Drumtastic & Bassalicious Music I like (Drum & Bass | Dubstep | Breakbeats | Jungle | Breakcore | Hardcore | Industrial )

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  • Drum & Bass is a genre of electronic music based around a prominent snare on every second beat, around which you have an irregular pattern of kicks. This is called a 'broken beat'. The most common broken beat is kick--snare-----kick-snare which sounds like bom--tak---bom-tak. Layered on top you have 'broken bass' which has high frequency components unlike the bass you normally hear in say hip-hop or rap which only has low frequencies. This kind of bass is formed by multiple saw waves slightly out of sync with each other. At the end of this is list I've copy-pasted a really useful guide to D&B that I found elsewhere on the internet.
  • BPM Range: 160 - 200

  • Big Beat is the sound best described as the soundtracks to action movies. The best example would be Overseer - Supermoves which can be heard in the bank heist scene in the beginning of the movie 'Snatch'.
  • BPM Range: 120 - 155

  • Jungle is real rave music, with soul and warmth. Prominent elements are hoovers, furious staccato breakbeats, happy breakdowns containing cheesy nonsense vocals and MCs.
  • BPM Range: 120 - 155

  • Industrial and Hardcore can vary widely in composition because they are so experimental, what stands out is liberal use of distortion, particularly in the bass drum. Hardcore is known for its signature 200 beats per minute pounding distorted bass drum. Besides the distortion there will be blisteringly fast drumlines, shredded bass, ominous vocal samples, and other goodness. Some Industrial also gets rather trancey and is called Electronic Body Music (EBM).
  • BPM Range: About 135 for Industrial, 170 to 250 for Hardcore.

  • Dubstep? The simplest way to understand Dubstep is it's Drum & Bass at half speed, and the snares are pitched down so they come down reaallyyy heavy. The bass also tends to wobble and have extreme pitches changes. This tends to make it sounds very retarded at points, hence the 'brostep' sub-genre. Dubstep also has a particular but rare knack for spaced-out, dreamy tracks that evoke feelings of traversing the sands of time while seeing into eternity.
  • BPM Range: 70 to 120.

  • "Psystep" is used for want of a better word. Though I'd love give it a really expressive name, expressive the way 'neurofunk' is. Preferably something with 'Trip' in it. Or "Doofstep","Trippercore"...

  • Albums
  • 4 Hero – Parallel Universe - 1994 (Jungle)
  • Black Sun Empire - Cruel & Unusual - 2005 (DnB)
  • Bong Ra & Enduser - The Kill - 2007 (Industrial/Hardcore)
  • Chemical Brothers - Single 93-03 (Big Beat)
  • Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole (Breaks/Big Beat)
  • Counterstrike - Draco (algo003) (Hardstep)
  • Cybernetika - Atropos (Psy DnB) 2009
  • Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments (Psystep)
  • Dieselboy - The Dungeon Masters Guide (DnB)
  • Dieselboy - The Human Resource (DnB)
  • This release has the absolutely crazy Upbeats remix of Styles of Beyond - Subculture. Its a must hear.
  • DJ Deekline & The Ragga Twins - Hardcore Beats - 2003 - Jungle

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Check out Venetian Snares: Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

My personal fav. Breakbeat album. Let me know if you like it at all :).

Nice album :) I've been looking for something like this ever since I heard Orbital - Technologique. Those furious drum loops and deep, massive orchestral lines certainly combine well. The classical sounds mean I can get my non-electroniccy friends to hear this too :)

If you liked Rossz, be sure to also check out its follow up called My Downfall (Original Soundtrack). It's even more oriented on classical music. Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding could be my favourite "true breakcore" album by him, though.

Another fine artist that combines breakcore and classical music (and more often jazz) very well is The Flashbulb. He's also ultra prolific, just like VSnares, and it's a bit hard to choose his essential releases, but I'd say you can't go wrong with Red Extensions Of Me, Kirlian Selections and Reunion.

Wow! My Downfall is simply stunning. It takes what he's accomplished in Rossz to an entirely new level, so much so that I replaced Rossz with it. Rossz is great, but imo this is better :)

I'll check out The Flashbulb in a few days, I have exams going on :( So much music, so little time.

Glad you liked Rossz! I didn't even know that album existed, and by the feedback my curiosity is piqued! I know what you mean by "So much music..." lol. Hope life is treating you well!

Kirlian Selections is beautiful, mellow and warm with jazzy overtones - very interesting music. Its sounds very mature, if I had to call it something I would call it ambient breakcore. Added! Red Extensions of Me seems more experimental and darker in parts, I need to give it a few listens but I think I like Kirlian Selections better. Still to hear Reunion.

Yeah, maturity is also the first word that came to my mind after listening to it. I've been following The Flashbulb for quite some time, and it was interesting to observe how he developed from a guy who was clearly too much influenced by Squarepusher and Aphex Twin at the beginning of his career to an accomplished musician in the truest sense of that word that he is today. His latest album Soundtrack To A Vacant Life is another proof of that, and I highly recommend it even though you won't be able to put it to this list (since it's not breakcore).

By the way if you want to know where are his roots (and Venetian Snares' too) definitely check out already mentioned Squarepusher. He was a great influence to the whole this breakcore and jazzy IDM scene. Ultravisitor, Hello Everything and Hard Normal Daddy are especially good, although everything he had released is pretty awesome (with the exception of Just A Souvenir and some parts of Go Plastic).

Squarepusher was the first to mix jazz/IDM elements with breakcore? If he was, he had great vision. I'm really enjoying Hard Normal Daddy.

Hey, nice list. This is the only DnB list that I've found on here, but you got many of my favorites.

You should check out Unknown Error. I recently discovered them, and they just might get into my top 3 artists (which is currently BSE, Noisia, and Spor). Some of my favorite tracks are Shadows and The Yearning. Shadows is a remix of that LotR song Requiem for a Tower, and it's a damn good one.

Shadows is beautiful and I'd have put it on this list for sure, with the wicked mix of orchestra and broken bass but first listen to the track "Juice" by "Growling Mad Scientists" and you'll realise those orchestral lines are lifted straight from it. "Requiem for a Tower" is probably taken from "Requiem for a Dream" because "Juice" is based off the "Requiem for a Dream" Soundtrack too if I remember correctly. Still, I think I'll add it anyway.

The Yearning is good stuff :) Added. The female choir reminds of me Noisia - Endgame and Raiden - Fallin. Any other good stuff by Unknown Error? Since BSE, Noisia and Spor are really great, I love Spor's Resistance EP. What about Evol Intent? I'd put Evol Intent's Era of Diversion even ahead of BSE's Driving Insane.

Sorry for the late reply btw, I've been occupied lately and haven't heard any music.

Requiem for a Tower is a remix of one of the Requiem of a Dream soundtrack songs, and bunch of other songs are remixes of that.

I've only gone through my Unknown Error collection once, so nothing else really stood out besides those 2 tracks. I'm sure I'll find more that I like when I listen to them again. More suggestions:

Apex - By the Way (Apex is half of Unknown Error)
Apex ft. Ayah - Space Between
Counterstrike - Misfit
Concord Dawn - Morning Light
Limewax - Changing Crisis
Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork

I don't really like hip-hop in DnB, so I don't really like Evol Intent's stuff. But I'll give his album a listen.

Also, Orbital - Technologique is a good song, but it should be Orbital - Technologique Park.

Yeah thats true, its just that I've heard Juice a million times because its such a great track that Shadows was just too reminiscent of it initially. Added it now :)

Apex - By the Way (Apex is half of Unknown Error)
Nice track, I'll give it a couple of listens. Imo Morning Light is a similar but better track so that would be going on first.
Apex ft. Ayah - Space Between
Too pop-ish for me.
Counterstrike - Misfit
This one has an odd childish rhythm in it, I don't know if that was the intent but it sounded 'off'? to me.
Concord Dawn - Morning Light
Yup, I've heard this one several times, its good but I'm still unsure if its good enough for the list, on the repetitive side.
Limewax - Changing Crisis
It was ok, but I think the track needs more to differentiate it from the usual DnB track.
Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork
Found it a bit repetitive, it wasn't engaging. I guess it was a little too tech-ish for me. It could have a bit more going on.

To characterise Era of Diversion as DnB + HipHop is really inaccurate. Era of Diversion encompasses a wide variety of styles from downtempo to breakcore to techstep. Its more like Rap than Hiphop which imo goes better with Techstep/Neurofunk than singing does. Besides if the track writers want to get a message across they need vocals. Try South London, The Curtain Falls, and The Awkward Rhythm of Dance among others. They really surprised me. I knew the album was good, but this good? This is intelligent DnB, not just engineered for dancefloor mayhem but something you can listen at home too.

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll change it :)

I was wrong about Era of Diversion, it really is a diverse album. I guess I must have only heard the songs with rap. I like The Curtain Falls and South London, and the others will probably grow on me.

A few more albums to check out:
High Contrast - True Colors
Dom & Roland - Industry

Industry might be a little too techy for you though :/.

You're right, Industry was a bit techy, but I liked some parts and added two tracks from it :) Instead I found that True Colours didn't live up to its billing. It was like house with a snare drum under it. Perhaps things will change after a few listens but I'm not so sure.

And...when you recommended Clockwork I thought you meant the track which I didn't like enough to add, but when I listened to Clockword the album it was pretty good overall so I added it. Thanks for that one :)

Nice list, very varying taste for once.

Personally I'd add BSE's 'Future Frame', 'Everything' and 'Bitemark' to it.

Noisia's 'Monster' track is also really sick, aswell as 'Sacrifice' by Noisia & The Upbeats.

It's also nice to see Cubanate on there, 'Interference' is one of my favorite albums by them.

Yeah I decided to lump it all together. I personally think the variety makes it more fun though, and the list becomes more manageable.

Decided to add the Cruel & Unusual album to the list instead of just those tracks, because the album's quite consistent overall. I kind of wanted a BSE album on the list. Too bad Driving Insane has 3 great tracks (Arrakis/Breach/The Rat) but the rest feel more like fillers. Have you heard the next two BSE albums? How good are they?

Added Monsters, but I felt Sacrifice was weaker. Cubanate's Hinterland is such a great track. I love industrial music which has an atmosphere like that.

Good recommendations! Keep them coming.

Personally, I don't even like Breach, I find it one of the poorest tracks on the album. Arrakis is my favorite on there, it's an all-time classic.

I stopped liking everything from BSE after the Cruel & Unusual album.

If you like Cubanate, have you checked out Cyanotic? They're one of my favorite industrial metal bands next to Fear Factory. They're hard as **** and Sean (the vocalist) is a really nice guy.

What concerns DnB I would recommend you to check out Technical Itch feat. MC Jakes - Retribution (Audio Remix), it's sick as hell.

Oh man Retribution is sick! I like the way they don't try to overload you with 300 tons of broken bass and broken beats but still do the job. Now I want to hear it live :) It sounds like it could do some real dance floor damage. We'll have to disagree over Breach though, because it's an absolute favourite of mine. I think it's because Breach is very trancey and I love trance. So I take it BSE isn't worth checking out after Cruel & Unusual.

Checked out some Cyanotic & Fear Factory. They're a little to far into metal territory. I can listen to it, but it doesn't grab me the same way Cubanate's Hinterland does. I do like some metal, but it tends to be more of the Tool variety. I never quite understood metal to be honest though I wish I did.

When it comes to hard and heavy music, I go for breakcore/hardcore. Stuff like Bong-Ra/Enduser/Somatic Responses. Nothing like some distorted bass drums and splintered staccato beats mashed together with some noise & distortion at 200BPM :)

For extreme breakcore, I really recommend Xanopticon, it's the only one I regard as high value in the breakcore world at the moment (haven't explored the genre enough to be honest).

For hardcore, my favorites are Razor Edge, Armageddon Project and Mindustries.

Sorry for the slow reply. At this rate, my 'to be listened to' folder is going to grow out of control into this monstrous thing that engulfs the universe. So much music to listen to! Xanopticon - Liminal Space is great. That actually reminds me, I have to give it a few listens and see if it should be on this list or not. Even plays around the LA area occasionally afaik, so I hope to catch him live sometime.

Any specific recommendations from those three projects? I ask because listening through each discography one by one will take more time than I have.

Razor Edge - Meet You At The Roof
Razor Edge - Transforming Mass Into Energy
Armageddon Project - The Punishment Due
Armageddon Project - Beat Conductor
Mindustries - Mindustrial

Start with these...

P.S. I was checking out Technical Itch - Hex (Gein remix) which is the flipside of the Retribution (Audio Remix) release and it's good stuff too! I guess I need to start listening to more Tech Itch.

Tech Itch, Audio, Calyx, Spor, BSE, Prolix, Limewax, Current Value, Noisia... All quality dnb!

Seriously, so much music, so little time.