1984 Movies - Ranked

  1. The Best Movie of the Year
  2. Kaze no kani no Naushika (Hayao Miyazaki)
  3. Favorite Movies
  4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven)
  5. Almost Favorites
  6. Broadway Danny Rose (Woody Allen)
  7. Ghost Busters (Ivan Reitman)
  8. Repo Man (Alex Cox)
  9. Must See
  10. Die unendliche Geschichte (Wolfgang Petersen)
  11. Frankenweenie (Tim Burton)
  12. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Steven Spielberg)
  13. Savage Streets (Danny Steinmann)
  14. Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch)
  15. The Terminator (James Cameron)
  16. The Toxic Avenger (Michael Herz/Lloyd Kaufman)
  17. Watchable
  18. 2010 (Peter Hyams)
  19. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (W.D. Richter)
  20. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Joseph Zito)
  21. Gojira (Koji Hashimoto/R.J. Kizer)
  22. Love Songs (Shion Sono)
  23. Horror Heaven (Jörg Buttgereit)
  24. Night of the Comet (Thom E. Eberhardt)
  25. Nineteen Eighty-Four (Michael Radford)
  26. Avoid if Possible
  27. Blutige Exzesse im Führerbunker (Jörg Buttgereit)

Spinal Tap should be best movie..... it is quite possibly the best comedy ever.

The thing is... I haven't seen it.

Once Upon a Time in America
Conan the Destroyer
The NeverEnding Story

Thanks, I added those I've seen.