Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2009

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This list tracks how many films players have watched in 2009. Shorts (less than 40 minutes), made-for-TV movies, and TV series do not count toward one's 'score'. I'm allowing direct-to-video ("video premieres"), theatrical features shown on TV, and repeat viewings.
And of course: your list needs to be numbered.

Many thanks to dayfornight - he now is called scottwblack - who maintained the original list. Thanks to Lukeprog who did a great job maintaining the list for 2005!
And all hail Rosie for holding the list in 2006 and 2007!

And thanks also to those who continue to play.

cheers for maintaining the list for another year.

count me in !

Definitely in again. :)

ETA: Not intended to be a reply to Rushmore. Meh.

Thanks for playing again.

The pleasure is all mine :-)
Thanks for playing again.

I'm in.

Good to have you back!

Please include me again this year. I'm gunning for the Top 10!

I'm in too.


Thanks for playing again. Me too!


Can I join the list again this year please?

Of course you can. Welcome!

Oy, I'll join this year as well, even though I think I'll watch even less movies than I did last year

Great to have you again!

Here please!


I'll join again, although I would politely suggest that films on television that have been edited for content or time should not be allowed.

Always great to have the inventor of this game.
Did it happen last year, you think?


I watch plenty of edited-for-content movies on basic cable and don't include them on my list precisely because they are edited.

You have to help me here. I'm not American, maybe that's why I don't understand the concept "edited-for-content movies".

Ah. Gotcha.

Movies shown on regular network or basic cable channels in the United States are almost always edited for both content and time. Scenes of nudity and violence are removed, as are swear words. Sometimes entire scenes are cut simply to make the movie fit into a two hour time slot. Therefore, a movie seen this way is a completely different beast than if it was seen in the theatre, on video or on a pay cable channel.

I see what you mean and I understand your concern. The question is: do people always know it when they're watching an edited version? Is it stated at the beginning of the film, does one have to guess, or is it just always the case on those channels?

And do other players have an opinion on this?

It's not the same film -- I don't count them for that reason, plus it doesn't ever feel like a film-viewing-experience when it's broken up by commercials. And dubbing is a real pain.

Yes, at the beginning it states that the film has been edited for content, time, etc.


i agree in terms of it being annoying when TV stations edit films down depending on the time of day. classics i've noticed for this are films such as Scrooged or Uncle Buck that become family friendly films over the xmas period lol but it would also mean the users stating that they watched an edited version and i can't see people bothering to mark those examples down.

Welcome back!

I would love to join this year. My list is here.

Welcome, always great to have a new player.
Sorry it didn't work out last year, but you really have to stick to one numbered list, if not it becomes to complicated.

Hey, no problem, I understand! I was just feeling lazy and the year was winding down anyway, so I figured I could just start in 2009.

Question actually. My job entails watching films and evaluating them as potential projects, but for confidentiality purposes I generally can't disclose what movies they are. Would I be able to count them for the scoreboard but mask their titles?

Sorry, but that's gonna be too quirky.
But you can always add them to the list as soon as you're allowed to disclose them.

I'll play again, please; list is here. Thanks for maintaining it again this year.

Like I already said: the pleasure is all mine. And welcome back.

Count me in for another year

Done! Welcome back.

Count me in; list is here, and blogging at

oops, i'm an idiot. my list is here. duh.

Thanks for joining, always great to have a new player!

I'll join once again, though I'll probably be near the bottom again. List here

We're not all in it for the money, right ;-)
And you won the silver medal in 2006.
Anyway, great you're playing again.

As usual, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. In other words, here we go again.

The world would be a lonely place without fools. Welcome back.

I'm glad to be in again. And I'll really try to update my list for 2009. %-)
Sorry, that I was so lazy in 2007 and 2008...

Here's the link:

Great you're playing again!

I'd like to play again. I don't have a list ready to go yet, but I will before the first update, if not tonight.

Thanks for doing this again.

Thanks for playing back!
Pleasure is all mine.


First update of the scoreboard.
Two very strong players of 2008 (staup2005 & rwebb) aren't playing (yet?). We have a few new players of whom especially stephnd makes an impressive start.

hey, thanks! Though staup will certainly overtake me...

Dang, you updated this just before I was making a 20 movie update. I could have been tied for second!

That's true, bummer! But if you keep watching as much films, you might be second in two weeks.

wait-- second screenings during the year count as a separate film? I must have confused my own 365-film rules with the scoreboard. I'll definitely not keep up, then.

Yes, they do.

Update #02 of the scoreboard. WriterWill37 is playing staupian - staup2005 himself isn't playing (yet?) this year -, julesyoung tries to stay in WriterWill37's slipstream, but after them there's already a huge gap. But the struggle for the third spot promises to be thrilling. Don't think I will be able to hold onto it myself.

Update #03 of the scoreboard. Rudolf55 jumped to the second spot - a spot which he already should have occupied at the previous update, if he had updated his list a bit earlier back then. And now he's even a contender for the first place. Nice jumps from MaxCastle (11 -> 7) and Tatum (18 -> 12).

ha i knew i'd start slipping, damn uni has started no time to watch movies :( i'll keep fighting for a place in top10 :)

Update #04 and rudolf55 takes the first place. But WriterWill37 is still following in his slipstream. It seems they're gonna be the main contenders to succeed staup2005. Or am I jumping to conclusions?

Update #05: almost no changes, rudolf55 keeps playing impressively and WB would be higher on the list if he numbered his list correctly.

Sorry, but I sill have to update some 40 moves in February...
When I'm finished, I'll number it correctly again. Promise. :-)

dude you not counting my viewing of Watchmen Motion Comic ! its 300+ mins! ha, only kidding i can why because it was itunes then straight to dvd, but still...300+ mins dude! :)

Update #06: WriterWil37's list disappeared - he was on the second spot at the previous update -, so most players win one spot.

Update #07: WB is last now, but as soon as he numbers his list correctly, he'll enter the top 5.

Done! Top 5, here I come!!! :-D

Update #08 happened just too early to incorporate WB's big update. He would have been fifth. But he's pretty sure to enter the top ten in two weeks. And maybe even the top five.

Update #09: As predicted WB rushed into the top 10. If he keeps updating regularly he might be a contender for the third spot that's now being held jointly by three players, with three other players close on their heels.
AJDaGreat's list had disappeared.

AJ's list is still around.


Update #10. AJDaGreat is back (well he hadn't been away, I just didn't find his list anymore), and the batle for the third spot keeps being electrifying, and I am not saying that because it's between scottwblack, jaimeblack and myself. And maybe we can even aim at the second spot.

Hi, kaplan!

I wanted to let you know that my total and wallfishy's total got switched around when this last list was made. At the time, I had 78 films with a add of four, and wallfishy had 74.


Update #18 (yes, I skipped a few): Even if rudolf55 stops watching fims, he'll probably win this year. Chances that he will beat the all-time record of staup2005 (1413 films in 2006) are slim, but he's still on course for the second best result in the Scoreboard's five year history.
Imposter dropped out of the top ten because he doesn't number his list anymore. A few players haven't updated their list for a few months now.
Despite a few months with not much films, I am, to my own surprise, still third.

I kind of dropped out of a lot of online networks and haven't even been to this site in quite awhile. I would be interested in being in a 2010 scoreboard, though. It's good to see this is still an occurance 2 years after my last perusal!

Cool. You're the first player for 2010.

Some players haven't updated their list for months. They get until January 15th to do so. But even so, it's a safe bet to say that rudolf55 is the winner. Congratulations! And thanks to all the players, of course.

Though it pains me to say it, I should be sixth rather than fifth; Rushmore has one more than me.

You're right, thanks. I fixed it.

I should like to be considered for 2010. My 2009 list actually started in Dec. 2008, so covers a little more than 2009. For 2010, my list is:

I've added you here

Finally updated my list.


So,... when it's gonna be updated? :-)

Tonight ;-)

Final update: some players haven't updated their list for months, but by now they have had enough time to do so. WB and Imposter, respectively, updated and numbered their list, so they're back in the top 10. Thanks everyone for playing.
And you can still join the new Scoreboards. It's here.