Films Seen 2005

  1. 1/8 - The Aviator (2004, Martin Scorsese) [f] B
  2. 1/12 - I ♥ Huckabees (2004, David O' Russell) [f] B-
  3. 1/15 - The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004, Wes Anderson) [f] B+
  4. 1/15 - /The Aviator/ (2004, Martin Scorsese) [f] B
  5. 1/20 - The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp (1943, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [f] A
  6. 1/28 - /The Conformist/ (1970, Bernardo Bertollucci) [f] A+
  7. 2/8 - Tokyo Story (1953, Yasujiro Ozu) [f] A
  8. 2/9 - /Raging Bull/ (1980, Martin Scorsese) [v] B+
  9. 2/10 - A Matter Of Life And Death (1946, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [f] A-
  10. 2/14 - /Urgh! A Music War/ (1981, Derek Burbidge) [V] B
  11. 2/14 - /Annie Hall/ (1977, Woody Allen) [V] A+
  12. 2/15 - Late Spring (1949, Yasujiro Ozu) [f] B
  13. 2/17 - Cat People (1942, Jacques Tourneur) [V] B
  14. 2/17 - Black Narcissus (1947, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [f] B
  15. 2/21 - Cops (1922, Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton) [F] A-
  16. 2/23 - Sideways (2004, Alexander Payne) [f] C+
  17. 2/24 - The Red Shoes (1948, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [f] A
  18. 2/26 - Hotel Rwanda (2004, Terry George) [f] B+
  19. 2/28 - Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004, Danny Leiner) [V] B
  20. 3/2 - I Know Where I'm Going! (1945, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [V] B+
  21. 3/3 - The Small Back Room (1949, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [f] A
  22. 3/8 - The Perfect Human (1967, Jørgen Leth) [V] B+
  23. 3/8 - The Five Obstructions (2003, Jørgen Leth & Lars Von Trier) [V] B
  24. 3/9 - Million Dollar Baby (2004, Clint Eastwood) [f] A
  25. 3/10 - Peeping Tom (1960, Michael Powell) [f] B+
  26. 3/13 - The Motorcycle Diaries (2004, Walter Salles) [f] C+
  27. 4/2 - Sin City (2005, Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez) [f] B-
  28. 4/4 - Topkapi (1964, Jules Dassin) [V] B
  29. 4/15 - Pepe Le Moko (1937, Julien Duvivier) [f] A-
  30. 4/16 - Dogville (2004, Lars Von Trier) [V] A-
  31. 4/17 - Masculine, Feminine (1966, Jean-Luc Godard) [f] D
  32. 4/19 - /Donnie Darko/ (2001, Richard Kelly) [V] A-
  33. 4/21 - Quai des Orfèvres (1947, Henri-Georges Clouzot) [f] A
  34. 4/22 - Kung Fu Hustle (2005, Stephen Chow) [f] C+
  35. 4/24 - Turtles Can Fly (2004, Bahman Ghobadi) [f] B
  36. 4/28 - Touchez pas au grisbi (1954, Jacques Becker) [f] A
  37. 4/29 - The Girl From Monday (2005, Hal Hartley) [f] B+
  38. 5/1 - The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (2005, Garth Jennings) [f] C
  39. 5/14 - /Bad Santa/ (2003, Terry Zwigoff) [V] B+
  40. 5/20 - Los Olvidados (1950, Luis Bunuel) [f] A
  41. 5/21 - The Aristocrats (2005, Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza) [v] A
  42. 5/21 - 2046 (2004, Wong Kar-wai) [f] C+
  43. 5/21 - 3-Iron (2004, Kim Ki-Duk) [f] B+
  44. 5/22 - ******************** (****, *********) [f] C
  45. 5/23 - Yes (2004, Sally Potter) [f] B+
  46. 5/23 - Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire (2004, Peter Raymont) [f] C-
  47. 5/24 - The Lizard (2004, Kamal Tabrizi) [f] B
  48. 5/26 - The World (2004, Jia Zhangke) [f] C
  49. 5/27 - The Fax (2004, Ben Bary) [v] B
  50. 5/27 - Pizza (2004, Mark Christopher) [v] D+
  51. 5/27 - Radio Takeover (2004, Serena Down and Mike Seely) - [v] C
  52. 5/27 - Punk: Attitude (2005, Don Letts) [v] D+
  53. 6/2 - After The Day Before (2004, Attila Janisch) [f] C-
  54. 6/3 - /Tropical Malady/ (2004, Apichatpong Weerasethakul) [f] A-
  55. 6/4 - Raveling (2005, Todd Albright) [v] B
  56. 6/4 - 5x2 (2004, Francois Ozon) [f] C-
  57. 6/5 - ****** (****, **************) [f] D
  58. 6/5 - Kings And Queen (2004, Arnaud Desplechin) [f] B
  59. 6/6 - Grizzly Man (2004, Werner Herzog) [f] A
  60. 6/7 - Dead Man's Shoes (2004, Shane Meadows) [f] B-
  61. 6/7 - The Writer Of O (2004, Pola Rapaport) [v] C-
  62. 6/7 - Commercial (2004, Michael Cross) [v] B-
  63. 6/7 - Cruel But Necessary (2005, Saul Rubinek) [v] B
  64. 6/8 - 9 Songs (2004, Michael Winterbottom) [f] B
  65. 6/9 - Clean (2004, Olivier Assayas) [f] A-
  66. 6/9 - Max And Grace (2005, Michael Parness) [v] D
  67. 6/10 - The Circus (1928, Charlie Chaplin) [f] A
  68. 6/10 - Police Beat (2005, Robinson Devor) [v] C+
  69. 6/10 - Infernal Affairs (2002, Wai Keung Lau and Siu Fai Mak) [V] B-
  70. 6/11 - ***************************** (****, ***********) [v] B
  71. 6/23 - Mysterious Skin (2004, Gregg Araki) [f] A-
  72. 6/24 - Batman Begins (2005, Christopher Nolan) [f] A
  73. 6/30 - Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge Of The Sith (2005, George Lucas) [f] C-
  74. 7/7 - Me And You And Everyone We Know (2004, Miranda July) [f] C
  75. 7/8 - Tell Them Who You Are (2005, Mark Wexler) [f] B-
  76. 7/16 - Oldboy (2003, Chan-wook Park) [V] B
  77. 7/21 - Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005, Tim Burton) [f] C-
  78. 7/23 - Q: The Winged Serpent (1982, Larry Cohen) [f] C+ - EAT HIM! EAT HIM!
  79. 8/11 - /Rock And Roll High School/ (1979, Allan Arkush) [V] A (God help us -
  80. 8/25 - Broken Flowers (2005, Jim Jarmusch) [f] B
  81. 8/27 - The Brothers Grimm (2005, Terry Gilliam) [f] B
  82. 9/30 - /Cold Water/ (1994, Olivier Assayas) [f] A
  83. 10/10 - Wallace And Gromit in Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005, Nick Park and Don Box) [f] B+
  84. 10/23 - Serenity (2005, Joss Whedon) [f] B+
  85. 10/29 - We Jam Econo: The Story Of The Minutemen [v] B+
  86. 11/26 - Good Night and Good Luck (2005, George Clooney) [f] B+
  87. 12/3 - Cafe Lumiere (2005, Hou Hsiao-Hsien) [f] D
  88. 12/10 - The Spongebob Squarepants Movie [V] (2004, Stephen Hillenburg) C+
  89. 12/17 - Syriana [f] (2005, Stephen Gaghan) B-
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/title/ seen before
[f] seen on film in a theater
[v] seen on projected video in a theatre
[F] seen on film at home
[V] seen on video (DVD, VHS, etc.) at home
A-F rating
[italics] Short film (<= 45 min)

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Did you catch "The Conformist" on HBO? If so, was it subtitled and/or widescreen?

No the Bertollucci retro is in town so I caught it on film, which is currently the only possible way to catch it subtitled and uncropped. All the VHS copies are dubbed and pan-and-scan, and there was a pan-and-scan laserdisc but I don't know if it was dubbed or not. Did HBO show it recently? That seems odd.

I know. Apparently HBO Signature and Cinemax are both showing it once during the next month. Almost worth getting the channels just to see what version they play.

Home Movies -- nice!

That show was awesome! I have that box if you want to borrow it.

Actually, I got it this Christmas (from my parents-in-law [is that the phrase?], of all people). Such a great show -- H. Jon Benjamin and Melissa Bardin Galsky are awesome.

I have to share one of my favorite bits of dialogue with anyone who's reading this (I'm pretty sure it's on the Season One boxset, but I haven't been through all of it yet):

[Brendan and his mom Paula are in the middle of a discussion at the dinner table.]
Paula: Now what were you saying?
Brendan: This meatloaf is dry.
Paula: Before that.
Brendan: This is meatloaf?
Paula: Before that.
Brendan: This fish is dry.

What a coincidence, I'm watching Black Narcissus tonight, as well! (Though, it'll probably be 1/18 technically, as I'll watch it about 2 CST.)

Me and Kza both saw it tonight! Really good movie, not may favorite of the Powells, a lot different than the other two I had seen. Shore is purty tho! Are you watching the Criterion DVD? I saw it has a documentary on the cinematography as well as commentary by Powell and Scorsese! Would be interested to hear how those are.

Yup, and I'm watching it all, baby! I'll let you know how it is.

The content of the commentary by Powell and Scorcese is only barely above average, and Powell's voice is often impossible to make out - he sounds at death's door, which of course he was at the time of recording. Because of this, I was wishing it was more Scorcese and less Powell, but Scorcese's only active for about 20 minutes of the whole time. Scorcese does get to mention that Powell's seamless transitions from reality to fantasy and back again inspired him to use the same approach with The King of Comedy.

The documentary is pretty average and really just a part of another feature-length documentary, 'Persistence of Vision'.

Well, that saves me a couple hours, thanks!

Scorcese does get to mention that Powell's seamless transitions from reality to fantasy and back again inspired him to use the same approach with The King of Comedy.

Wow! Interesting to know, and kinda cool seeing how I saw both those movies recently.

Shit, I swear I was going to mention that specific fact I just somehow forgot. Thanks, Kza.

Geez, what the hell. I just stumbled upon this post and realized that once again I made a very silly mistake. I hope I'm amusing you all!

Ironically, you also screwed up that link. I believe you meant: silly. And you're the one who taught me how to do that too!

That's what I get for doing everything half-assed and rarely double-checking anything I type.

That comes from lack of sleep, which comes from watching too many movies.

Here is a question of some import. Lets say I go over to their website and watch the oscar winning short film Ryan via streaming video. Have I actually seen this in any meaningful way, and as such does it deserve to be added to the viewing list?


Sure, just as you would add a Melies short that has deteriorated into a poor condition. I'm a lenient fellow and don't know what others will think.

So did you get through most of M$B without getting the twist spoiled?

Based on the oblique comments that I HAD heard, and the fact that I knew there was a heavy plot spoiler in the end, I had it pretty much figured out around the time when Maggie started her title fight. Still, it was a very good film even given that, as I don't believe that is the central point of the story by any means.

I am considering, like everyone else does, redoing my rating system. Or maybe not redoing it, but re-evaluating how I rate. As you can see, I'm generally pretty generous, and I am beginning to believe I am too generous. This came about tonight as Kent mentioned to me that I had given The Small Back Room an A here, which in retrospect seems a bit much. I did like the film, but it was below about four of the other Powells, and I think its high rating is a result of the fact that at the time I posted I was very focused on what the film did right (still a lot) and well it did it (very.) Still, its not a masterpiece and its sure as fuck not Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp, The Red Shoes or A Matter Of Life And Death.

So anyways, I suspect a lot of re-rating will be coming.

Since you're part of the Listology Scoreboard for films seen in 2005, would you mind not letting short films and TV movies not add to the count on this list? All you'd have to do is add an underscore character (_) to the beginning of the line that lists a short film or TV movie. For example, change

2/21 - Cops (1922, Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton) [F] A-


_2/21 - Cops (1922, Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton) [F] A-

Would you mind?

It is done! Not that my meager total is any threat to anyone in the slightest.

Thought you might like the Quai. Were you expecting that ending?

It seemed a little contrived maybe, but certainly it added a twist. The film itself was tons of fun overall.

Ah, good to see some JLG-hating in the Listology hizzouse. I actually sorta, kinda liked "M/F," but not many others.

The only one of his movies I have unqualified love for is Contempt. Of course, this is the one most JLG lovers hate. I also somewhat liked My Life To Live and Alphaville. The rest can pretty much jump in the lake and that includes Breathless.

I'm with you regarding "Contempt." It's the only one that I really like. Call me conventional.

What didn't you like about Masculine, Feminine?

At some level, what Godard does just doesn't resonate with me. Its just not my thing. From a craft and technical standpoint I actually see a lot of value in them - it is impossible to deny the place in film history that Breathless deservedly holds, despite i think the film is kind of stupid. M/F actually emodies much of what I dislike about Godard. Much of these films just remind me of the kind of stupid crap I saw arty sophomore film students doing when i was in college. This is especially true of the titles accompanied by gunshots. It seems very blatant and it just annoys the shit out of me. "This film could be called the children of marxism and coca-cola" is the kind of thing i can see coming from the mouth of the 17 year radical-chic hipsters walking around my college campus in Marx shirts. Of course this is the kind of person being portrayed in the film, but based on every Godard film I've seen it appears to me that JLG himself never got past this level of political thought. I also have to face the fact that I just like traditional storytelling, and if you want to get those points across, i'd rather see it done in the context of a story that has emotional resonance, rather than thrown up on the screen and shoved in my face. Oh these kids have become de-sensitized to death. There are ways to express that without randomly killing three people on the screen and having the kids not be phased. I am able to read context and subtlety, I don't need everything shoved down my throat. I've got Hollywood for that.

I've seen a lot of his movies too - Breathless, My Life To Live, Contempt, Band Of Outsiders, Alphaville, M/F, Weekend, Germany Year Nine Zero, and about half of Histoires Du Cinema (which I fell asleep during.) So its not like I'm speaking from a completely limited pallette.

Very well. Personally, I find much of his experiments with the medium film as fascinating as any recycled narrative can be. And, I don't care who else likes or doesn't like his work. If Sunrise was a favorite of Hitler, Osama Bin-Laden, and Satan, that wouldn't keep me from liking it for itself. BTW, I did not mean the above as an attack on your opinion or its validity, even though it sounds like it. :-) You've defended your position amply. Thank you for sharing it.

Like I wasn't already interested enough in "The Aristocrats", you go and give it an A. Jesus.

Not only did I laugh more at this movie than at possibly any movie I have seen before, but it also has a lot on its mind in terms of what comedy is and how people perform it. Thinkfilm has picked it up and its getting a release in August so you'll get your chance.

Los Olvidados is the best movie ever made.

I don't even think its the best movoie Bunuel ever made, but its still pretty great. That final shot is beyond heartbreaking.

Must be Secret Fest time again...

Yeah, but so far you're not missing anything

What's Secret Fest? Does it refer to the *********** stuff?

Every year the Seattle Film Festival runs a program called the Secret Festival where they show films that for one reason or another they cannot legally publicize or reveal. Sometimes it is new films that have been promised exclusively to another festival. Sometimes it is old films that are tied up in rights entanglements. Sometimes its just goofy stuff. However, the attendees must sign the OATH OF SILENCE swearing to never reveal the films seen. Thus the asterisks.

Yeah, whatever, sounds to me like a bunch of wackos yankin' it to snuff films.

You say that like its a bad thing

Oh, no! It's an activity I enjoy from time to time. And with Kazaa, I don't even have to pay for a film festival!

C- for Shake Hands with the Devil? Have you gone crazy? That was a B+ in our book. What didn't you like about it?

****** only rates a D, eh? Give us a hint if you can. I had fun last year guessing kza's secret selections.

It is difficult for me to give a hint on this as I had never heard of the film or the director before today, and there has apparently been very little buzz on either. It was a dry literary adaptation with wooden performances and couldn't hold my attention at all despite the "eroticism."

So can we assume, then, that each * represents a letter? Or is it a letter or a space?

Each * represents a character, be it letter space or punctuation. Not gonna make it easy on you!

Well, if you haven't heard of the film *or* the director, guessing its identity is gonna be mighty hard.

My first guess was the filmed version of "The Three Sisters" that filmed in Oregon with Seattle arts money, but no go.

Secret Fest #1 was a little more high profile, although I still hadn't heard of it. It was a first time director and had some buzz from an earlier major festival award.

Oh sorry, not first time, my mistake.

I might have Secret Fest #1. Is it a MD'A fave?

I think I got #1 figured out. And I don't think it was a MD'A fave, but I think I'll go over and check for sure (hadn't heard of it before.)

I haven't heard it mentioned as an MD'A fave at all, if I had to guess I would guess that he hasn't seen it and it doesn't seem like his thing anyways. Feel free to send whatever guesses you have but expect no confirmation or denial.

Damn, I was sure it was on this list, but what do I know?

I'm thinking it was this.

You may be right. I am probably wrong.

Oh, it's fun like this! Hard as a sumbitch, tho. Thought I had Secret Fest #1 figured out twice (not the titles I mentioned before, two different ones) but they aint holding up.

Clean's pretty good, eh? Howzit compare to, say, Irma Vep or demonlover, assuming you've seen them?

I have not seen Demonlover so no comment there. I have seen three other Assayas films - Irma Vep, Cold Water (both masterpieces) and Les Destinees Sentimentale (a whiff.) This is not quite on the order of the first two, but it doesn't try and do as much either. Its probably the finest performance I've seen Maggie do, its incredibly well made, and it is filled with heart. Many have said it is Assayas' love letter to Cheung, and I find it hard to argue. In the end however, its not "special" or "stunning" in the way IC and CW are. Its "just" a really great movie.

If that makes any sense.


I haven't seen Cold Water or Les Destinees Sentimentale. Guess which one Netflix has.

To the best of my knowledge Cold Water is completely out of distribution, on video or film, in any real way. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to see it, on the big screen no less. One showing on a Thursday night, I passed up the chance to meet PT Anderson to see it!

Virginie Ledoyen...yum!

Naked no less!

Please don't tell me that. Someone must have this on DVDr, right?

This is the only thing I've found, an obvious bootleg

But I'm not really into that whole bootleg scene

Well, it's bound to turn some day...and when it does, I will be there to welcome it. :-)

Don't even bother trying to guess the last secret fest film. Pretty good though, should get a release I would think.

Good to see you liked "Mysterious Skin", I'm really looking forward to it and I'm hearing all kinds of great buzz. I heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt is excellent.

All true, its probably my second or third favorite movie of the year so far this year

Q: The Winged Serpent (1982, Larry Cohen) [f] C+ - EAT HIM! EAT HIM!

That's making me giggle just thinking about it.

Rock And Roll High School (1979, Allan Arkush) [V] A (God help us -

Yeah, I heard about the Stern remake. I'm torn about it. It might be decent, but it could just as easily be god-awful.

The only reason that movie works is because of The Ramones, without them it is nothing. What, are they going to use Green Day or Sum 41? Pulease. Here's an entertaining concept - Rock N Roll High School featuring Low.

Re: "Jesus I have not seen a movie in A MONTH. Someone beat me."

Maybe his Daddy'll whoop up on you. Shall I ask?

Damn, dude, I survived Hurricane Katrina and I've seen eight movies this month! ;-)

Jesus I have not seen a movie in A MONTH. Someone beat me.

C'mon, you're gonna see both Close Up and Cold Water tomorrow night.

Aren't you?

I wanna see "Cold Water." There's gotta be a bootleg DVD floating around somewhere.

I have two questions about films which I don't know if I should count them or not for this list.

I saw a work-in-progress print of Linas Phillips' film Walking To Werner, which is incomplete and apparently the filmmaker (who was present) hasn't even watched all his footage yet.

The DVD-only Family Guy movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

Your comments are appreciated.

This is a test post so I can see the reply email.