2006 Movies - Ranked

  1. The Best Movie of the Year
  2. Little Miss Sunshine (Jonathan Dayton/Valerie Faris)
  3. Favorite Movies
  4. An Inconvenient Truth (David Guggenheim)
  5. Borat: Cultural Learnings for the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (Larry Charles)
  6. Everything Will Be Ok (Don Hertzfeldt)
  7. The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky)
  8. Inland Empire (David Lynch)
  9. El Laberinto del Fauno (Guillermo del Toro)
  10. The Prestige (Christopher Nolan)
  11. Silent Hill (Christopher Gans)
  12. Southland Tales (Richard Kelly)
  13. Toki o kakeru shôjo (Mamoru Hosada)
  14. Almost Favorites
  15. Bamako (Abderrahmane Sissako)
  16. Haebyeonui yeoin (Sang-soo Hong)
  17. Das Leben der Anderen (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
  18. Letters from Iwo Jima (Clint Eastwood)
  19. Paprika (Satoshi Kon)
  20. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (Lloyd Kaufman)
  21. Rocky Balboa (Silvester Stallone)
  22. Saibogujiman kwenchana (Chan-wook Park)
  23. Sang sattawat (Apichatpong Weeresathekul)
  24. Sanxia haoren (Zhang Ke Jia)
  25. Soredemo boku wa yattenai (Masayuki Suo)
  26. United 93 (Paul Greengrass)
  27. Must See
  28. A Prairie Home Companion (Robert Altman)
  29. Alive in Joburg (Neil Blomkamp)
  30. Children of Men (Alfonso Cuarón)
  31. Eût-elle été criminelle... (Jean-Gabriel Périot)
  32. Hamaca paraguaya (Paz Encina)
  33. Inside Man (Spike Lee)
  34. Joyong-han saesang (Ui-seok Jo)
  35. The Queen (Stephen Frears)
  36. Red Road (Andrea Arnold)
  37. Scoop (Woody Allen)
  38. Watchable
  39. 46-okunen no koi (Takashi Miike)
  40. Babel (Alejandro González Iñarritu)
  41. The Da Vinci Code (Ron Howard)
  42. Desde Lejos (Alejandro Fernández Almendras)
  43. Flags of Our Fathers (Clint Eastwood)
  44. Lady in the Water (M. Night Shyamalan)
  45. Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño (Álex de la Iglesia)
  46. Stranger Than Fiction (Marc Forster)
  47. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (Liam Lynch)
  48. Under Twilight (Jean-Gabriel Périot)
  49. Avoid if Possible
  50. ¡Tía, no te saltes el eje! (Kike Narcea)
  51. 36 pasos (Adrián García Bogliano)
  52. Blood Diamond (Edward Zwick)
  53. Click (Frank Coraci)
  54. Deja Vu (Tony Scott)
  55. The Departed (Martin Scorcese)
  56. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Justin Lin)
  57. Fast Food Nation (Richard Linklater)
  58. Ice Age: The Meltdown (Carlos Saldanha)
  59. Kiltro (Ernesto Díaz Espinoza)
  60. Night at the Museum (Shawn Levy)
  61. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Gore Verbinski)
  62. Roman (Angela Bettis)
  63. RV (Barry Sonnenfield)
  64. Santos Palace (Hèléne Cattet/Bruno Forzani)
  65. Scary Movie 4 (David Zucker)
  66. Short Film Boot Camp (Kaare Andrews)
  67. Skinwalkers (James Isaac)
  68. X-Men: The Last Stand (Brett Ratner)
  69. Avoid at All Costs
  70. Firewall (Richard Loncraine)
  71. Footsteps (Gareth Evans)
  72. The Pink Velvet Halloween Burlesque Show! (Jason Eisener)

nice to see Little Miss Sunshine was #1 (and #10 in your top100) i recently re-watched it and boy is it great. Steve Carrell and Paul Dano are my faves in the film.

It is one of the most funny movies I've ever seen, it's simple but it has soooo many things inside of it.
Def P. Dano and S. Carrell are the best, but A. Breslin is adorable!