Bucket List

  1. Marry the love of my life*
  2. Visit Alaska*
  3. Take a Cruise*
  4. Take A North Shore Scenic Railway tour
  5. Go camping in the Boundary Waters
  6. See the Northern Lights*
  7. Send a postcard to Post Secret
  8. Visit Minnehaha Falls
  9. Visit Iceland
  10. Go to a Nascar Race
  11. Visit all 50 States
  12. Visit all MN State Parks
  13. Own a brand new car*
  14. Fly first class*
  15. Learn how to sew*
  16. Sew an entire quilt*
  17. Sew an article of clothing I can wear
  18. Learn how to knit*
  19. Learn how to crochet
  20. See a psychic
  21. Fall totally and completely in love*
  22. Gamble in Las Vegas*
  23. See Tom Petty in concert
  24. Attend/be a part of a murder mystery show
  25. Be on tv*
  26. Go to the Holidazzle Parade
  27. Go tubing*
  28. Ride in a hot air balloon
  29. Ride in a Helicopter
  30. Visit Yosemite
  31. Test drive a Viper
  32. See Billy Joel in concert
  33. See a meteor shower*
  34. Take train ride*
  35. Visit Disney World*
  36. Go Rock climbing*
  37. Go Parasailing
  38. Go Zip Lining
  39. Learn how to Scuba dive
  40. Get Lasik
  41. Go snorkeling*
  42. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  43. See Jack Johnson in concert
  44. Visit the James J. Hill House
  45. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade LIVE
  46. Visit all National Parks in the US
  47. See an active Volcano
  48. Spend 1 week in NYC*
  49. See the Statue of Liberty*
  50. See Area 51
  51. Ride a mechanical bull
  52. Slow dance in the rain
  53. Get a tattoo*
  54. Go to Lake of the Isles
  55. Visit the 5-8 Club
  56. Visit St Anthony Falls
  57. Send a message in a bottle
  58. Be on a jury*
  59. See a lunar eclipse*
  60. Spend New Year's Eve in NYC
  61. Sleep under the stars
  62. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  63. Learn to juggle
  64. Find a job I love*
  65. Go deep sea fishing
  66. Learn how to ski
  67. Meet some of my internet friends in real life*
  68. Become debt free
  69. Put my toes in/swim in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean*
  70. Go cliff diving
  71. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  72. Go surfing
  73. Visit the New York Public Library
  74. Take a swamp tour of the Everglades
  75. Live on my own*
  76. Make up my will
  77. Be hypnotized
  78. Own my own house*
  79. Visit a nude beach*
  80. See the Lion King on Broadway*
  81. Visit a "bar" in Amsterdam
  82. Shoot a gun
  83. Attend a Packer game at Lambeau
  84. See a drag show
  85. Drive across America from coast to coast
  86. Design my own website
  87. Learn how to shoot pool correctly
  88. Give blood*
  89. Be a bridesmaid*
  90. Visit the Grand Canyon*
  91. Be on a game show
  92. Go to a strip club
  93. Learn how to change a tire
  94. Stay out partying all night long*
  95. Read 100 books in 1 year*
  96. Visit the Wabasha Street Caves
  97. Trace my family history
  98. Sing Karaoke at a bar*
  99. Watch a movie at a drive in*
  100. Be with Jesus when I die
  101. *=item complete