Listology Secret Santa 2005


Listology's fourth annual Secret Santa is underway! Here's the way it works . . .

  1. You e-mail me that you want to participate at santa AT listology DOT com
  2. I will collect all the e-mail addresses between now and 11:59 PM November 17th.
  3. I will e-mail all participants my snail mail address.
  4. You make two copies of a music mix on CD. Mixes should be WAV files rather than MP3s so you don't need an MP3-capable CD player to participate (it's true you'll need a player that can handle CD-Rs, but many can, even those that don't explicitly advertise being able to). Please include two copies of the playlist (on paper, that is, one for each CD copy). Some folks had a devil of a time tracking down songs they like from unlabelled mixes in the past. Identifying yourself is optional (making it a Semi-Secret Santa if you do).
  5. Put the CDs in little envelopes or tyvek sleeves. NOT JEWELBOXES! It screws up your SASE postage if you do sleeves but your Secret Santa does jewel boxes.
  6. Bring the mixes and two mailers to the post office (or you can buy mailers at the post office). One mailer is self-addressed, the other is addressed to me. You put the CDs in the self-addressed mailer, but don't seal it, and get the right postage on it (really, make sure there's enough postage - each year about a third of the submissions are short). Then you put the CDs and SASE mailer in the mailer addressed to me, and send it off.
  7. I receive the CDs from everybody, shuffle them up, and send you two different mixes back to you in your self-addressed, postage-paid mailer.

Note that nobody but me will see your address, or even know you are participating (unless you include identifying information on the mixes you create). Also, you don't have to worry about somebody not sending CDs because they have to send me mixes to forward on in order to get any back!

This scheme works if non-US folks want to participate too. You'll just need to put enough postage on your SASE to get it (and the enclosed CD) from the US back to wherever you live (and enough postage to get it to me in the first place).

I reserve the right to close off the signup if we get a deluge of participants. It's never been an issue before, but you never know. First come, first served.

Finally, if you want to do a cassette instead of the CDs, go ahead an e-mail me, but tell me that's what you want to do. If two or more people go that route, great. Otherwise I'll let you know you're out of luck.

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The third annual Listology Secret Santa is underway! I'm just posting this here for those that keep up with Listology via recent posts rather than the home page.

Hot dog!

and I even have a CD-burner this year

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

The sign-up deadline for the Listology Secret Santa is only a couple days away! Speak now, or sit on the sidelines until next year!

What's the deadline for getting cds to you?

I'll send out details to all the participants after sign-up closes. I'll probably want them in fairly early December or so, as I go away for a few days on the 12th, and would want to send them out before then. Specific date to be determined...

Last call! Sign-up deadline is midnight, tonight.

Hey, Jim, did you get everyone's discs OK?

Almost. All but two. One should be here shortly, and the other I am assuming bailed. If you haven't heard from me, you're all set!

Did you get mine by the Friday deadline?

No, it came while I was gone, but it's all good, as it turns out there was no way for me to get them out before leaving on my trip anyway. I'm also holding out for my one remaining extension request, so I'm going to mail out Monday AM (at the latest).