Things I hate about the Brookings Report that Lexington Ranks the worst in the top 100 Metros.

  • Lexington Metro is not in the top 100 metro areas, but 109
  • arguably, the expanded Combined Statistical area is 98th
  • The nationwide trend is for larger metro areas to have smaller per capita footprints
  • Lexington is unambiguously smaller than the rest on the list.
  • It should not be a surprise that the smallest is the worst.
  • Lexington's Carbon Footprint is decreasing, while the nationwide trend is for an increase.
  • Cities cited as "better" have an rate of increase up to three times the national trend.
  • Why was Lexington included on this list?
Author Comments:
article I am responding to.
Louisville, Lexington carbon footprints among nation's worst

"The carbon footprints of metropolitan Louisville and Lexington are among the worst in the United States according to a study released Thursday by the Brookings Institution."

I do not dispute the results, but the methodology. and I wonder if there was not an invidious intent in upping us into the top 100 when we are actually 109