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Together with Science Fiction, my favourite genre simple because of the breathtaking scope that books of this genre have, and the awe inspiring works they are. The best fantasy is simply put, out of this world =P The series are arranged approximately from best to less best.

Steven Errikson - Malazan, Book of the Fallen
I guarantee the scope of this book will leave you mind boggled. When you read this, you are thoroughly, 100% transported into another world. Not only that, the characters exihibit human flaws, failings, likes and the run the gamut of human emotion. You have the tragic majesty of the Jaghut, the overbearing mien of the Fokrul Assail, the inhuman single-mindedness of the T'lan Imass, the ficklenss of Gods and Ascendants and us humans squeezing in in all the cracks between the aforementioned races. You will find yourself empathising with atleast some of them. Deftly interspersed are discourses on life, war, religion, government and any issue meriting discourse. In this respect, its like fantasy's equivalent of Brothers Karamazov and in my opinion the best fantasy series.

What underscores every passage in this book is that at the end of the day we all are human . Have a look at my favourite quotations to understand what I mean.

Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time
Again vast in its scope, in its the meticulous detail, this series has a certain flow...

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