1944 Movies - Ranked

  1. Almost Favorites
  2. Mouse Trouble (Joseph Barbera/William Hanna)
  3. Must See
  4. Laura (Otto Preminger)
  5. The Return of the Vampire (Lew Landers)
  6. When Strangers Marry (William Castle)
  7. Watchable
  8. The Curse of the Cat People (Gunther von Fritsch/Robert Wise)
  9. Gaslight (George Cukor)
  10. House of Frankenstein (Erle C. Kenton)
  11. The Uninvited (Lewis Allen)
  12. Avoid if Possible
  13. Marshal of Reno (Wallace Grissell)
  14. The Mummy's Ghost (Reginald Le Borg)
  15. Avoid at All Costs
  16. The Mummy's Curse (Leslie Goodwins)