A Little Theory I've Come Up With

I've been a fan of history, archeology, and weird stuff for several years now. But, I've come up with a theory as a sort of rebuttal to the ancient aliens theory. For those of you who don't know; the ancient alien theory puts forth that aliens (the extraterrestrial variety) visited Earth in the past and helped us humans to build certain, or perhaps all, megalithic structures. Namely, the pyramids. Believers in the ancient aliens theory propose that there was no way that the ancient egyptians could've built the pyramids, because they did not have the technology to do so. I think I may have a plausible rebuttal to this. I have a weight problem. I've had one for a while now. I recently joined Weight Watchers, and so far I've lost 49 lbs. Now, that is slightly more than 10% of my total weight from when I first joined Weight Watchers. As a result, I was given this little brass keychain which has some symbols on it; a star symbol and a key symbol to be precise. Now, imagine that something catastrophie happened tomorrow and it reduced the planet's population down to very low levels. What would happen? Well, the humans who survived would have to rebuild and repopulate. They, and subsequently everyone who came after, would have to rediscover all the technology that was lost. So, lets move ahead 10,000 years. 10,000 years from right now, we'd be back to where we are now technologically, or perhaps slightly ahead. Some archeologist is digging in the spot where my house used to sit, and he finds my little brass keychain. Why? Because for some strange reason it's the little things, like trinkets and baubles, that end up buried under 1,000's of years worth of sediment that end up surviving for future archeologists to find. So an archeologist finds my little brass keychain. So, what's happened over the intervening 10,000 years? Well, our buildings have either crumbled or been repurposed for something else, our cars have rusted down to nothing but dust in the wind, and something else has happened. Our tools, the ones we currently use, are made of what? They're made of steel and plastic. So after 10,000 years, the plastic in our tools has decomposed to goo, and the steel in our tools has rusted to nothing. So, the archeologist who's excavating the site where my house used to sit, and his collegues, haven't found ANY of our tools. Now, they'll most likely find evidence of my house, or maybe your house, movie theaters, car washes, and skyscrapers. But they most likely won't find any evidence of the tools we used after 10,000 years. So then, this archeologist finds my little brass Weight Watcher keychain. But, the likelyhood of English still being around after 10,000 years is, as near as makes no difference, 0%. So, the chances of this archeologist knowing what the star symbol or the key symbol on my keychain means is, as near as makes no difference, 0%. So he will likely theorize that way back here in the year 2011, that we had to get aliens to build all of our structures for us because we didn't have any tools. Now, we all know that that isn't true. We didn't need aliens to help us build the Empire State Building in New York City, or the Sears Tower in Chicago, but that archeologist 10,000 years from now won't know that. The reason that the archeologist from my little thought experiment comes up with the theory he comes up with is where my theory comes in. I call my theory, The Theory of Exponential Arrogance. The Theory of Exponential Arrogance is that every technological advancement that us humans achieve past the first 10 or so causes our collective arrogance to exponentially increase, so that when we look back and compare ourselves to people from 10,000, or 20,000 years ago, we see those people from that time as stupid, idiotic, morons who can barely grasp the concept of using a simple wooden club. This has become so invasive that whenever we find something from whatever period of history that's the least bit clever, we automatically assume that aliens had to have helped. So that's my answer to the ancient aliens theory. I hope you at least get a kick out of it.