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  • Favorite/best tv show episodes per year using IMDb's dates for/per the following listies: Jeandré, Stratman, and Wezzo - more welcome.
  • 2010

  • "The end" Lost 6.16 (Wezzo)
  • "Everything is broken" True blood 3.09 (Jeandré)
  • 2009

  • "Red John's footsteps" The mentalist 1.23 (Jeandré)
  • "The son" Friday night lights 4.05 (Wezzo)
  • 2008

  • "The constant" Lost 4.05 (Wezzo)
  • "Termination for cause" Jericho 2.05 (Jeandré)
  • 2007

  • "Airborne" House M.D. 3.18 (Jeandré)
  • "My way" This American life 1.2 (Wezzo)
  • 2006

  • "All in" House M.D. 2.17 (Jeandré)
  • "Final grades" The wire 4.13 (Stratman)
  • "No reason" House M.D. 2.24 (Wezzo)
  • 2005

  • "Everyone's waiting" Six feet under 5.12 (Wezzo)
  • "Three stories" House M.D. 1.21 (Jeandré, Stratman)
  • 2004

  • "Episode 4" Shameless 1.04 (Stratman)
  • "Maternity" House M.D. 1.04 (Jeandré)
  • "My screwup" Scrubs 3.14 (Wezzo)
  • 2003

  • "Day 2: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m." 24 2.15 (Wezzo)
  • "Heart of gold" Firefly 1.13 (Jeandré)
  • 2002

  • "On the beach" ER 8.21 (Stratman, Wezzo)
  • "Out of gas" Firefly 1.08 (Jeandré)
  • 2001

  • "The body" Buffy the vampire slayer 5.16 (Jeandré)
  • "My old lady" Scrubs 1.04 (Wezzo)
  • "Two cathedrals" The west wing 2.22 (Stratman)
  • 2000

  • "Boy next door" Ally McBeal 3.16 (Wezzo)
  • "Demolition derby" Third watch 1.10 (Stratman)
  • "Noël" The west wing 2.10 (Jeandré)
  • 1999

  • "Course: Oblivion" Star trek: Voyager 5.18 (Jeandré)
  • "The one where everybody finds out" Friends 5.14 (Stratman)
  • "Xmas story" Futurama 2.08 (Wezzo)
  • 1998

  • "Mary Pat Shelby" Sports night 1.05 (Stratman)
  • "Nine pretty darn angry men" King of the hill 3.07 (Wezzo)
  • "Somehow, Satan got behind me" Millennium 2.21 (Jeandré)
  • 1997

  • "Ham radio" Frasier 4.18 (Wezzo)
  • "Prophecy girl" Buffy the vampire slayer 1.12 (Jeandré)
  • "Watership Alan" I'm Alan Partridge 1.3 (Stratman)
  • 1996

  • "Everybody loves Larry" The Larry Sanders show 5.01 (Stratman)
  • "The two Mrs. Cranes" Frasier 4.01 (Wezzo)
  • "War of the coprophages" The x files 3.12 (Jeandré)
  • 1995

  • "The deal" Due south 1.17 (Jeandré)
  • "Love's labor lost" 1.19 ER (Stratman, Wezzo)
  • 1994

  • "Blizzard" ER 1.10 (Stratman)
  • "Pilot" Due south 1.00 (Jeandré)
  • "To be a somebody 1" Cracker 2.1 (Wezzo)
  • 1993

  • "Lessons" Star trek: the next generation 6.19 (Jeandré)
  • "The outing" Seinfeld 4.17 (Stratman)
  • "Homer's barbershop quartet" The Simpsons 5.01 (Wezzo)
  • 1992

  • "The bubble boy" Seinfeld 4.07 (Wezzo)
  • "Severance" Law & order 2.13 (Jeandré)
  • 1991

  • "Flaming Moe's" The Simpsons 3.10 (Stratman)
  • "The parking garage" Seinfeld 3.06 (Wezzo)
  • "The torrents of greed 1" Law & order 1.15 (Jeandré)
  • 1990

  • "The best of both worlds" Star trek: the next generation 3.26 (Stratman)
  • "Knowledge is power" The fresh prince of Bel-Air 1.13 (Wezzo)
  • "The most toys" Star trek: the next generation 3.22 (Jeandré)
  • 1989

  • "Danger UXD" Only fools and horses 6.2 (Wezzo)
  • "Little problems" Only fools and horses 6.6 (Stratman)
  • "Who watches the watchers" Star trek: the next generation 3.04 (Jeandré)
  • 1986

  • "Death and taxes" Magnum, p.i. 7.06 (Jeandré)
  • "Time heals 1" St. Elsewhere 4.17 (Stratman)
  • "The longest night" Only fools and horses 5.3 (Wezzo)
  • 1985

  • "The dream sequence always rings twice" Moonlighting 2.04 (Wezzo)
  • 1983

  • "Goodbye, farewell and amen" M*A*S*H 11.16 (Stratman)
  • "Pick a con... any con" Cheers 1.19 (Wezzo)
  • 1982

  • "Trial by fury" Hill street blues 3.01 (Stratman)
  • 1980

  • "Travellers' tales" Cosmos 1.06 (Jeandré)
  • 1978

  • "Point of view" M*A*S*H 7.10 (Stratman)
  • 1975

  • "Chuckles bites the dust" The Mary Tyler Moore show 6.07 (Stratman)
  • 1970

  • "1040 or fight" The Mary Tyler Moore show 1.11 (Stratman)
  • 1962

  • "To serve man" The twilight zone 3.24 (Stratman)
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Shows represented most:
5 ER
5 House M.D.
4 Star trek: the next generation
3 Only fools and horses
3 Seinfeld

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2010 - "The End", Lost
2009 - "The Son", Friday Night Lights
2008 - "The Constant", Lost
2007 - "My Way", This American Life
1998 - "Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men", King of the Hill
1985 - "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice", Moonlighting

Updated, thanks.

I've heard good things about Friday night lights, tho the setting doesn't appeal to me - is it anything like One tree hill?

It's way, way better than One Tree Hill. I don't mind One Tree Hill, but Friday Night Lights is on a whole other tier of awesome. It transcends its setting completely - I'm not interested in American football, or, ostensibly, small-town Texas (King of the Hill love notwithstanding) - but it's a universal show.

A quote from the Boston Herald: "Friday Night Lights used high school football as a vehicle to explore plainly and authentically the way in which people live, struggle and thrive in small towns."

My description of it, which was printed in DVD Review magazine.

You have phenomenal taste in TV shows - I really think you'd like it. Like Whedon, like Everwood, like Six Feet Under, it uses the characters on screen to deliver a profound message, as a microcosm of the world we live in. The characters are among the best-written and best-portrayed in the history of the medium. Check it out.

Thanks, I'll check out it and Everwood.

I'm just now rewatching Six feet under from the beginning, and the 1st 3 episodes are so much better than I remember - it's making me cackle uncontrollably every now and then. The deleted scene from the pilot is better than most shows! Amazingly Michael C. Hall's only 2 series are Six feet under and Dexter - he sure knows how to pick 'em; and Peter Krause's other lead series role was in Sports night.

During the first two episodes of Friday night lights I was beginning to despise almost all the characters: they were so shallow, vainglorious, stupid, backwards, and superstitious that they made the characters in One tree hill look like Carl Sagan. All the good things I've heard kept me watching tho, and I thought episode 1.03 was pretty good. The next 2 episodes made me consider giving up on it again, but I just saw 1.06 which was great. My bias against jocks may be what's preventing me from seeing the good in it.

I've now watched up to 1.18 and I'm really getting into it - some more great episodes.

Sorry for the delay in replying - I've been on holiday. I'm so glad it's winning you over - I was sure it would! :) Which characters are you liking the most?

I don't really like any of the characters. Okay, maybe Tami (aka Mrs Coach). There are evil characters I like, e.g. Mr. Blonde in Reservoir dogs, and there are really bad characters I like, e.g. Mal in Firefly; but they're honest about their flaws, while most of the Friday night lights characters actually think of themselves as good and decent folk.

Episode 1.21 is my favorite from season 1; and the scene where Tami sits the coach down, says "Hi", takes off his hat, and they laugh was amazing - Kyle Chandler played it perfectly.