1997 Movies - Ranked

  1. The Best Movie of the Year
  2. Boogie Nights (Paul Thomas Anderson)
  3. Favorite Movies
  4. Deconstructing Harry (Woody Allen)
  5. Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino)
  6. Lost Highway (David Lynch)
  7. Almost Favorites
  8. Chun gwong cha sit (Kar Wai Wong)
  9. Contact (Robert Zemeckis)
  10. Cube (Vincenzo Natali)
  11. Cure (Kiyoshi Kurosawa)
  12. The Game (David Fincher)
  13. Gattaca (Andrew Niccol)
  14. Keiko desu kedo (Sion Sono)
  15. Level Five (Chris Marker)
  16. Lily and Jim (Don Hertzfeldt)
  17. Mononoke-hime (Hayao Miyazaki)
  18. Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni (Hideaki Anno/Kazuya Tsurumaki)
  19. La vita è bella (Roberto Benigni)
  20. Must See
  21. Bean (Mel Smith)
  22. Brass Eye (Michael Cumming/Tristam Shapeero)
  23. Doodlebug (Christopher Nolan)
  24. The Frighteners (Peter Jackson)
  25. How They Get There (Spike Jonze)
  26. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg)
  27. Obsessed with Vertigo (Harrison Engle)
  28. Scream 2 (Wes Craven)
  29. Wild Man Blues (Barbara Kopple)
  30. Watchable
  31. The Fifth Element (Luc Besson)
  32. Hercules (Ron Clements/John Musker)
  33. Liar Liar (Tom Shadyac)
  34. Men in Black (Barry Sonnenfield)
  35. Plaga zombie (Pablo Perés/Hernán Sáez)
  36. Titanic (James Cameron)
  37. Wag the Dog (Barry Levinson)
  38. Avoid if Possible
  39. Alien: Resurrection (Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  40. Flubber (Les Mayfield)
  41. Avoid at All Costs
  42. Air Bud (Charles Martin Smith)
  43. Batman & Robin (Joel Schumacher)
  44. George of the Jungle (Sam Weisman)
  45. Home Alone 3 (Raja Gosnell)
  46. Robo Warriors (Ian Barry)
  47. The Worst Movie of the Year
  48. Spice World (Bob Spiers)

Good ranking...personally I may have put "Cube" at the top but "Boogie Nights" was a great film, was it a close decision for you? I completely agree with you about "Spice World"!

Well, Cube is an interesting and completely claustrophobic film, but it didn't match the acting quality present in Boogie Nights.