New ads


As everyone knows, the site costs money to run. Currently this is in the neighborhood of $90 a month. I am trying to make sure the site breaks even, and I've very slowly been adding ads here and there to see what works, and trying to do so in the least invasive way possible. So far that is bringing in a chunk of the costs, but not enough to cover it.

Today I added a new ad above the title of content pages. I have always hated ads in this position. They tell your users that your ads are more important than your content, and this is a terrible message to be sending. However, there is absolutely no doubt that these ads bring in more money by quite a significant amount. So, in order to reach a compromise between my distaste for these ads, the need to break even, and the needs of my users (especially the ones on the site creating content and leaving comments) I came up with a twist - if you are logged in you will not get this ad. You see, an interesting aspect of Listology's traffic is that around 93% of the traffic is from users who are not logged in - they come in from Google searches or referrals from sites like StumbleUpon, view a page or two, and then move on. For these users, well, they get the ad. However regular users, the ones making the content that keeps this site going and makes it special, you are spared!

So if you ever encounter this ad, just log back in and it will go away. I will probably continue messing with different ads, but I will always try to keep it as light as possible for the users who make this site go. As always, if you have any comments, please let me know.

Hi! Did this policy change a little? Because I'm logged in and getting ads on pages? Or is it a glitch?

You will still get ads, you just won't get the one above lists titles. I might change this though. The fact is most of the site revenue comes from non-logged-in users anyways.


Very nice work!


Do you have an account setup where we can send cash to help cover costs?

I do not, but thanks for the offer. I'm happy to keep running the site and trying new ways to make it work out. It's a great learning experience and the knowledge will help in my work so it all pays off one way or the other.

This seems like a really good solution.

By the way, you´re doing a great work on the site. Go on like that.