Movies Viewed And Reviewed In 2011

  2. 3 : We Live In Public (2008) [83/A-] - "Some truly shocking and interesting footage even if the stuff on data mining is old."
  3. 5 : Airplane! (1980) [75/B] - "Some of the jokes don't stand the test of time, but the lines are still classics."
  4. 6 : Burlesque (2010) [37/D] (S) - "This is going to sound odd, since it's a musical, but there was too much singing."
  5. 7 : True Grit (2010) [76/B] (S) - "At times, it felt too much like a Disney movie with a lot more cussing."
  6. 9 : Reservation Road (2007) [79/B] - "Takes a long time to reach its boil, but it's a great psychological study."
  7. 13 : Due Date (2010) [72/B-] (S) - "Got a bit tedious due to how the characters' relationship develop, but funny throughout."
  8. 19 : No Strings Attached (2011) [78/B] (S) - "It did not deserve to be nearly this funny. It was a lot like A Lot Like Love."
  9. 20 : Megamind (2010) [66/C+] (S) - "The reimagining of the superhero movie was interesting but not interesting enough."
  10. 21 : Definitely, Maybe (2008) [63/C] - The touching ending does not make me forgive the drawn out path this movie takes."
  11. 25 : Frost/Nixon (2008) [77/B] - "There is so much debt to these characters. Makes Nixon seem very human."
  12. 26 : Copyright Criminals (2009) [57/C] - "Made so simplistically, I didn't learn anything more from the movie than the trailer."
  13. 27 : The Tourist (2010) [51/C-] (S) - "The scenery, both Angelina Jolie and Venice, is beautiful. The rest is awful."
  14. 30 : The Kite Runner (2007) [80/B+] - "Mixes the powerful and the mundane nicely, but some of the pacing bothered me."
  15. 31 : Battle Royale 2 (2003) [42/D] - "A bunch of kids running around with machine guns for two hours with a little philosophy."
  17. 2 : American Gangster (2007) [76/B] - "Incredibly complex character piece. I just expected a bit more depth from Denzel Washington."
  18. 3 : Tangled (2010) [66/C+] (S) - "Liked how non-traditionally Repunzel was as a Disney Princess. The musical numbers fell flat though."
  19. 5 : The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008) [81/B+] - "This was just inspirational. While a bit meandering, it all makes sense overall."
  20. 9 : Wordplay (2006) [74/B-] - "Loved the puzzler interviews, but the actual competition could have been presented better."
  21. 10 : The Fighter (2010) [79/B] (S) - "Some of it is so annoying that it's unintentionally funny, but the acting and fights are perfect."
  22. 13 : The Warrior (2001) [62/C] - "Nice to know that a British director with an Indian cast can make a beautiful, boring movie as good as anyone."
  23. 16 : From Prada To Nada (2011) [71/B-] (S) - "It seemed unsure if it was an art film or a cultural piece. But it was an interesting adaptation."
  24. 18 : Catfish (2010) [81/B+] - "Even at the end, I still thought it was scripted. That it's not makes this even more unsettling."
  25. 20 : Factotum (2005) [64/C] - "There were a lot of touching individual scenes, but they don't flow together or develop anything."
  26. 23 : Skid Row (2007) [68/C+] - "Has a lot of shocking images that are importnt, but telling the story chronologically ruins it."
  27. 24 : The Dilemma (2011) [56/C] (S) - "Goes to some really dark places that could have been interesting - with people who could act."
  28. 25 : The Expendables (2010) [58/C] - "So violent and terse that it's the epitome of a video game movie. Though it's 100% manly!"
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The reviews are my "two cents" from Netflix. I write them for every movie I see regardless of if I rented it from Netflix or not.

Bolded are movies watched in the last 24 hours (or 24 hours before the last update).

RATINGS KEY - my ratings are based up to 40/100 on quality of filmmaking and up to 60/100 on how much I personally liked it. Both are subjective mental calculations and I don't break them down except upon request. :)

Just a hint about weighing my ratings. I'm not really into films from before 1980. I just appeciate modern sensibilities a lot more. Chances are any film from the 1970s or before I rate a B, everyone else rates an A or A+.

93-100 (A+): One of my favorite movies of all time (usually reserved for second viewings of A and A-s that hold up). [*****]
86-92 (A): A really life changing movie. [****.5]
83-85 (A-): Moving and memorable or roll on the floor, can't breathe funny. [****.5]
80-82 (B+): Memorable, quotably funny, or otherwise separated from the pack of good movies. [****]
75-79 (B): Well made, good movies that will stand the test of time in my mind. [***.5]
70-74 (B-): Better than run of the mill but nothing to really differentiate themselves enough from the pack. Many good but boring movies end up here. [***]
65-69 (C+): Better than average fluff. Usually reserved for flawed movies that have redeeming qualities I enjoyed. [***]
56-64 (C): Most popcorn movies that I enjoy slightly but would never watch again. [**.5].
50-55 (C-): Flawed releases that I didn't enjoy but didn't hate either. [**].
44-49 (D+): Crap movies with at least something redeeming about them (like self-effacing humor). [**]
36-43 (D): Movies that left me wondering why they got greenlighted. [*.5]
27-35 (D-): Movies that I wanted to turn off or leave the theater except I make sure to always finish what I start. [*]
0-26 (F): Movies that actually cause me some degree of physical pain or discomfort to watch. [no stars or .5]

Direct to video releases are denoted by a (+).
Made for television movies are noted by a (TV).
Movies seen in the theater (big screen) are noted by a (S).

[CIFF] = Chicago International Film Festival
[DCF] = Filmfest DC

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"At times, it felt too much like a Disney movie with a lot more cussing."


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