My 11 Favorite Words: and how

  1. Chum it means both old friend and fish guts
  2. Hilt because of 'to the hilt' and it sounds great
  3. Green as in gullible
  4. Ere
  5. Quixotic
  6. Mystic needing a special understanding or recognition, best used improperly as a noun. "she is a mystic"
  7. Beelzebub Satan, or something like him.
  8. Fandango tomfoolery
  9. Milk just sounds great, plus the fact that you can actually "milk" something.
  10. Berserk any eccentric word meaning unrestrained is a favorite of mine
  11. Fanfaronade empty boasting

Beelzebub and Fandango in the same list. Have you been listening to a little too much Queen lately?


I like favorite word lists.

'Berserk' is an interesting word. It comes from Old Norse words meaning 'bear shirt' (don't forget the r in shirt) - referring to the ferocity of warriors from (?) who fought in such attire. The first writer in English to use it was the Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott.

Spare a thought for Sven the Berserk from Erik the Viking.

I swear I read that without the R in shirt until you pointed you out.

I just *know* you meant to say "pointed it out".

yes... pointed IT out