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Biggest winners (>50% and >13 number 1s):
19/22 86% 1928 The passion of Joan of Arc
18/27 67% 1942 Casablanca
14/21 67% 1944 Double indemnity
17/27 63% 1936 Modern times
17/26 65% 1941 Citizen Kane
18/32 56% 1964 Dr. Strangelove

To do: Geeksaurus (2008), jim (2002), and Tatum (2002) - hopefully they'll make single pages tho. CollinsSean if he starts using IMDb years. Put English translation of titles first if done by IMDb.

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Interesting - here are my #1s by year if I can contribute:

Thanks, done; and it lead me to rudolf55's who'll be next.

Nice work. You've clearly put a lot into this and it must be rather difficult to keep up on so I'd like to offer a few corrections/additions for my own selections.

-Though I have it as 2009, you may submit Enter the Void as my favorite for 2010 if you'd like.
-For 2009 you can put me down for Avatar (for now)
-2007: I've never seen Don't Touch the Axe so this must be a mistake. Should be Duchess of Langeais.
-2001: please add me for Mulholland Drive
-1994: it should be Von Trier's The Kingdom though if you've considered this inelligible, Natural Born Killers is correct
-1991: please change it to Von Trier's Europa instead of Silence of the Lambs
-1990: you can add me in for Goodfellas
-1989: please add me in for Woo's The Killer
-1981: please change it to Zulawski's Possession
-1977: Should be Eraserhead
-1974: Should be Chinatown
-1940: Should be The Great Dictator
-1928: Please add me in for The Passion of Joan of Arc

Thanks for the corrections - I usually only check the last couple of years, so I'll miss changes made to earlier years.

I use IMDb years so they can be compared. If someone lists another year in their list, and I pick up on it, I'll use the IMDb year instead.

2009 Enter the void per IMDb.
2007 The duchess of Langeais is an aka of Ne touchez pas la hache aka Don't Touch the Axe, so I've added that title also.
2001 done.
1994 I didn't use The Kingdom because IMDb calls it a mini-series.
1991 done.
1990 I usually exclude less than 7.5 (3 out of 4) unless the list doesn't make that clear (e.g. some lists with movies from before the 20s).
1989 done.
1981 done.
1977 IMDb's changed the year to now be 1976, which messes up a few other lists.
1974 done.
1940 done.
1928 done.

Thanks for the explanations, all of which made sense, and thanks for the updates

I'd never even seen that list by lukeprog. Surely a portion of his choices are outdated by now, but I guess you gotta go by what you see. Some of them are made known by his Best Movies Ever list, such as Persona for 1966 and The Mirror for 1974/75...

I've made some changes as well and I'll get those over to you soon. In the meantime it would be great to have you participate in my "Greatest Films Poll".

Thanks for mentioning lukeprog's best movies list: since it was last updated on 2008-06-05 while his archived all list was last updated 2004-10-21, I've updated his choices and could now add Memento for which he doesn't use the IMDb year.

Wow, this is such a good way of finding movies that other listologies enjoy. Huge major props for this, because I often go looking for what other people liked. This just makes it about 50x easier. :DDDDDD

Great list...I noticed my name included, thanks. However I realized my list only goes back as far as 1965 and haven't updated it I'll fill in a few years

2010 - Black Swan
1964 - My Fair Lady
1963 - Hud
1962 - Lonely Are The Brave
1961 - Blue Hawaii / Splendor In The Grass (I just couldn't pick one over the other)
1960 - Psycho
1959 - Imitation of Life
1958 - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
1957 - Paths of Glory
1956 - The Ten Commandments
1955 - Night of the Hunter
1954 - Rear Window
1953 - Salaire de la peur, Le (Wages of Fear)
1952 - Ikiru
1951 - A Christmas Carol
1950 - All About Eve

I'll post the rest later. Thanks again.

I chose Blue Hawaii because when more than 1 film is given as #1, I choose the one given first. was too difficult for me to decide. I'll list the rest later tonight. It's fun to see if other members picked the same films.

How did I go for seven months without noticing this list? This is freaking awesome! Great work here! Two suggestions: lbangs does have a full list here. Also, would you be up for including jgandcag, a former beloved Listology member who is gone but not forgotten [by me, anyway], based on what you can glean from this? I can help you organize that last list if you want.

Thanks for compiling this!

lbangs completed.

I usually don't include the lists without IMDb years, but if you'll add jgandcag's films' years in a comment, I'll add that.

Sure, I think I can swing that.

2000: Almost Famous
1999: Being John Malkovich
1997: L.A. Confidential
1996: Beautiful Girls
1995: Se7en
1994: Pulp Fiction
1993: Dazed and Confused
1992: Unforgiven
1991: Silence of the Lambs
1990: Miller's Crossing
1989: Do the Right Thing
1988: Bull Durham
1983: The Right Stuff
1982: Diner
1981: Raiders of the Lost Ark
1980: Raging Bull
1979: Being There
1978: Animal House
1977: Star Wars
1976: Network
1975: Jaws
1974: The Godfather Part II
1973: The Exorcist
1972: The Godfather
1971: The Last Picture Show
1969: The Wild Bunch
1968: The Producers
1967: Cool Hand Luke
1964: Dr. Strangelove
1963: The Great Escape
1962: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
1961: The Hustler
1960: Psycho
1959: North by Northwest
1958: Touch of Evil
1957: Bridge on the River Kwai
1956: The Searchers
1955: The Night of the Hunter
1954: Rear Window
1953: From Here to Eternity
1952: Singin' in the Rain
1951: The African Queen
1950: Rashomon
1949: The Third Man
1948: Red River
1946: It's a Wonderful Life
1945: Detour
1944: Double Indemnity
1942: Casablanca
1941: Citizen Kane
1940: His Girl Friday
1939: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
1938: Bringing Up Baby
1936: My Man Godfrey


Added - thanks for looking up all those years.

Got a few more:

1949 - White Heat
1948 - Oliver Twist
1947 - Out of the Past
1946 - Notorious
1945 - Mildred Pierce
1944 - Double Indemnity
1943 - The Ox-Bow Incident
1942 - Holiday Inn
1941 - Sullivan's Travels
1940 - All This, And Heaven Too
1939 - Wuthering Heights
1938 - Angels With Dirty Faces
1937 - Night Must Fall
1936 - Fury
1935 - Dangerous
1934 - Treasure Island
1933 - Mayor of Hell
1932 -
1931 - The Public Enemy
1930 - All Quiet on the Western Front

Added - thanks for helping to fill out the older years.

I updated my list - here are the changes you need to make:

1993 - Groundhog Day
1999 - American Beauty
2000 - High Fidelity
2001 - Donnie Darko
2005 - The Weather Man
2009 - Up

Great work!

Updated - thanks.

Groundhog day is one of my all time favorites.

Have you seen the deleted scenes from High fidelity? The top 5 songs scene is my favorite bit from the movie, eventho it's not in the movie.

I haven't seen that, actually - I'll have to dig my DVD out!

Do you have Facebook?

Top 5 reasons I stopped using Facebook:
1. Their deal with Microsoft.
2-5. See 1.

Thanks for adding me to this awesome list! Here are some films to fill the gaps my top 100 left open.

2010 - Black Swan
2009 - The Hangover
2008 - The Wrestler
2006 - Inland Empire
2005 - The Descent
1977 - 3 Women
1973 - The Long Goodbye
1972 - Solaris
1971 - The Last Picture Show
1970 - Gimme Shelter
1967 - The Graduate
1965 - Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill
1963 - Contempt
1962 - The Manchurian Candidate
1961 - The Innocents
1960 - Peeping Tom
1957 - 12 Angry Men
1956 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers
1952 - Singin' In the Rain
1951 - The Day the Earth Stood Still
1950 - Sunset Boulevard
1946 - Notorious
1944 - Double Indemnity
1940 - His Girl Friday
1938 - Bringing Up Baby
1937 - The Grand Illusion
1936 - Modern Times
1934 - It Happened One Night
1933 - Duck Soup
1932 - Freaks
1931 - City Lights
1928 - The Passion of Joan of Arc
1926 - The General

And a few I'd like to change:

2002 - Punch Drunk Love
1997 - Good Will Hunting
1993 - The Piano

Thanks for the additions and changes - updated. There are some differences in my original addition from your "My Favorite Films" list because I go by the IMDb date.

Thanks! This is a great list. Glad I could contribute.

Hello, here are a few more additions that I noticed I left out. Thanks.

1974 - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
1973 - The Way We Were
1972 - The Poseidon Adventure
1971 - A Clockwork Orange
1970 - Love Story
1969 - True Grit
1968 - Romeo & Juliet
1967 - Bonnie & Clyde
1966 - Torn Curtain
1932 - I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang
1927 - Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
1926 - La Bohème

Added, thanks.

2011 - The Tree of Life
1985 - The Breakfast Club
1984 - Gremlins
1951 - The Browning Versio
1946 - It's A Wonderful Life

Updated - thanks for the note.

just discovered this list, fantastic work ! you don't have to change it as my choices do change quite a bit but i just watched Observe and Report and its topped my list for 2009 but again, brilliant work.

Thanks for the update - I've fixed it and Swingers.

Some of my changes:
2012 - Chronicle
2011 - Hobo with a Shotgun
2007 - Teeth (replacing [Rec])
2000 - Battle Royale (replacing Memento)
1994 - Spanking the Monkey (replacing Leon)
1976 - Martin (replacing Taxi Driver)
1974 - The Godfather Pt 2 (replacing Holy Grail since IMDb changed its year back to 1975...)
1968 - 2001: A Space Odyssey
1965 - Cat Ballou (replacing Sound of Music)
1958 - Gigi
1956 - Forbidden Planet
1954 - Chikamatsu monogatari / The Crucified Lovers
1944 - Lifeboat
1941 - The Little Foxes
1930 - City Girl (replacing Blood of a Poet since IMDb changed its year to 1932)
1926 - Flesh and the Devil

(Some of my 7s are actually favourites/8s that I haven't made 8s yet, my rating system is stupid and confusing :P )

Updated. While our favorite songs are very similar, our movies not so much.

I didn't include your favorites for years where you only rated them 7, because this list only includes a movie if it's at least 7.5 or more. Some listies don't give ratings (just rankings in years), so I include their #1s here eventho I doubt they'd rate 7.5 or more for some of the shorts from the 1800s.