Experimental electronic tracks I've prod...uhhh...cranked out

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you think that's fast? =P haha

What the hell was that? 2000 BPM? It seemed like an easy way to make noise. Gave me a headache.

No, 2000 BPM would be more like the sample on Ishkur's guide to Electronic Music titled "DJ PW - Push the Funk."

That's like... an unnecessary speed...

Henceforth posting such trite nonsense on any of my topics is decreed sacriligeous.

hehe! :P

So I downloaded these, and they're definitely experimental, but they don't suck at all. I've heard MUCH worse, taking in the fact that there's nothing wrong with these compositions in the slightest.

You keep listeners guessing, and your rhythms are very out of the ordinary. You'd be a very good techno artist in my opinion. But I also am very shallow-minded when it comes to techno music, and don't have a single clue as to what it really consists of.

I have my own music I'm trying to post onto the internet as well that I've composed... but haven't quite figured out how to yet...

But I like your style, very much so. :)

Wow, that is so heartening to hear :D Thats the first time I've got any real feedback on my music, 'cause I don't know anyone personally who's into electronica. I started making stuff because no one made stuff like this, which I wanted to hear. And the reason I try to make it interesting and not repeat beats for too long, is that my non-electroniccy friends' major complaint about electronic music is that its too repetitive, which is somewhat true. Thanks a lot for bothering to download it and giving feedback.

If you want to post your music, well you could simply do what I've done I suppose. 4shared is free, and it doesn't appear to bug non-paying users unlike megaupload or rapidshare.

I only WISH I would have composed music with the same program you used. I took a sheepish route, and played the "MTV Music Generator 2" game for Playstation 2. I actually like the results I came up with, completely destroying the sample riffs the game offered me and starting from the scratch of scratch. But they're not as edgy, and are more repetitive than your songs. The only thing is, I hate that songs get too repetitive as well, so they're only looped to a certain extent of interest, resulting in my songs ranging from 2-6 minutes, shorter than the average trance song.

I wouldn't really call my results trance either... I went for a trance feel, but the result came back with a progressive house feel.

The game instructions along with many online reviews have reported that this game lacks the ability to link the Playstation 2 to your computer to convert your songs to mp3s, but there is always a way, ALWAYS. I found some directions on a forum that I'm trying to follow... but they're pretty complicating. I've just recently acquired the software to convert anything into an mp3, all I need now is the proper equipment to connect my PS2 to my laptop. I WILL GET THIS FIGURED OUT!!!!

BUT- if anyone can lend me any help on this matter I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! OR- if anyone knows anyone that can lend me any help on this matter I would GREATLY APPRECIATE THAT! Such as some alternate way to do it... perhaps something simpler... or something more complicating but I can actually understand... because the instructions I found were very... well... perhaps I just have a basic mind...

Hmmm...I haven't any idea of how to do what you want, but while "MTV Music Generator 2" may meet your needs right now, when you reach a more advanced level you may want to mess around with basic synths, have more options and more control over what you're doing. So, IMHO, its better to move to a more advanced program in the beginning itself. I'm using Fruity Loops 4.5, which is neither too advanced nor too basic, if you ask me. Unless you feel this will do.

In the meantime, a corny way of doing this, is to play it, connect a microphone to your laptop and put the sound recorder on. Hehe! Yeah, the sound quality won't be too bad. Just remember to do it at night, or at some time when there are absolutely no ambient sounds. And you'll have to adjust the playstation volume such that the mic picks it up properly but so that it doesn't cut (i.e. you get static) while recording. Oh, and it'll be saved in wav format, but I guess thats better than nothing. Its always easier to manipulate samples in wav, and I think winamp has this MP3out plugin that can turn it into mp3.

Did you purchase Fruity Loops 4.5? Or did you download it? Or both?

We..ell, no purchase, my dad got the CD one day and I started using it.

I can see why you have some things against the repitition, but then with most mainstream music it is repetitive (more so than most EDM), it just has vocals. Also, a song like Mentasm by Second Phase is the same riff with a hoover all the way through, just manipulated and looped, it achieves a very hypnotising effect.

Well, I'm not going into specifics on different tracks, ofcourse there will be tracks which use repetition to great effect, especially when the beat is hyponotising, then it really drills into your head. I was talking generally in terms of minimal music.

As for mainstream music, I agree, and I don't listen to it, but was their opinion, not mine.

Yes sorry if it seemed like I was saying you shared their opinion, I was just saying the masses actually have a lot of repetition and just don't realise. I look forward to more from you :) !

You want something really experimental and dark? Check out my first track I've put on here lol, it's dark ambient/weird.

MegaUpload failed for a number of people, so I've uploaded the track onto 4share;


enjoy :)

What tools do you use?

I've always been interested to create the music I can make in my head, but the tools require more learning time than I have. I'm waiting until somebody invents (1) an intuitive interface to (2) compose and orchestrate an (3) infinite orchestra of traditional and synthetic instruments.

I listened to "Alien Machinations." Congrats, it's a very interesting progression of sounds. I wish I had your skill!

If you just want an intuitive, easy to use interface then Fruity Loops is your best bet. Its what I use, and I hardly ever had to refer to help. However, no matter what program you use, you will find yourself spending a fair amount of time learning the ropes. Initially, you can just start off with the presets that are provided with FL.

Its nice you liked the main element of the track :) I did try for a progression of sounds and atmosphere throughout so that something unique came out. As for my "skill" well when I started off I didn't even know what a kick drum was. The most important thing I found was to spend time playing around and experimenting. Its going to take time anyways, so one might as well start sooner than later. I've been using FL for almost 2 years now.

Just saw this page. I'm listening to Back to the Bass-ics. It's pretty cool. To me, it sounds like minimal goa. (Which is something I've never heard before, and to be honest, I was tempted in making something that is a blend of the two genres.) I'll try your other stuff too and will attempt to give you feedback.

I have only dabbled a little in music creation, and I loved it, despite having no music theory and don't know an instrument. Over the summer, I plan on taking a piano course for some theory and want to try busting out some songs on FL.

BTW, what is the artist name I should put for these songs?

Oh, and what's the best acid tool you've found? The best one I've discovered is http://www.audiorealism.se/abl/abl2_announcement.htm

Minimal goa? =p I was definitely not aiming for that. There is some minimal Goa out there. Check out Planet B.E.N., especially the Trippy Future Garden album and Space Dimension. There is also a minimilish track by Sheyba called Into the 4th Dimension.

I find music creation very satisfying, even if others find my creations nothing great because the tracks are a complete reflection of my tastes.

I suppose you could just put down "Karan", I'll think up a proper artist name in case I ever get real good.

As for synths, well they can get quite complicated and I haven't the time to learn them. So I've stuck to the basic TS404 synth provided in FL which is quite easy to use. Here are some presets I've come up with for acid. The acid greatly depends on the filter cutoffs too, change the cutoff and you can get a completely different sound.

Some good synths there, the beginning is a bit off but then the synths kick in. You need to have some bass though, some more layers to give it that rolling feeling. The 'thik-thik-thik' hats should be replaced. It doesn't sound good. And for variation, you could change the pitch using a LFO or something. Pretty good effort, need work on introducing more layers though. The lead synths are fine.

I'll improve track-by-track.
btw, thanks for suggestions. :)

I don't even like dance music and I still find these tracks interesting. Surprisingly nice work.

Thanks! Especially for taking the time to listen to them. I just added another track. Out of curiosity which ones did you like?