Best Goa Trance Tracks

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  2. Since I realised my main Goa article was getting too long and unwieldy, this is a short list of the best ones.
  3. EDIT: I'm sorry, I had Analog Pussy's Solipse Technology and Go Wacko mixed up, its actually Go Wacko which should have been on this list.
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  5. Hallucinogen - LSD
  6. Etnica - Starship 101
  7. Sound Pollution - Where
  8. Blue Planet Corporation - Crystal
  9. Pleiadians - Maia

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Pleiadians - Maia is rapidly becoming one of my favorite electronic songs ever. Thank you so much for this torrent, it is literally orgasmic.

Well then I can't wait to hear your reaction to hearing Identified Flying Object from beginning to end. That album is the trip.

Hi, I've been after the ID of an old trance track since 1991 (from an old made up compilation on a mixed tape. I'm downloading your mininova torrent right now in the hope etc. etc. I think it might be goa trance (not sure) but the lyrics are "I'd like to stay but I'd run far far away" lots of drum beats very spiritual and psycheldelical. i have a sample on soulseek.

The lyrics aren't familiar to me. Goa doesn't have those kind of lyrics, generally its just weird/random samples. You can send that sample on Soulseek over and I'll give it a listen.

hi i came across this song. im not sure if its goa trance. but i'm hoping that u do know wat song it is. any idea? link:


No, it doesn't sound familiar to me or characteristic of any artist I'm familiar with. It had some sort of distortion running through it which I would have remembered.

I'd like to make some additions to the list. :)
I'm not mentioning the tracks just for the sake of it, these ones really deserve to be here!
I know they're too much but, that's GOA ;)
Juno Reactor - Feel The Universe
Etnica - Party Droid
Etnica - Deep East
Etnica - The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Remix)
Etnica - Moon Influence
Three Drives (MWNN remix) - Greece 2000
Power Source - Goaway
Power Source - Skywalker
Power Source - Vorlan
Phoenix - The Dawn
Phoenix - Into the Desert
Boris Blenn - JD Distortion
Electric Universe - The Prayer
Electric Universe - One Love
Chi-A.D. - Healing Magic
Chi-A.D. - Paranormal Activity
Chi-A.D. - Celestial
Shakta & Moonweed - Micronesia
Endora - Joy
Amanite FX - Alfalfa
Exotonic - Creative Alternative
Pharagonescia - Pharatropic
Sundog - Touch the Sun
Talking Souls - Karma 209
E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (X-Dream Remix)
Sheyba - Ganesh
Ubar Tmar - The Prophecy
Miranda - Mars Needs Women (Remix)
Phoenix - Heaven & Hell
Trancelestial Psychobabas - Blue Psychobabas
Psychaos - Science Fiction
Kode IV - Near to the Divine (Official Doof Remix)
Soluna - Dancing Spirit (Fairy Tale Remix)
Green Nuns of the Revolution - Cor!
Mama Indica - Radioactive Rain
sfx - Allah Acbar
Darshan - Tranceformations
Total Eclipse - Waiting For A New Life
Total Eclipse - Far Beyond Speech
Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence
DJ Cosmix & Etnica - Kumba Mela
Goa Gil - Welcome to the world of GOA
Miranda - Gnocchi
The Light Of Shidapu - Walk To Light
Shiva Sidpao - Shiva Devotional

Yeah these are all great tracks. But the tracks already on this list are better, they are the best of the best of the best. The tracks you've mentioned like Endora - Joy and Chi-a.d. - Celestial are a step below so I haven't included them. This is meant to be a short, easy-to-get-through list, while this one has all the tracks, albums etc...So tracks you mentioned like Pharagonescia - Pharatropic, Sundog - Touch the sun etc.. are on that list.

There are a few tracks you've mentioned which I haven't heard though, I'll check them. Thanks for the recommendations!

GOA forever!

GOA forever!

All music in the world became somewhat flat and meaningless when I discovered goa. I mean the old-school goa (like Dimension 5) or new-school goa (like Ethereal), not all this psytrance. Which is good but lacks mystical and oriental edge of goa.

I remember hearing this track, pure Goa trance, which had vocals of a female saying and repeating "fight the shadow" as the song builds up. Does anybody have a clue as to which track it is? It really grips your senses and lifts you to another level !!

Sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately that sample doesn't jog my memory, and the sample database didn't bring up anything but you could still mess around with it :)

You wouldn't class Goaway as good enough? To me that's a bonafide classic and the defining sound of uplifting Goa. Still, amazing list, this torrent got me on my way two years ago to absolutely adoring Goa and exploring the sound quite comprehensively! Thank you!

Thanks! :D I'm really glad this list is helping folks discover the Goa sound :)) Goaway is good, no denying that. But I want every track on this list to be really, really, really good. This is a list of the best and best, which is why I'm divided over putting Goaway (or many other excellent) tracks on here.

HI karan
I'm impressed by your dedication and knowledge of trance music, so much so i've included your list on my web magazine Heroin and Cornflakes. If you want to write some stuff contact me and i'll glady publish.

I'm flattered that anyone would think my list worthy of inclusion ;) Yeah sure include away! If would be cool if you could add link to the source. I don't have the time to write out articles at the moment, but what do you have in mind? Just a general overview of Goa Trance?

Hi Karan! Are you from India? Your selection is really good. LSD remains the best Goa tracks ever bcoz i think, it actually define what goa trance is. I have also want to add a tracks God's Eye on Goa by The Overlords. Its really very old school type and dedicated to Lord Shiva. Have you heared the Blurring the Divisions album of Level.9? If you have any info plz feed me, its fucking good man. And if you take marijuana use a little scotch along then listen to the Starship 101 track, when you are a little bit high, believe me that would be a really electrifying exp. Thanks. Plz reply