Nemuri Kyoshirō (Sleepy Eyes of Death)

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  1. Nemuri Kyōshirō Burai Hikae (1956)
  2. Nemuri Kyōshirō Burai Hikae Dainibu (1957)
  3. Nemuri Kyōshirō Burai Hikae: Maken Jigoku (1958)
  4. Sleepy Eyes of Death 1: The Chinese Jade (1963) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 1: Sappocho (Enter Kyoshiro Nemuri, the Swordsman)
  5. Sleepy Eyes of Death 2: Sword of Adventure (1964) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 2: Shōbu (Adventure of Kyoshiro Nemuri)
  6. Sleepy Eyes of Death 3: Full Circle Killing (1964) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 3: Engetsugiri (Exploits of Kyoshiro Nemuri)
  7. Sleepy Eyes of Death 4: Sword of Seduction (1964) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 4: Joyoken (Kyoshiro Nemuri at Bay)
  8. Sleepy Eyes of Death 5: Sword of Fire (1965) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 5: Enjo-ken (The Swordman and the Pirate)
  9. Sleepy Eyes of Death 6: Sword of Satan (1965) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 6: Masho-ken (The Mysterious Sword of Kyoshiro)
  10. Sleepy Eyes of Death 7: The Mask of the Princess (1966) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 7: Tajo-ken (The Mask of the Princess)
  11. Sleepy Eyes of Death 8: Sword of Villainy (1966) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 8: Burai-ken (The Sword That Saved Edo)
  12. Sleepy Eyes of Death 9: A Trail of Traps (1967) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 9: Burai-Hikae masho no hada (The Trail of Traps)
  13. Sleepy Eyes of Death 10: Hell Is a Woman (1968) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 10: Onna jigoku (The Ronin Called Nemuri)
  14. Sleepy Eyes of Death 11: In the Spider's Lair (1968) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 11: Hito hada kumo (The Human Tarantula)
  15. Sleepy Eyes of Death 12: Castle Menagerie (1969) aka Nemuri Kyōshirō 12: Akujo-gari (Castle Menagerie)
  16. Nemuri Kyōshirō: Engetsu Sappo (1969) (The Full Moon Swordsman)
  17. Nemuri Kyōshirō: Manji Giri (1969) (Fylfot Swordplay)
  18. Nemuri Kyōshirō (1989)
  19. Nemuri Kyōshirō 2: Conspiracy in Edo Castle (1993)
  20. Nemuri Kyōshirō 3: The Man of No Tomorrow (1996)
  21. Nemuri Kyōshirō 4: The Woman Who Loved Kyoshiro (1998)
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