes indeed, and reading "greatest of" lists are always interesting, an alternative viewpoint can make you look at a song in a different way, or just recommend top songs which you don't already have.

I see what you mean, in theory everyone would love deeper listening and more enticing music, though most people just don't music in that way. In practical terms, popularity is the only way of measuring it, is all I'm saying.

And it takes something extra - an epiphany of sorts - to realize that modern trance sucks and the old sound is the real best. Also, they need to have had some exposure to the real sound - if the person came into the genre because of the cheese crap then they probably won't convert.

I'm the perfect example of this - I only listened to "trance" for a couple of years, most of the time I was into the commercial sound. I originally came into the genre because of the hypnotic and mysterious tracks, then I got carried away into the commercialization of it, ASOT, dutch uplift, and I got into something that I should have never gotten into.

Look at my reviews (oh how I wish I could remove them!). I start out praising, of all people, Sash! How embarrassing...just as you said, this commercial music is catchy and easy to like, but its ultimately crap. Then I call Tracking Treasure Down (pop track) a "masterpiece", and the 4 Strings album, and plenty of other pop. I still liked the real trancy stuff like Age Of Love and The Silence, but I was so ignorant back then. Even in November I praised the euphoric Airwave like track Deems - Tears Of Hope.

I think my epiphany occurred when I was watching the music video to Three Drives - Greece 2000. By then, I was finally getting bored of the sound of "trance"; there was nothing that made want to listen to most tracks besides me forcing myself to listen. I was thinking that although this track isn't really euphoric at all, its so mysterious and captivating. And it kind of hit me that all this happy commercial crap isn't trance at all, and in a matter of a few weeks I started deleting all the commercial stuff on my hard drive (first the vocal crap like 4 Strings and Lange, then all uplift), and I kept my progressive and classic stuff. And eventually that leads me to where I am now - listening to goa, prog, and classic trance, and posting on here and other forums about how crappy modern trance is. Almost hypocritical, really, seeing that not long ago I was listening to it too.

Anyways, that's my story - I can't believe I was such a fool for so long.

Greece 2000! That's a perfect example of what I'd consider a good anthem.

A good anthem SHOULD be mysterious and captivating, used in extreme moderation in sets, and have a hint of darkness, if not full-on darkness. Ie: Paragliders - Paraglide is what I'd consider a really good anthem. When you lose that aspect, that's when you get epic trance. Anthem trance still maintains some classic trance elements (but makes it very palatable). Epic trance takes the palatable aspects of anthem trance, compounds them, and removes most of the classic trance parts, hence making it barely trance at all.

Wow! I got off rather lightly took me a month or two to figure that commercial trance was not really trance. Well atleast you got it in the end, unlike many other listeners.

It took me two years...but then, my listening was (by complete accident) peppered with a large amount of progressive trance, breaktrance, classic trance, ibiza trance, tech-trance, detroit techno, ambient house, progressive breaks, (trancier) oldskool rave, progressive house, deep trance, psytrance, and some of the darker anthems that had originality (which I do regard highly). All of it, which I called trance at the time. So, I guess there was less of a divide for me - there were just some tracks I liked more than others, and over time, the more sophisticated tracks simply floated to the top. I never actually backlashed against the more commercial sound, it just sort of floated away...

A month or two though, that's really fast!

Hey guys, dont consider this spam, its not like I gain anything from posting this here, besides your opinions on it.

oh, and I hate epic and anthem too - dark + mysterious tracks all the way

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."

- Einstein

Hey guys....

So how's life?

Its only been a few months, but I've been all over the place. Had a stint with IDM/drum 'n' bass/trip hop, now I listen to classical / soundtrack music. I really think it is one of the more rewarding types of music. Most songs, barring monsters like Lux Aeterna, don't really hit you hard, but I feel satisfied after listening to it for a while. And its easy listening. I hate loud music. Breakbeats ftw.

I've been hating trance (even old trance) more and more. I don't see much in it anymore.

But above all, I hate pop trance. I absolutely hate pop music. It's like sugar, it gives you an instant high but ultimately fucks you up. Every time I hear some pop track "Please Don't Stop the music" or "No Air" blasting out of some car I'm totally disgusted.

Seeing that I've moved between genres like a hundred times in the past year, I might ditch classical too. But I haven't gotten tired of it yet.

I've also stopped listening to most of my albums, now I listen to radio primarily. Much more convenient.

So that's about it. My life is boring I know. Beat Doom 1 last week. what happends when you run out of genres to hop?

I've been hating trance (even old trance) more and more. I don't see much in it anymore.
o.O I always thought trance is one of the most complex, intricate, melodious and rewarding genres around.

I also feel trance and classical music share some characteristics such as intricate melodies, and the aim for perfection, but trance has more layers and is not constrained to certain instruments and sounds like classical music, because we got synths :)

Any other Prodigy tracks you like?

Yeah, I have the Fat of the Land album and like the entire album. If I had to choose a fav track it would definitely be Voodoo People. Climbatize and Firestarter are pretty good too.

In general, Prodigy's style hits home with me. Any breaks in the Supermoves-Prodigy-ChemBros Big Beat style are good, though I haven't been able to find any other artists with the same style.

Try downloading Prodigy - Experience, it's breaks-ish, with their own brand of oldskool rave hardcore, it's amazing, better than Fat Of The Land.

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out. Sounds good.

Hi karan! I'd like to recommend you a hungarian musician, Tamás Kátai whose projects I'm really fond of. Here are some songs from him you might find interesting:

Gire - Nádak, erek

Gire - Eocén Expressz

Thy Catafalque - Piroshátú

Thy Catafalque - Ûrhajók Makón

Tamás Kátai - Ázik az út

Tamás Kátai - Renoir Kertje

Yeah, I liked those tracks :) I don't know all that much about metal but these were pretty interesting, quite unlike any metal I've heard so far. I need to explore metal and rock sometime but there is just too much to listen to in electronic music.

you should try the 8 min. live version of Acid Eiffel, the original 13 min version is so boring! the one I just mentioned is a masterpiece!

The one on laurent garnier - retrospective right? Yup its very good and quite different in character from the original. There is hardly any acid, and the mix tends to an ambient feel...takes you at its own pace.

hello, i'm sorry, but i just wanted to say:
the name of the song of t.A.T.u. is ''Not gonna get us'' instead of ''never gonna get us''

Ah errata! Thanks for pointing that out, because I had totally forgotten about it, heard it for the first time now in ages! :)