Best Remakes Ever (in no particular order) (work in progress)

  1. The Bourne Identity (2002) (the original starred Richard Chamberlain)
  2. Casino Royale (2006) (the original starred Barry Nelson, the first remake starred David Niven)
  3. Little Shop of Horror (1986) (the original had Jack Nicholson)
  4. The Fly (1986)
  5. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) (both original and remake were done by Alfred Hitchcock)
  6. 12 Monkeys (1995) (a remake of a french film called La Jetee, it only lasted 26 minutes)
Author Comments: 

These are films that I thought were better than the originals. They are in no particular order, and I won't be adding any more until I have seen both the remake and the original so I can compare the two.