Links to other review sites

Looking for more pages like this one? The WRC is dead, but some of the sites do still exist.

Mark Prindle's Rock and Roll Review Site
He's the most prolific out of everyone, reviewing well over a hundred artists on his site, covering everything from prog to punk to classic rock, with plenty of bands both famous and obscure. He's also easily the most popular out of any of them, because of (or in spite of) his often stream-of-consciousness writing style that is usually both vulgar and hilarious. He's now inactive but the archives are (mostly) worth reading.

Only Solitaire: George Starostin's Music Reviews
Another big 'classic' site, focusing mostly on classic rock. He took a break for a few years but is back, trying to seemingly review every single album in his collection alphabetically. If you truly believe the Beatles were the most infallible act of all time, this is your man.

Disclaimer Music Review Archive
Run by Chris "Willie" Williams, this is a good place to go for reviews of more contemporary acts, with an archive that's pretty much all over the place. Has reviews of a lot of very unique albums and a lot of bands and genres that aren't covered anywhere else. Great writing here.

Don Ignacio's Music Reviews
Don's been at this for quite a while. Another good site with a pretty nice range of material from pretty much all eras.

Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews
One of the oldest on the 'net. Covers a ton of acts, mostly from the 60's and 70's. Very easy to read but Wilson's grown into kind of a crank and Alroy is basically inactive.

John McFerrin's Rock and Prog Reviews
Disciple of Starostin, been around for a decade, covers mostly prog rock.

Obscurity: The Mixed up Files of Mr. J Hendrix
Obscure site (ha) but very worthwhile place to find out about bands that time forgot, focused mostly on the 60's and early 70's. Great writing here, but it's updated very infrequently.

Scott Floman's Music Reviews
Covers material from many different time frames, another good, solid website.

Everybody's Dummy
Out of all the new-style review sites that have cropped up lately on blogging sites, this is my favorite so far. Although it's irritating that you have to sort by tag and then read the reviews from the bottom up to get them in chronological order, thankfully the Everybody's Dummy site is nowhere near as long-winded or uninspired as similar sites, and the result is one of the few actually great WRC sites (if you can call it that) to crop up in like, a decade.

More to be added soon...hold tight