Best Album (Out of 16)

It's rather self-explanatory. I know there are only 16 choices pick one.

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I tried to keep it a little diverse

Yeah I just threw together all the albums I always hear people say are the best and some other random ones. The Men Without Hats was more of a joke than a serious consideration haha. As for Exile I'd say it's on equal footing with Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Get Your Ya Yas Out but lately I've been listening to it more than the others so i put that one up there. Willie Nelson and Miles Davis are both awesome but they're certainly not my favorites. TMR is a good choice though. I forgot to put The Vevlvet Underground with Nico on here though unfortunately. Also I like Only In It for the Money though there are others I like alot more. many others.

The ones I've heard on this list are TMR, Exile, Blonde on Blonde, Raw Power, WOIIFTM and both Beatles ones. In terms of artists I have listened to all of them except Willie Nelson and The Men Without Hats so I have a general idea of how their albums would sound. It was between TMR and Blonde on Blonde in the end but TMR won out. I must admit there is 3 maybe 4 Stones albums I'd rather listen to than Exile and then there is The Singles Collection which although not a studio album is easily the best collection (40 Licks actually has a lot of unnecessary tracks) of their songs and my first port of call. WOIIFTM I similarly find the weakest of Zappa's albums I've heard up to and including Burnt Weeny Sandwich unless we include Jean-Luc Ponty's King Kong. Having said that it's still a good album. Kind Of Blue remains a glaring listening omission on my part.