Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2010

  1. Final Update
  2. 01. rudolf55 546
  3. 02. Ultimo Lee 430
  4. 03. dashforcover 426
  5. 04. WB 383
  6. =======⇑⇑⇑ > 1 film/day ⇑⇑⇑=======
  7. =======⇓⇓⇓ < 1 film/day ⇓⇓⇓=======
  8. 05. rwebb 360
  9. 06. Cosgrove 358
  10. 07. jaimeblack 338
  11. °°°. tom_elce 338
  12. 09. ghimm 331
  13. 10. julesyoung 330
  14. 11. Maniac Mansion 279
  15. 12. socialretard 272
  16. 13. TenthAvenueFreezeOut 257
  17. 14. Imposter 256
  18. 15. kaplan 255
  19. 16. southbounder 237
  20. 17. Laivaren 222
  21. 18. AJDaGreat 211
  22. 19. P Pogo 201
  23. 20. bpchicky 185
  24. 21. mattmakins 183
  25. 22. N3XUS-GAM1NG 157
  26. 23. hinterland 135
  27. 24. Rushmore 133
  28. 25. wallfishy 105
  29. 26. Critico 102
  30. 27. nyybella 96
  31. 28. Tatum 90
  32. °°°. nukualofa 90
  33. 30. khriz 87
  34. 31. Starbreaker 82
  35. 32. grantica 67
  36. 33. Menindrag 64
  37. 34. spoky 48
  38. 35. aaliyah16 29
  39. 36. greenmind 27
  40. 37. neptune 22
  41. Thanks to everyone who updated his/her list regularly throughout 2010.
  42. You can join the 2011 Edition!
Author Comments: 

This list tracks how many films players have watched in 2010. Shorts (less than 40 minutes), made-for-TV movies, and TV series do not count toward one's 'score'. I'm allowing direct-to-video/dvd ("video/dvd premieres"), theatrical features shown on TV, and repeat viewings.
And of course: your list needs to be numbered!

Many thanks to dayfornight - he now is called scottwblack - who maintained the original list. Thanks to Lukeprog who did a great job maintaining the list for 2005!
And all hail Rosie for holding the list in 2006 and 2007!

And thanks also to those who continue to play.

count me in


I'm down! Thanks!


You're the first new player. Thanks!

I'd like to join

I made a new account for this, because every time I try to post a message with my regular account, the spam filter is triggered, thus not allowing me to post my message.

Welcome back. Still going strong ;-)

Me too please!


Thanks for playing. Looks like you might be a contender for the first place!

Third new player already, great!

I'm in (again), and thanks, Kaplan, for keeping this going another year!:

Thanks for playing again. The pleasure is all mine.

May I join again please?

Or course!

I'm in. Although I perpetually finish middle to low in the pack, I like to be part of the obsessive pursuit all the same. Thanks, kaplan, for keeping the fire burning!

I love to do it.


Update #01 (18 January) - Although we have a few strong new players, rudolf55, the winner of last year, has already taken the lead, with almost twice as much films as the runner-up, dashforcover.

A couple questions (this is my first year!):

Is it typical to mark a rewatch? I haven't been doing this, but wondered if that's common practice.

Also, when you say "made-for-tv movies" are you referring to anything & everything that was made for tv? for instance, HBO documentaries, BBC documentaries, etc.

Yes, a rewatch can be included in your list.
Yes, HBO documentaries, BBC documentaries, etc can't be counted, unless they had a theatrical release or were shown, theatrically, at a film festival.

Update #02 (25 January) - Biggest change: WB, who jumped from 12 to 5. I'm twelfth and last now. But that'll change ;-)

Sounds harmless enough, count me in. I'll begin numbering my list. (

Of those I have listed so far, I think I have one that's a made-for-tv documentary and another that's a documentary.

Welcome. Documentaries are no problem, a made-for-tv documentary is, though. So, it shouldn't be on your list (or at least not counted), if you want to play. Which film is it?

The Amityville doc was made-for-tv. I'll remove its number.


Count me in :)

I will!

Thanks for joining.

I'l do it.

Cool to have you again.

Cool, it wouldn't be complete without you.

Just in case you don't see my reply on my list I'll ask to play on here as well please.

I found it by now, but thanks for notifying me here too.

Update #03 (01 February) - Seven new players, four of them immediately entered the top 10. We've 19 players now. I'm wondering if we'll beat the record from 2008, when we had 27 players. I went down three places, to 15, but as predicted I'm not last anymore. And I'll be having, fingers crossed, a week full of films, so I'm aiming at the top 10 next Monday.


Can you add me on? Hopefully whatever problem plagued my list last year won't happen again.

Of course.
I hope so too ;-)

That's the spirit!



Thanks for the invitation! I'd like to play:


Thanks for the invitation! I'd like to play:

you can add me to the list



Your list has already disappeared!

Thanks for the invite. I'll join although i would've done better last year...

Like I've said before: we need all sorts of players ;-)

Count me in babe.

Done, sweetie.


yeah, I'd love to join the game.

Thanks. You'll be added at the next update.

Can I join?

Of course.

Update #04 (08 February) - 11 new players again. Two of them debuted in the top 3, but no one is even coming near to rudolf55. We have 30 players now, that's more than the record of 27 from 2008, but like every year we'll also lose some players along the way. After a week full of films, I even saw more films than rudolf55, I went from 15 to 7, but it'll be a hard call for me to stay in the top 10.

OK, but don't forget to number your list please.

How do you number individually?

When editing your list, go to List format and choose Numbered List. That's all.

I've done that before and it then numbers everything (title, months etc)

Of course! Forgot to tell you: use an underscore at the beginning of every line that you don't want to be numbered.

In choosing the option numbered list, every line will be numbered. Start the lines you don't want to be numbered (name of the month,…) with an underscore (_), and the numbering of those lines will disappear.

Still don't know the code but it's done.

You're welcome!

I will start my list today; its listed somewhere else but i enjoy the way this website is build so im packing and coming here =)
I will post the link here soon.
Ps: this is a nice idea =)

Looking forward to it.
Thanks for the sweet words, but the compliment has to go to dayfornight aka scottwblack, who came up with the idea in the first place.

But you need to number it in order to play.

Update #05 (15 February) - 5 new players again, one of them entered the top 10. So, we have 35 players now, and as soon as elusyn's list will be numbered, we'll have one more. Most impressive change this week: rwebb from 9 to 2. I saw only five films and went from 7 tot 10. Like I said last week: it'll be a hard call for me to stay in the top 10.

Yeah, might as well add me for this year's version.

Welcome back.

Update #06 (22 February) - One new player.
For the first time this year the top 5 hasn't changed. Nice jump: ghimm from 15 to 10. Not updating one's list or not seeing a film, can be costly: WB from 8 tot 12, nyybella from 12 to 18. I went down one place, to 11.

Update #06 (22 February) - Extra!
Made an error: I placed tom_elce with 70 films 4th and McJoJo with 65 3rd. Although there'll be a new update tonight, I still corrected it. Thanks to ghimm for pointing this out.

Dammit, I was doing much better before kaplan started recruiting everyone... :-)

I was surprised by the response, although I wouldn't call it recruiting, but inviting ;-)
And I had a good reason to do so. The number of participants was dwindling, after two updates we still had only twelve players. A bit low, I thought.

I'm gonna have to quit the contest, I really should quit
watching this many movies. And as long as I'm in a contest
I want to win it, so it's not doing much good.
So, good luck to y'all
and enjoy all of those movies.

It's a pity since you were a strong player, but I respect your decision. But surely, you didn't have to delete your list completely.

Update #07 (01 March) - We lost one player, McJoJo, cfr. his comment. He was 4th at the previous update. No big changes this week, but nice little jumps from dashforcover (6 to 4), ghimm (10 to 7), Ultimo Lee (13 to 10) and jaimeblack (17 to 12). I stayed 11th, despite seeing only one film last week.

ah! I posted a film literally moments after you updated the list... alas... i'll have to wait until next week.

Why don't you count "Made for TV movies"? Just curioius

When I took over the Scoreboard, in 2008, I kept the original rules, dating back from 2005. I suppose this rule just wanted to stress that the scoreboard is about cinema, not about television.

count me in

I will, at the next update.

Update #08 (08 March) - ejones made the most impressive leap, from 9 to 5, thanks to scoring 22 films this week (although they were the result of a few weeks, since (s)he hadn't updated for a while). WB is in for an even bigger leap, the day he numbers his list correctly. jaimeblack, after a few strong weeks in a row, entered the top 10. Cosgrove (from 15 tot 12) might be another contender for the top 10. I saw one lousy film, altough it was far from a lousy film, and I went from 11 tot 14. Serves me right!

Sorry that I sometims have my own way of numbering my lists, and thanks for the effort of taking a second look and getting things right. :-)
So much to do so little time. ;-) But I guess I'm in the game for the top 3, once I finally update all my Berlin Film Festival viewings.


Update #09 (15 March) - We have one new player, mattmakins, who entered the game at #25. Not much changes for the rest. Some people who didn't update lost some places. Cosgrove indeed got to the top 10. Biggest jump: Imposter from 21 to 17. Thanks to 9 films I gained one spot, am at 13 now.

Update #10 (22 March) - WB numbered his list correctly and jumped from 11 to 4. Ejones, who hasn't added any films the past two weeks, went down from 5 (two weeks ago) to 10. Apart from that, no big changes. I went down, with only two films this week, from 13 to 14.

Update #11 (05 April) - First of all: my apologies for the missed update on 29 March. Normally, I'll warn when there's no update, but that week I unexpectedly wasn't able to update until Thursday, and that seemed useless to me. Most striking changes: Cosgrove entered the top 10 (on 10), julesyoung fell out of it (8 to 11). Tatum's list has disappeared. As a matter of fact, all of his content has disappeared. At the previous update he had 33 films on his list. And, oh, I went down again, from 14 to 15.

Update #12 (12 April) - Most important change: dashforcover took the second spot, at the expense of rwebb. Some players who hadn't given a sign of life for weeks, did update their lists. Great! And, yes, yours truly went down again: from 15 to 16.

It probably wouldn't have made a difference regarding my longheld spot of 5, but the Coachella festival & all my preparations leading up to it kept me from seeing a full movie for over a week. I'm back, however! A little sore, but back.

This has been really fun so far, by the way!

or, i should say, my longheld spots of 5 & 6. that's more accurate.

Update #13 (19 April) - A quiet week, with ghimm going down from 9 to 12 and Imposter climbing from 19 to 15. And I, with one film this week, went down from 16 to 19. I had aimed at the top 10, at the start of this game, but I'll be struggling to stay in the top 20, if this continues.

End of a quarter... lots of grading to do... hopefully I can get myself back on track

Update #14 (26 April) - Another week with little changes. The most striking one: Cosgrove going from 9 to 6. That amounts to a gain of nine places in seven weeks (he was # 15 at update 07). Will he be a threat to the top 5 - a top 5 that hasn't changed this week. I saw three films and won one spot, from 19 to 18.

You've put 118 when i'm up to 120

But your list is only numbered til 118. Sorry, but I'm very strict in this. If it's not numbered I don't count it. WB, for instance, knows what I'm talking about ;-)

pedantic git lol

Sad but true ;-)
(At least, when it comes to maintaining the scoreboard).

Update #15 (03 May) - Is the top of the Scoreboard already taking its definitive form? This week the top 6 didn't change. Most striking change: Ultimo Lee from 11 to 8. And yes, WB dropped out of the top 10 again, but he'll be back once he updates his list. I saw five films and went from 18 to 17.

Update #16 (17 May) - No update on May 10th. Top 4 didn't change, Cosgrove (6 to 5) entered the top 5. Ghim (11 to 8) and jaimeblack (13 to 10) entered the top 10. No one fell out of it, since we have, due to a triple tie on place 10, 12 players in the top 10. I saw three films and stayed stationary on place 17.

Update #17 (24 May) - On May 24th, after 144 days, rudolf55 had seen 288 films, an average of two a day. That would mean 730 films at the end of the year, which would be the best Scoreboard result since 2006. Meanwhile, dashforcover has lost the second place to rwebb. Julesyoung and jaimeblack fell out of the top 10, they share the 11th spot. No one entered the top 10, since last week we had threeway tie on 10. Not much movement in the lower half of the Scoreboard. With only one film, I lost one place. I'm 18th now.

I'll add you at the next update.

Update #18 (31 May) - rudolf55 has been slowing down a bit this week: with 300 films in 151 days, the expected end result now is 725. The top 4 didn't change, Cosgrove jumped from 7 to 5, ejones fell from 6 to 8. I saw 6 films and went from 18 to 16.

Update #19 (7 June) - No changes in the top 9 this week. It's been, by far, the calmest week of the year: only 4 players aren't on the same spot as last week. rudolf55's expected end result went down to 720. Forgot to add Laivaren, will do so next week. I saw 8 films and stayed 16th.

Damn missed the update, would have been up to 6th as well.

I'll be working at sea this summer, so I'll come stronger back in august.

I was busy with other stuff for most of May and until now. Plus I'm watching 14 part Berlin Alexanderplatz. Shocked I didn't drop way down!

Speaking of which, can I claim more than 1 movie for Berlin Alexanderplatz? Just kidding.

Update #20 (14 June) - We have one new player, Laivaren on 13. The top 6 didn't change. Most remarkable change: julesyoung from 12 to 9. But the difference between the numbers 7 (153 films) and 12 (146) is very small.
rudolf55 added 22 films to his list this week, so his expected end result grew from 720 to 739. I saw only two films and dropped from 16 to 18.

Update #21 (21 June) - The top 6 didn't change, again. Most remarkable change: julesyoung from 9 to 7, which means that in three weeks time he went from 12 to 7! But the difference between the numbers 6 (162 films) and 12 (149) stays quite small. rudolf55 added 13 films to his list this week, so his expected end result went down from 739 to 736. I saw 11 films and went from 18 to 17.

Update #22 (28 June) - Most remarkable change in the top 10: Ultimo Lee went from 8 to 6. The differences stay small: only 8 films between the number 5 (175) and the number 8 (167). I saw only 3 films, but still I went from 17 to 16.

Can I join? I just started listing so I'll be behind for a while.

Yes you can, but only with a list that contains films from 2010. 'Movies I've seen lately' is too vague a name. So, if you change the name into, for instance, 'Movies I've seen in 2010', it will be fine.

Done, done and done!


Update #23 (05 July) - Most remarkable change in the top 10: dashforcover is back at the second place, which he had lost to rwebb on May 24. Apart from that: only small changes. I saw 8 films and stayed 16th.

Update #24 (19 July) - First update in two weeks. Most remarkable change in the top 10: Ultimo Lee jumped from 6 to 4. After 200 days, rudolf55 is first, with 373 films or 146 more than the number 2, dashforcover. rudolf55 is heading for an end result of 681 films.
We have a new, 37th player, nukualofa, who entered the game at number 37.
I saw 7 films, and went from 16 to 15.

Alas, I'm going to have to drop WAY down in the running. I accidentally deleted most of my movies from A through O. And no way to recover. Boo hoo hoo. But, I'll take my knocks and stay in the list. What saddens me the most is the loss of the dates! And the unusual ones that were just accidental titles I noticed were on. I'll do some recovery but ...

Oh man!! I'm so sorry, that sucks!!

Dawned on me to use my listings of ratings on Netflix to rebuild the list. Looks like I got most of them!

Update #25 (26 July) - No changes in the top 8. And no big changes in the rest of the list either.
I saw ten films and climbed from 15 tot 14.

Hey, kaplan:

Had a few emergencies, and missed most of the year- could you add me back in? I lost the list from before, but I just wanted to get my name in so I could win next year...ha!



Update #26 (02 August) - Yes, that's minus 16 for dashforcover. He had problems with his list, and lost a lot of titles. And two spots in the ranking, since he went from 2 to 4. That's the most important change of the week. The difference between Cosgrove (#7) and jaimeblack (#10) is only eight films. I wish I could have been competing with them, but I didn't see enough films during the spring. And with six films this hasn't been a great week either. I saw six films and went from 14 tot 15.

Update #27 (16 August) - First update in two weeks. Dashforcover lost one more place and is fifth now. The most exciting part of the game for the moment: who's gonna end up in the top ten. Am I wrong when I think that rudolf55, rwebb, Ultimo Lee, tom_elce, dashforcover and julesyoung will occupy the first six spots, though not necessarily in that order. And that we have six other candidates for the remaining four spots: Cosgrove, ghimm, ejones, jaimeblack, southbounder and Maniac Mansion? Of course, if WB starts numbering his list properly, he could be a contender. And maybe Imposter, TenthAvenueFreezeOut or myself can still surprise? The past years you could end in the top ten with 248 (2006), 232 (2008), 202 (2009) even as little as 185 (2007) films. This year, I expect, you'll need almost 300 films. Although that's still not as many as in the Scoreboard's first year, when the number ten saw 356 films!
We have a new old player: Tatum is back!
It's the first update without any ties.
I saw 16 films and stayed 15th.

My goal for the year is to see 365 films. I moved the "made for TV" movies and documentaries to another list so the list used for this count is proper AND so I can see the real numbers. I hated having some listed, but un-numbered because they did not qualify here. And I believe I've successfully restored the vast majority I lost from July, thanks to kaplan and my habit of rating films I've seen on Netflix.

i have the same 365 goal. it's gonna be kind of tough at this point. i'm going to have to see 167 more movies this year to reach it, but we'll see. i want to plan some themed double feature nights with friends, so hopefully that'll help out. good luck to you!

The reason why I haven't updated my list (numbered it properly) is that because of some other occupations I had forgotten to write down all the films I've seen (I think I'd probably be in no.2 spot right now...).

Right now I have no clue about 50 to 60 films I've seen this year. Stil trying to find a way to remember all those titles, so I won't update till I either complete my search or give up and number what I remember.

Found a simple and effective way to number my list without bothering you with my "missing" films.
So I'm back in the game!! :-D

I'll drop one spot due to that, but it's good for the game.

Update #28 (23 August) - Not much time to ponder about the changes this week. Since there aren't much, it isn't really a problem. For the second week in a row we have no ties. Dashforcover has recuperated some titles, so he's third again. I saw 7 films and stayed 15th. That's all folks.

dashforcover is a she

Sorry to have made you a he!