The listies: songs.

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Most represented artists:
10 beatles, The (7 songs)
8 Tori Amos (7)
6 Bruce Springsteen
6 R.E.M.
5 Billy Joel (4)
5 rolling stones, The (3)
4 Björk
4 Everly brothers, The
3 Heart
3 Metallica (2)
3 Nina Simone
3 U2

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Jeandré, I'm going to do my best to add years to my top song and updated top episode list soon. Great work!

Just added years to my song list. Episodes later. :)

And how's about an early entry for 2011: R.E.M. - Mine Smell Like Honey

Thanks Jeandré. I'm suprised I never noticed that before. I must be a real air-head

2012 - Bruce Springsteen - Rocky Ground

Oh, this is cool. Thanks for adding me, I saw I was on the movies list as well. Always feels good to spread the love for my favourites :) Not sure how accurate all my years are though due to WMP always changing things on me.

Also realised I had the wrong year for Across the Universe which I will now fix...

Updated "Sleep walk", "Across the Universe" (sure you prefer the 1970 Let it be version to the 1969 No one's gonna change our world version?), and "Wheeling West Virginia".