Things To Do Before I Die ( These aren't in any specific order.)

  1. Fall in love.
  2. Make love.
  3. Marry.
  4. Be a parent.
  5. Get a tattoo.
  6. Drink Alcohol.
  7. Get drunk.
  8. Go clubbing.
  9. Go to a bar.
  10. Drugs
  11. Ride on a motorcycle.
  12. Receive a claddagh ring. (From Andrew: Christmas 2013)
  13. Skydive or Bungee jump.
  14. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  15. Go parasailing.
  16. Sleep under the stars.
  17. See a shooting star.
  18. Witness a solar eclipse.
  19. Watch the sunrise.
  20. Watch the sunset.
  21. Skinnydip.
  22. Take up a sport [Dance, Taekwondo, Ice Skating].
  23. Travel the World (Step onto every continent at least).
  24. Visit all 50 states (so far: Hawaii, California, Nevada, Washington D.C., Vermont, Arizona,
  25. Go on a cruise (ship). [Celebrity Cruise-Alaska-Summer 2011]
  26. Jump off the huge rock @ Waimea Bay (Oahu, Hawaii).
  27. Hike Koko Head (Oahu, Hawaii). [attempted-July 2013]
  28. Hike Diamond Head (Oahu, Hawaii).
  29. Hike Lanikai Pillboxes (Oahu, Hawaii).
  30. Hike Makapuu Lighthouse trail (Oahu, Hawaii).
  31. Hike Mariners Ridge (Oahu, Hawaii).
  32. Hike Manoa Falls(Oahu, Hawaii).
  33. Hike Maunawili Falls(Oahu, Hawaii).
  34. Hike Ice Ponds (Oahu, Hawaii).
  35. Hike Manana Trail--> Waimano Falls (Oahu, Hawaii).
  36. Makapuu Tidepools (Oahu, Hawaii).
  37. Attempt the Stairway to Heaven hike (Oahu, Hawaii).
  38. Go to China Walls(Oahu, Hawaii).
  39. Go to Walls, Waikiki(Oahu, Hawaii).
  40. Go to Cromwells (Oahu, Hawaii).
  41. Go to Tantalus (Oahu, Hawaii).
  42. Beal Patricks Pond @ Makaha Beach (Waianae, Oahu)
  43. Hamama Falls/ Waihe'e Valley hike (Kaneohe, Oahu)
  44. Go to Waimanalo Reservoir- without getting caught (Oahu, Hawaii).
  45. Kayak to China mans hat.
  46. Go to that bench near attached to the trees by the ocean near North Shore.
  47. Spend an entire day beach hopping.
  48. Walk along a beach at night.
  49. Go to Disney Land.
  50. Go to Disney World.
  51. Go to Knotts Berry Farm.
  52. Smoke a cigarette.
  53. Pull an all-nighter.
  54. Dye/ Higlight my hair red (or some crazy color).-- *Purple (6/ 26/ 11 & 5/13/12)
  55. Peirce my cartilage.
  56. Get a second piercing on my ears.
  57. Get a piercing (anywhere besides my ears).
  58. Kiss in the rain.
  59. Kiss under a mistletoe.
  60. Have a romantic, candle-lit dinner with someone special.
  61. Climb a tree.
  62. Go on a trip with friends.
  63. Visit the Four Corners Monument.
  64. Get a job. (Part time job- Sept 2013)
  65. Visit Happy Pills (candy shop) in Barcelona.
  66. Go to Cedar Point.
  67. Go to New York and watch a Broadway show.
  68. Buy a hotdog on the New York streets.
  69. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
  70. Visit Alcatraz.
  71. See snow.
  72. See snow fall.
  73. See a glacier. [Hubbard Glacier, Medenhall Glacier, walked on Athabasca Glacier)
  74. Go to a ski resort.
  75. Get a spa treatment.
  76. Read 100 books in a year.
  77. Go to a boy band concert.
  78. Go to a pop concert.
  79. Go to a rock concert.
  80. Go to a heavy metal concert.
  81. Go to a reggae concert.
  82. Go to a indie-rock concert.
  83. Go to a EDM concert. (kaskade 2014)
  84. Catch a guitar pick/ something from the band members at a concert.(t-shirt from kaskade)
  85. Crowd Surf.
  86. See an Opera.
  87. Participate in a community running event.
  88. Volunteer at a hospital.
  89. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  90. Volunteer for organization that relates to social work.
  91. Fly a kite.
  92. Go on a zipline. (Icy Strait Point, Alaska-ZipRider)
  93. Visit a lighthouse.
  94. See the Northern Lights.
  95. Graduate from high school.
  96. Graduate from college/ earn a bachelors degree.
  97. Earn a Master's Degree.
  98. Learn to drive.
  99. Get my driver's license.
  100. Meet a celebrity.
  101. Meet a youtube celebrity.
  102. Go on a helicopter ride.
  103. Ride in a canoe.
  104. Stand up paddle.
  105. Attempt to surf.
  106. Go horse back riding
  107. Be a maid of honor.
  108. Ride on a double decker bus.
  109. Experience an earthquake.
  110. Go through a tsunami scare.
  111. Rave.
  112. Go out of the country. (Canada-Summer 2011)
  113. See fireflys.
  114. Learn to dance.
  115. Learn how to play the piano.
  116. Learn how to play the guitar.
  117. Buy something from Timmy's.
  118. Have a conversation with a stranger that lasts for hours.
  119. Learn how to play Chess.
  120. Learn how to play Pool.
  121. Solve the Rubik's Cube.
  122. Swim with Dolphins.(swam with sea turtles, does that count?)
  123. Visit the San Diego Zoo.
  124. Be a spectator at an Olympics Game.
  125. Be a spectator at a World Cup.
  126. Milk a cow.
  127. Visit an active volcano. (Big Island, Kilauea)
  128. Ride Kingda Ka at Six Flags.
  129. Dance on a table top.
  130. Record someone punching themselves in the face and put the vid on YouTube.
  131. Snowboard.
  132. Go skiing.
  133. Get a henna tattoo. (6/3/11-from Waikiki with Jaz and Hal)
  134. Go to France.
  135. Go to Dubai.
  136. Go to the Vatican City.
  137. Have a psychic reading.
  138. Stay in a cemetery overnight until sunrise.
  139. Have a pen-pal (send each other handwritten letters and everything).
  140. Buy a house.
  141. Rent an apartment.
  142. Live away from home.
  143. Vote.
  144. See wild dolphins.
  145. Climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.
  146. Visit the Great Wall of China.
  147. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  148. Take a really expensive car out for a test drive.
  149. Buy my own car.
  150. Have a food fight.
  151. Visit Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in NY.
  152. Fold 1000 paper cranes and give them to someone special.
  153. Push all the buttons in an elevator.
  154. Find a four leaf clover.
  155. Visit all seven Wonders of the World.
  156. Visit one of the top haunted houses.
  157. Visit a tulip field.
  158. Visit a sun flower field.
  159. Pick berries at a berry field.(or any kind of fruit)
  160. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  161. Attempt to be hypnotized.
  162. Successfully become hypnotized.
  163. Get my own debit card.
  164. Get my own credit card.
  165. Eat a macaroon.
  166. Lucid dream.
  167. Meet an online friend.
  168. Whale watching.
  169. Swim in a lake.
  170. Visit the World Trade Center Memorial in NY.
  171. Go to a hockey game.
  172. Have a snowball fight.
  173. Build a snowman.
  174. Make a snow angel.
  175. Buy myself something really expensive with my own money. (Chanel bag, Christian Louboutin heels)
  176. Buy myself a san lorenzo bikini (or own acacia/ mikoh/ frankies/ etc.)-san lorenzo summer 2014
  177. Tie-dye shirts.
  178. Have a paint fight.
  179. Visit the Moulin Rouge in France.
  180. Drive over the Millau Viaduct.
  181. Drive over the si du river bridge in China.
  182. Go to Disney World.
  183. Go to Epcot.
  184. Gamble in Vegas.
  185. Fly first class.
  186. Visit Niagra Falls.
  187. See the pyramids in Egypt.
  188. Go on a date.
  189. Receive flowers from someone. (bought flowers for someone- moms bday 2014)
  190. Visit Mount Rushmore.
  191. Visit Machu Picchu.
  192. Visit Byodo-in Temple (Kaneohe, Hawaii)
  193. Visit Lotte World in South Korea.
  194. See Cherry Blossoms in Japan.
  195. Go to Fun Pix.
  196. Kaneohe Sandbar.
  197. Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador (equator).
  198. Study Abroad in another country (?).
  199. Grow my hair out, then cut it and donate it.
  200. Be a bridesmaid.
  201. Have a karaoke night with friends. (birthday 2013)
  202. Go on a crazy shopping spree.
  203. Get a bikini wax.
  204. Learn a lot of languages. (Spanish, Ilokano, some Hawaiian words, some Japanese words)
  205. Nerf gun fight.
  206. Kiss someone special on New Years Eve.
  207. Go to a youtube event like VidCon.
  208. Get a gym membership (and actually go).
  209. Go to Hobbiton (New Zealand).
  210. Go to Aoshima Island, Japan.