Movies I Like


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I'm no film critic, but I've come across some great films. Here they are.

2001 : A Space Odyssey
It conveys the emptiness of space, and the way it can swallow a single spacecraft. Kubrick manages to convey the vasteness of space through the slowly moving scenes as well as the ardour of space travel.

12 Monkeys
I loved 12 Monkeys because of its exploration of the working of the human mind under stress, and just how far it can be pushed. You also get to see the point of view of someone who is telling the truth and is the only person who knows it to be true. The moving back and forth between several times appropriately mimics the turmoil James Cole (Willis) is going through. Perhaps the end is also a statement on how humans hurt themselves when police officers shoot Cole at the very moment he is going to prevent the plague (read global warming, wars) Brad Pitt's performance is amazing too.

A Clockwork Orange

A Scanner Darkly
The use of the interpolated-rotoscoping technique gave the film a disorienting feel, as if the viewer himself was under the influence of Substance D. Together...

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