Listology Secret Santa 2004


Listology's second annual Secret Santa is underway! Here's the way it works (some changes from last year) . . .

  1. You e-mail me that you want to participate at
  2. I will collect all the e-mail addresses between now and 11:59 PM November 21st.
  3. I will e-mail all participants my snail mail address.
  4. You make two copies of a music mix on CD. Mixes should be WAV files rather than MP3s so you don't need an MP3-capable CD player to participate (it's true you'll need a player that can handle CD-Rs, but many can, even those that don't explicitly advertise being able to). Please include two copies of the playlist (on paper, that is, one for each CD copy). Some folks had a devil of a time tracking down songs they like from unlabelled mixes last year. Identifying yourself is optional (making it a Semi-Secret Santa if you do).
  5. Put the CDs in little envelopes or tyvek sleeves. NOT JEWELBOXES! It screws up your SASE postage if you do sleeves but your Secret Santa does jewel boxes.
  6. Bring the mixes and two mailers to the post office (or you can buy mailers at the post office). One mailer is self-addressed, the other is addressed to me. You put the CDs in the self-addressed mailer, but don't seal it, and get the right postage on it. Then you put the CDs and SASE mailer in the mailer addressed to me, and send it off.
  7. I receive the CDs from everybody, shuffle them up, and send you two different mixes back to you in your self-addressed, postage-paid mailer.

Note that nobody but me will see your address, or even know you are participating (unless you include identifying information on the mixes you create). Also, you don't have to worry about somebody not sending CDs because they have to send me mixes to forward on in order to get any back!

Note we're doing two copies this year instead of one, since folks last year wanted more music. Maybe next year we'll do three or more, depending on feedback.

This scheme works if non-US folks want to participate too. You'll just need to put enough postage on your SASE to get it (and the enclosed CD) from the US back to wherever you live (and enough postage to get it to me in the first place).

I can provide some technical help for anybody that doesn't know how to rip tracks off of CDs they own, or how to burn a CD. Of course, you'll need to own or have access to a CD burner, but they're pretty cheap (I think I got mine for $40). And I'm sure there are plenty of folks here that are better at this than I am.

Finally, if you want to do a cassette instead of the CDs, go ahead an e-mail me, but tell me that's what you want to do. If two or more people go that route, great. Otherwise I'll let you know you're out of luck.

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Clock's ticking on this folks! A week to go to sign up for this year's Listology Secret Santa, and I'm asking participants to get mixes to my house no later than 12/6. So drop me an e-mail if you want to join in the fun, and I'll send you my snail mail address.

Jim, I apologize. I know I told you I was in this year, but alas, my wife gets the CD burner in our divorce, so I am out.

Forgive me.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Daaaang. But hey, it's a much better excuse than "my dog ate it" (especially when it comes to CD burners). My condolences, both on the divorce and missing the Secret Santa this year. Your mission for next year is to get ye a burner!

Jim, I still plan on having my disc in by the 6th.

Jim, how many people ended up participating this year!!!

16. Not too shabby. I'm still waiting for one person, then I should be able to do the mailout!

I just mine in the mail. Thanks for taking the trouble Jim. Have some listening to do...

got mine today, too! thanks everyone and especially jim for his patience with me. will let you know what I think.

and I just noticed my stamps didn't even get cancelled. woo hoo!

I hope that whomever receives mine enjoys it!

Hey, I got my CDs today!!! I've got a road trip this weekend and can't wait to check them out. :-)

I'm certainly enjoying the copy you sent me! I'll post more when I've had more time to digest it. Remind me if we get past the holiday crush and I still haven't done so.

Got mine today! I'm currently listening to an anonymous mix as I've been instructed to listen first before looking at the included track listing. And it's a good one. Also got another unnamed mix and Stook's What In Perdition?

And to whomever receives my mix, I hope you enjoy it/I apologize!

(My track listing will be up in a few days, btw.)

whose mix ends with the david sedaris track (which is hilarious)?

i'm enjoying it!

oh, and who got mine? it's titled i ain't a hitter anymore.

I can take the credit/blame for the mix that ends with the Sedaris track. :-) My wife was listening to his audiobook during her commute to school and shared that part with me, as she almost had to pull over she was laughing so hard. It was a late addition to the mix, but it had to go on there.

Glad you're liking the mix in general! I didn't realize until after I played it a few days later that I'd mostly segregated the male and female artists into two large contiguous clumps. I was only trying to balance the pacing when I ordered it, and somehow it ended up that way.

I got mine today too! (well technically yesterday) I got Jim's, socialretard's, and another one that seems to be called "Listen First...", starts with Northampton Harmony - Green Street and ends with Beth Orton - Central Reservation (Ben Watt Remix). Would anyone like to take credit for this mix, or would you prefer to remain a secret Santa?

Also, who got mine? It was dubbed with the very bad pun Santa'd and Enchanted, and the track list is here. I'd love to hear comments on it whenever you get a chance, either here or on the track list.

Jim, thank you very much for orchestrating all this, and thank you for the Cowboy Bebop DVD, which I also received today. I'll send you the cough drops, toothpaste, and Frosted Flakes ASAP. :-)

For the record, I like that pun. :-) Hope you like the mixes, and the Cowboy Bebop!

This was my Secret Santa CD

Sail Away – Randy Newman
River – Joni Mitchell
Chain – The Fire Theft
Water Song – Hot Tuna
Take Me Back – Humble Pie
The Radio – Ida
Encantada – Ida
The Way That He Sings – My Morning Jacket
We’re All Alone – Boz Scaggs
Winter Song – Lindesfarne
On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 – Rickie Lee Jones
Broken Man – Crooked Fingers
Handful of Stars – Peter Bruntnell
Shizukana Hibi No Kaidan Wo – Dragon Ash
Misty Morning, Albert Bridge – Pogues
Agaetis Byrjun – Sigur Ros
Song To the Siren – Tim Buckley
The Last - Replacements

I got a Listen First CD with many dance mixes on it, a much more mellow CD called I Ain't a Hitter Anymore which was my taste to a T, and the David Sedaris (from nearby Johnson City NY)one.

I Ain't A Hitter Anymore was mine. I am so glad you liked it!

Got mine today! Thanks!

I got the Listen First, Jim's ends-with-David Sedaris, and one that starts with the Cure that has a really nice-looking blue insert -- good job on that.

Mine's the one with the web address printed around the outside (and one them, stupidly, has "w.w.w." written instead of "www"). I meant to call it "Spot 'Em and Air 'Em Out".

That was mine--glad you liked the insert!

I just picked mine up today: I got Listen First, the one that ends with David Sedaris, and one that starts with Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts.