The Best Psychedelic Trance I've heard


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Psychedelic trance started around '98, and some pinpoint its beginning to the release of X-Dream's Radio. Along with the morph into Psytrance from Goa Trance, the number of producers and sub-genres simply exploded, and huge amounts of psy are released every year. While there is a lot of good psytrance out there, it gets lost among the mediocre releases the reason being that many producers traded quality for appeal, using cliched sounds and formulas to get more mainstream appeal. Hopefully this list will help you find some of that good stuff ^^

Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance or just Psy for short) is Goa Trance's successor. It is more techish and mechanical, and its most prominent element is the bassline, which basically is a series of continuous bass notes going "RRRR" that impart a real drive to the track. My favourite description of Psy trance is "spiritual underground, 140+bpm uptempo climaxes, strongintelligentalien, sharprobotsapiens, huge old future, full-on-all-in-one, colourful brain activity inducing" taken from here :D

Here is a map of all the sub genres of psy and goa trance by Anoebis of Psynews. It was originally posted here. You can't see the whole thing properly so try saving the file and viewing it in whatever image viewing software you use.
Complete map of goa & psy trance

Psytrance is meant to be heard at parties. Here are some places you can get party info.
Isratrance Party Listings - all world
Isratrance Festival Listings - all world
Psynews Party/Festival Listings - all world
Ektoplazm Event Listings - mostly focused on the States and Canada - focused on Germany for the large part
Psyevents - Parties in and around Austria
OzTrance & Australiens - Australia
Psytribe and Psycircle - California

I've heard a lot but not nearly enough psy: which is why its called "Best Psy I've Heard". A lot of exploring needs to be done, particularly the minimal/tech & Suomi side, so some sub-genres are under-represented in this list. And I don't take to progressive psy because it just doesn't sound psychedelic enough!


Androcell - Efflorescence - 2006 - Psybient, Dub
Alien Mental - Mind Hack - 2007 - Dark
Capsula - The Synthesis of Reality - 2005 - Psybient
Central Processing Unit - Central Processing Unit - 2003 - Full-on
CPC - Subliminal Messages - 2009 - Full-On
The last two tracks - Lizerd 23 and Cykle - especially stand out.

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This is an extremely helpful list, thank you so much for taking the time to make this. I can't stop listening to Ghreg On Earth.

Nice! You like dark psy. I really didn't expect anyone to get into it, because its so far removed from mainstream trance. Sigilweaver is like goth/industrial influenced psy. Generally dark psy is a lot faster, and more chaotic with really fast notes. There is plenty of more darkpsy out there....

Psynews thread on darkpsy.

Some albums you can try if you feel like exploring further...

Dark Soho - Combustion
Four Carry Nuts - Mechanical Age
Psykovsky - Debut
Kindzadza - Waves from Outer Space
Rinkadink - Rabbit from Darkside
Furious - Uncanny Beats
Uncanny Beats is a completely different type of darkpsy from Sigilweaver, its the really fast 170 BPM-ish stuff. There is also the forest trance type of darkpsy like Derango and Haltya.

I hope some of these suggestions prove useful ;)

Thanks! I'll make sure to check them out and let you know what I think =D

So I was listening to your Alien Machinations song just now and I tripped like I never have before. I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden i could have sworn that my entire room just went sideways. I blinked about 5 times and it was still sideways. I finally took a deep breath and closed them for about 10 seconds and everything went back to normal. I have never tripped like that before (especially when I'm not on something).

Good job! =P

Thanks =) Lol, wow thats something I definitely haven't heard before. I've never tripped like that though, I mean nothing physical has happened like things changing, but on the best tracks its like every neuron in my brain is ready to fire! Looks like trance is really your thing. Check out Fever Dream too then, I'd say its trippier.

please temme where i can download these rare psy tracks..cant find em..

Free from Soulseek or DC++, or you can buy from Saiko Sounds

hey man!! i found this page searching for music....this is just awesome you know a lot of psy....i wanna ask you some thigs: what genre is distant system, the delta, androcell, battle of the future buddhas, domi pastor and haltya ???? i've never heard of this ones....can you add me or give me your msn?? i will be very happy. mine is hope we can talk of music

Distant Sytem - Spiral Empire - Ambient
Androcell - Efflorescence - Ambient
The Delta - Scizoeffective - Dark Psy
Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins - Forest Goa
Domi Pastor - Immortality - A mix of styles, starts off with Goa melodies, ends on a dark full-on note.
Haltya - Forest Psy

Derango - Tumult...
listening to it now... utterly AMAZING!

One of my favorite psy albums is Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious

Its a nice album, added :) Thing is, how do you evaluate psybient? Put Sub Conscious and something like Tumult side by side and its really difficult to compare the two. Tumult is real psychedelic while Sub Conscious is the opposite, its chillout. Besides, ambient can sound similar, for me Ott's Blumenkraft is a good example of perfect production and nothing else (which is why its not on the list). Ultimately how psychedelic is psybient?

I guess I see what you are getting at, and I admit it would be a stretch to call Blumencraft psy, although it has a psy influence. It clearly has some songs that have about zero psy in them. Putting that aside, I do really enjoy that album, but not a 'psy' album.

Perhaps only the ear can pass judgment on psybient as being 'psy'. I am a bit suprised Shpongle (tribal psybient) is not on this list.

Oh yeah I have to give Shpongle a listen.

Didn't you feel Blumenkraft was basically just good production and that it sounds similar to other dub albums? Imo it didn't bring anything new with it. I could listen to it for a bit, but not the whole album.

I think I'm going to split this list into Uptempo and Downtempo, that seems to be the sensible thing to do.

hey man...being relatively nw to psy trance music havnt heard all f dem frm ur list so still gt a lot f catchng up to do....anyways wld lyk to share watvr little knwldge i hv bout da music n wld lyk u to correct me if m wrng
among all da sub genres f dis music
FULL ON-more mainstream n represented by artists lyk astrix,GMS,Indra,alien project
NIGHT-artists lyk phatmatix,absolum,space tribe
DARK PSY-pskovsky,electrypnose,kindzadza
are dere ny other sub genres m missing
in wat kind of sound YGGDRASOUNDS will fit into
thnx n waiting fr ur input

Space Tribe isn't night imo, its full-on. Ocelot - Vector Selector is more like night.

For all the genres in psytrance, simply have a look at that big image put up at the beginning of this article. It pretty much covers everything. In short we have...

Uplifting (Ziki - Eliminator)
Ambient/Chill (Androcell/Solar Fields)
Full-on (GMS,Eskimo)
Dark (Hux Flux - Reboot,Ghreg on Earth - Sigilweaver)
Night(Ocelot)- I guess you may not differentiate between dark and night, but if you insist on's night for you.
Breaks (Digitalis 2nd CD on Shakta's Feed the Flame,Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments)
Tribal (The Nommos)
Minimal (Human Blue - Ice,Shiva Chandra - Auricular)
Proggressive (Astrix)
Stuff thats just acidic and psychedelic (Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger,Fractal Glider - Parasite)
Melodic or goa-ish(IM-the gathering,Talpa - The Art of Being Non)
Tech-ish stuff (Spirillianz,later X-Dream)
Forest (Haltya)

Yggdrasounds would be dark.

so wat bout phatmatix n absolum...arent dey nght?

I've only heard Absolum's Inside the Sphere and its full-on, full of energy and driving. I haven't heard any Phatmatix so I have no idea about them.

Infected Mushroom's "Bust a Move" is a great track... insanely melodic and epically intense. My only gripe is the somewhat lame vocal sample.

I have yet to listen to Dragon Tales, but I recommend Koxbox's Forever After, especially "Tribal Oscillation".

Vocals are the path to mainstream fame (and guitars lest we forget) and IM discovered and adapted. Check out Cities of the Future and I Wish for more vocals though they're not all that bad. Early IM output is fairly good.

Koxbox is great. Check out Psychopod which is an alias. They released an EP with two tracks - Psychopod and Dreampod. Both tracks are good stuff.

You checked out the new Cosmosis album yet? Fumbling for the Funky Frequency : really nice old school stlye Cosmosis. One of his best recent efforts imo. I'd also recommend any of Mr Peculiar's 3 albums. Huge open sounds with lush melodies

I'm sorry about the late reply. I did give Synergy and Fumbling for the Funky Frequency a listen. The latter had some good tracks, I added Samba Del Gringo because it sounded fresh and The Eternal Now. Synergy I thought was average. It had melodies but they were the standard goa leads. And the bass/kicks were subdued, which wasn't to my taste.

Which is the best Mr. Peculiar album? I tried out Mind-Dala, the sounds were fairly standard full-on synths over a bassline. Brainsnake stood out a bit. For full-on I prefer CPU, Space Tribe and early GMS. Their tracks are 'fuller' and more interesting.

Nice work, people. Both this and the goa list are great.
A few tracks/albums/compilations on my playlist at the moment. There's no order in my picking them to list; all random.

Antix - Drift
Astronomic Trance
Auricular - Audion
Bandit - Looking for the element
Blanka - Infinity
Biotonic - Dark breath
Charasmatix - Charas Ultralight rmx
Cosmic Navigators - The First Tour
Dark Soho - Sun spot
Domestic - Human Bass/Simulated
Double REL - Finished People
Elysium - Trancelestial Psychobabas
Eyal Barkan - Good morning Israel
Karavena - Space Infection
Kopsses - Empty Handed (as crazy as the anime the samples are from, and one of my favs)
Magus - Digital Silence
Intact Instinct - Zymotic Zest
Mantik - Bazar Bizarre
Melicia - Running out of time
Miraculix - Energise/Solar
M.O.S - Bug
Mr.Peculiar - Ritual Horizon/Replacement Theory/Elephantitis
Oszilla - Return to Neverland/Die Hexen
Ouija - Brainshower
Parasense - Tape Loop
Pixel - Black in Black Out | Domestic - Blackin Human Bass
PPS Project - Dream Cycle/Amanu Jacku
Prisoners of the Sun - Are you scientific enough?
Psychaos - Cause and Effect
Psychotic Micro - think I like most of their work
S-Range - Micron Transponder
Sheyba - Ganesh/Trance Africa Express
Shiva Space Tech/Shidapu
Space Monkey - Psychotic Episode
Sun Control Species - Searching the spiral arm
Tegma - Werewolf
Terminator - Cube
Time Lock - Cabin Print/Stockholm syndrome
Tim Schuldt - Ohm Shiva
Tribul Tul - Nation Drops/Saol Game
Trioptimum - Tiefsee (another fav.) / Lt.Compact
Vibra - Science Friction
Wrecked Machines - Blink
Zirkin - Dance Show
Zorba - In and Out
XV Kilist - KPO

Thanks! and wow, ok this is going to take some time to listen to. thats the problem with psy, its really hard to cover. I already have a huge 'to listen' list...could you pick out the really good ones from your list. I mean ofcourse all of them must be good, but the ones I should pay attention to first.

Charas Ultralight should be Activate Morlack, not Charasmatix.
Yeah, there's a lot to sample out there, and the following are just picked out randomly and listed alphabetically (and none sound like the other).

First two tracks from Astronomic Trance
Auricular - Pilzvergiftung
Dark Soho - Depth of Emotion/Suckobus
Kopsess - Empty Handed
Magus - Digital Silence
Eyal Barkan - Space Zone
Melicia - Experience
MOS - Bug
POTS - Polen Pietsche (proggy, but I like their sounds)
Psychotic Micro - Kamelot is burning
Space Monkey - Game over
Trioptimum - Tiefsee
Wrecked Machines - Born Bad/Lost in Osaka
Zirkin - Game cat/Time Pass

I listened to some of them, and I've added ..

Auricular - Pilzvergiftung
Dark Soho - Suckobus
Chemical Synthesis - Never Seen - especially liked this one

The other ones were more for the body than for the mind. I don't really add tracks that are only good to dance to because its easy to make a danceable track (and there's loads of it out there), but its much harder to make a track for the mind.

could you do a torrent of the best tracks like u did on the goa list? cuz I'm not sure I will like psytrance (only know infected mushroom at the moment)

I made the goa torrent because I was fairly sure that I had got the list right, and that there were not going to be any major changes to it. I can't say the same for this list because there still is so much psy I haven't heard, and so I won't be making a torrent anytime soon.

However if you do want to check if psytrance is to your taste, simply check for the tracks on Youtube. The majority of them should be there :)

I just listened to an interesting album called Texas Faggott - Pilluminati Cunt Roll. I don't know if it's even really proper psytrance... I've also heard it called suomisaundi. But in any case, it's unlike any other trance I've listened to.

Yup its the wacky Finnish take on psy, doesn't take itself seriously at all and great fun to listen to especially when you're tired of the usual psy out there. Texas Faggott is one of the biggest suomi exponents, others are Eraser vs Yojalka, Luomohappo, Mandalavandalz, Crazy Ducks. Try VA - Schizm too. I find the boundary between forest psy and suomi quite confusing, but some people insist they're separate.

I haven't listened to a lot of suomi myself to be honest, so for further listening you could try these Psynews threads [1] [2]

Found a couple of torrents which seem to be some guy's favorite psytrance tracks from his personal collection... he calls it "Psy Erection". Definitely some good tracks in here; it's a worthwhile download if you have a free gig.

Psy Erection
Psy Erection Vol. 2

Late reply, sorry, my laptop blew a circuit. "Best of" torrents are really useful for psy, since often albums have 1 or 2 good tracks. I'm downloading them right now and I'll let you know when they're done and I've heard them. Thanks :)

This list is a good start, but you've really only scratched the surface. Here are some artists I would recommend checking out (if you haven't already)...

(Full On)
Human Blue
Zen Mechanics
Imaginary Sight
Hux Flux
Fearsome Engine
Virtual Light

Ace Ventura
Liquid Soul
Flegma & Nerso
Insane Creation
Invisible Reality

Pitch Hikers
Twisted System
Xerox & Illumination

Good recommendations there, I like the South African stuff like Pitch Hikers. Progressive I don't like all that much, because its generally too watered down to be psychedelic. You're right about scratching the surface, psy is really too vast to cover completely. I've heard tracks from most artists you've mentioned. Most psy is ok, it takes a lot of listening to find the good stuff. So could you recommend the best from the artists you've mentioned, since its a huge list and going through each artist's discography would take forever.

There were two Pitch Hiker tracks I really liked - Mud & Guts, Twilight - had just forgotten to add them, your post reminded me :)

Wow, narrowing that list was hard! The best I could do was list my absolute favourite albums. I skipped the progressive ones as you said you weren't that into prog. All of these albums are, in my opinion, the very cream of psytrance, but those I've marked with * are the ones I would say anyone interested in psytrance must make the time to listen to.

Here goes...

Full On:
Braincell - Frequency Evolution (2008)*
Freakulizer - The Awakening Process (2005)
Avalon - Distant Futures (2010)*
Drugon - Perfect Hallucination (2006)
Fearsome Engine - Biting Point (2009)*
Headroom - Artelligent (2008)*
Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet (2008)
Hyperion - Drop Psychosis (2008)
Ianuaria - Da Capo Al Fine (2007)*
Protoculture - Circadians (2006)*
Trold - Time Of Illusion (2007)
Tron - Biologic (2009)
Virtual Light - Limewire Voodoo (2009)
Zen Mechanics - Holy Cities (2008)*

Abomination - Enemy Within (2006)*
Brethren - The Price Of Prophecy (2008)*
Deliriant - Chemistry (2009)
Manifold - Mental Suggestion (2008)*
Phatmatix - Sorcery (2006)
Pitch Hikers - Sting (2007)*
Tickets - Dreaming Of Places (2008)
Xerox & Illumination - XI (2005)
Twisted System - Core (2006)

Hope you find this helpful! :)

PS. Can make a torrent of the highlights for you if you'd like?

Great, thanks for that list. I've heard Distant Futures, Frequency Evolution, Biologic, Enemy Within, The Price of Prophecy, and XI I think. The rest have to be listened to yet, I'll go through these albums in due course :) and maybe I'll give these ones a re-listen. The torrent wouldn't be necessary.

Great work on your lists Karan - particularly the Goa one.

A little surprised not to see any Prometheus (Benji Vaughan) included on this one - he is also the other half of Younger Brother with Simon Posford but Prometheus is his Psy-trance alias.

Check out Oscar (2005) and Arcadia Magik (2007) in particular - both tracks are pure class. If you are searching for needles in haystacks you'll be glad to fine these ;-)

For a fine example of his earlier work, listen to Clarity From Deep Fog 1997 which he made with Process (Sean Williams) - it's another masterpiece. The One Drop or Two album you list above was also a collab between Prometheus and Process, not just Process (I designed the cover for that one!)

Oh and I also second Jango's recommendation for Headroom's Artelligent album above - that guy is seriously talented too.

I have heard Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors but didn't find it really rose above the rest of full-on. Interesting to know that he collaborated on One Drop or Two. Good job on the cover! I only knew him from Younger Brother and Prometheus. Tried out Oscar, Clarity from the Deep Fog and Arcadia Magik and the latter is pretty good, added :)

I went through Artelligent a few times, it certainly had some good moments but I think it needs an additional dose of psychedelia?

For dark-ish fullon-psy, I would recommend Zirrex - Solar System Part 2, if you can find the right version of it, it should be 6:26 in length.

Winter Demon - Sincity is also a good track, if you like twilight-psy.

Listened to both tracks a number of times. I tried, but I couldn't get into Solar System Part 2. Sincity is a def a good track, it just takes a long time to build. The good part starts at 5:00 and the track is 7:25 long. If he started did what he did at 5:00 earlier in the track and developed it a bit more I think it would have been a great track.

Well, I'm not really a twilight lover or even a fullon lover if I judge other people's recommendations what concerns these styles. I mostly listen to darkpsy and hard acidic goa trance or psytrance. Recommend me a track by Shift for example and I probably wouldn't even bother to check it out, I have bad experiences with fullon and twilight (cheesefest) so yeah, it's normal that most people don't feel my taste in it (if you can call it taste lol). My favorite psy artists are Cosmo, Kindzadza, Highko, Electrypnose, Battery Leak, Karash and so on..., they all fall into the glitchy high-tempo darkpsy category. My mate got me into them, but stopped listening to it long time ago, personally I can't xD.

Listen to Shift - Kapitol! Heh. I do listen to some of the high BPM glitch darkpsy (actually glitch dark psy is a good way of putting it) when the flow of the track and the synths do form some sort of rhythm. Furious is a good example of that. But when it's glitch for the sake of glitch then I tune out. I feel you need something for the mind and for the body. That's what trance is about. Twilight does get cheesy but it's made for the dance-floor and not for home listening, and twilight really does work for me on the floor. People rave about Kindzadza but I haven't been able to get into it completely, I should probably give it another listen. I really liked Psykovsky's Tanetsveta, a lot more than his previous work. I've actually seen him live ;) His live set was difficult to take though, very very dark and intense. It was only when he took it down a notch or two that people could start getting into it. Also, if you like glitch, you can try M.E.E.O. - Highlight Me Please for normal psy glitch.

I always had trouble finding good psytrance back in the day, goa was my thing back then, it was mostly dark dnb and goa trance when I was at school. Of course my schoolmates made sure that I had a lot of cheese on my mp3-player, anthem trance, r&b and jumpstyle for example, styles I didn't really like but shared out of respect for them back then. Luckily, I got rid of these people (were not best friends after all) when I quit school and made use of the extra time I had to further explore my favorite styles and I got to know some great psy tracks for a change and that made me sort of switch my mind about it. Cosmo actually got me into darkpsy and I quickly realized how much more potential darkpsy had opposed to fullon and twilight. It was darker... and felt more like dark dnb's twist on it if you know what I mean with that. Both had that industrial feeling. Fullon and twilight did not have that feeling to me, at all. That feeling is actually necessary for me to like anything musically. It sort of colors the music and makes it warmer and less plastic. Psytrance does not get many vinyl releases because most of it doesn't contain any warmth that vinyl records should have. Hence why I'm so picky maybe...

Hey karan...the article is really great man. I never thought i'll found something like this here! Thanx for sharing your knowledge... Would like to learn a lot from you man!

As a big darkpsy fan, I believe that Penta should not be left out. I know his tracks often have full-on features, but he also has some of the greatest tunes in the genre. Olympia and Disgusting Little Creatures are among the more known tracks and they're great, but check out It Is Done. I find this tune to be very inventive and trippy...

It is Done is good. I love those thick, swirling synths. What stands out about this style is that it's dark psytrance but dark without trying to overwhelm you with glitchy sounds and basslines that are overkill, but that it's more 'artistic' darkpsy. What would be your favourite Penta album? I could give that a listen, because it's always nicer to listen to an album as opposed to single tracks here and there. In Disgusting Little Creatures I needed some more coherency in the flow, and Olympia didn't grab me.

Looks like Funraiser might be the album to check out, seeing the two Penta tracks on this list, 'Detonator' and 'It is Done' are from it.

Awrite I heard through all of Funraiser and it was really good. Maybe 1 or 2 fillers in the middle but overall it was definitely up there. Added!

Hey Yall, I've been listening to psytrance, full-on, house, techno for the past 20 years, the past 6 years I've been starting to enjoy dubstep, eventhough I'm not a big fan of the metalic sounds, I preffer it melodical.

any one knows of a combination of dubstep and full-on? psystep and full-on? full-on glitch?

P.S Recently enjoyed Mr. Bill australian artist he also plays as electrocado, also enjoyed tulaberry psystep album, but not sure it is party tempo, really looking for a full-on-step genre.


Full On Glitch exists! M.E.E.O. - Highlight Me Please :) Dubstep and psy does exist, but it's not a very well formed genre. Just tracks here and there. Hmm Phutureprimitive's latest album was psybient dubstep. You could try these Psynews threads,

The thing with combining full on and dubstep is dubstep is 80-100 BPM and full is ~140. It would be hard to get the tempos right to make it work. I made two experimental dubstep tracks myself and wanted to make them as psychedelic as possible but it doesn't really go there.

There's definitely Psystep! Look at my Drum & Bass list and pick out the stuff labelled 'Psystep' :) Cybernetika - Atropos is a great start.



Hey man great work on your lists.. I just need your help, it would be so kind of you if u could help me out. The thing is that i have been in touch with pure psy genre from 2 years. But in that also i just like to taste rythm type of psy just as infected mushroom did in some of his tracks SAEED, HEAVYWEIGHT, DEEPLY DISTURBED. SULIMAN etc. Also um a great fan of ITP, VIBE TRIBE, SKAZI, PARANORMAL ATTACK, INDRA, BIZZARE CONTACT, ASTRIX, SHPONGLE, HILIGHT TRIBE,ASTRAL PROJECTION.Let me tell u the name of some tracks which i love TO LISTEN HEAVYWEIGHT,THE PEOPLE ARE FUCKED, THE SILK ROAD, SAEED, IN CORE(VIBE TRIBE), SUB BA RA, I WISH, BE WITH YOU. Now if u could plz let me know that which sub genre of psytrance um listening? And can u plz provide me the list of psy similar to above tracks?

That's all Full-On. There are tons of tracks like -- if you did a YouTube search for "full on psytrance" you should find the music you're looking for.

I could see that u have gr8 knowledge of psy trance. And ofcourse u have the dead ossum collection of pure psychedelic. If u could plz spend a minute in providing me some ultimate full on tracks similar to above ones..i would be highly grateful to u..

Psychogenica by Ajja. Its one of my favourite releases, but music that can works best at parties. I was fortunate enough to see Ajja live. Incredible. I feel one can't cull out certain tracks, I mean there are no individual standouts, but i think the entire album experience exemplifies the true meaning of TRANCE. I was reading what you said earlier about Twisted. I agree 100%. One of my all time favourite trance records.

I'll check out Ajja's album. Thanks for the recommendation :) About Twisted, I was lucky to hear LSD performed by Posford live. T'was sublime.

hey Karan this is Ian i too love Psy music..but for the last 1 week a am unable to find one track which has Indian anthem basically its a Psy trance..i came across your blogs and u do have a lot of knowledge of can u help me out to find out the track is Jana Gana Mana some what that.waiting for your reply