You know you're a grad student in science when...

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  • You know you're a grad student in science when...

  • You ask your professor a question and you're told you'll have to take an entire course to get answer that question.
  • Your professor writes a blackboard spanning equation and then tells you to be grateful that you can actually solve the problem at hand.
  • People who are not grad students in science are 'normal' people.
  • You can't explain what you study anymore to these 'normal' people.
  • When you do try to explain what you do, people think you're not speaking in English.
  • After a point, you don't think you're talking in English either.
  • You can do multivariable calculus, second order differential equations, perform Taylor expansions with perfect ease, but you can't do the bill at a restaurant.
  • Life feels like a choice between having a life and getting good grades.
  • There are hardly any girls in your classes. Or if you're a girl, there are only guys in your classes :p
  • People think you're smart for some reason.
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