O.T.R. Major Bowes Amateur Hour

  • Sept. 8 1935 - Hoboken Four “Shine”
  • Jimmy Petrozelli, Patty Principe, Fred Tamburro: The Three Flashes
  • Frank Sinatra: Waiter, Minstrel Man In 1935, the first year of radio network broadcasts of Major Bowes' Amateur Hour, more _than thirty thousand acts auditioned for the talent contest program. One of the successful acts was the "Hoboken Four." The _vocal quartet auditioned as "Frank Sinatra and the 3 Flashes," but was renamed, purportedly by Major Bowes himself. The act won _the competition of the September 8, 1935, broadcast and joined one of Major Bowes's traveling vaudeville units. Sinatra soon _left the tour to strike out on his own.
  • Late 1935 - Hoboken Four - The Curse Of An Aching Heart