Top 15 Springsteen songs

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  1. Adam Raised A Cain
  2. Backstreets
  3. Point Blank
  4. New York City Serenade
  5. Thunder Road
  6. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  7. Youngstown
  8. Highway Patrolman
  9. The River
  10. Born To Run
  11. Candy's Room
  12. My City Of Ruins (Written about a town in New Jersey, not the attacks on New York as some believe)
  13. Radio Nowhere
  14. I'm On Fire
  15. Badlands
Author Comments: 

This list is in constant flux. How anyone can deny this mans brilliance is beyond me, anyone who does just listen to these songs in this order, if you still feel the same then your not from this planet!

You know I'm a huuuuge Boss fan! I'm gonna rate on Boss' standards. My top 100 of his songs is in my content. To give you a rough idea... the top 35 or so are 10/10s. An 8/10 is still worthy of getting addicted to.

1. Adam Raised A Cain - 9/10
2. Backstreets - 9/10
3. Point Blank - 6/10 (some stuff from Tracks and Tom Joad aside, this is my least favourite Boss song)
4. New York City Serenade - 9/10
5. Thunder Road - 10/10 (my favourite!)
6. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City - 8/10
7. Youngstown - 7/10
8. Highway Patrolman - 9/10
9. The River - 10/10 (top 3)
10. Born To Run - 10/10 (top 5)
11. Candy's Room - 8/10
12. My City Of Ruins - 9/10
13. Radio Nowhere - 8/10
14. I'm On Fire - 10/10
15. Badlands - 10/10 (top 10)

Excellent stuff, man. Thoughts on Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Jungleland, The Promised Land, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Thundercrack and Dancing in the Dark? That's the rest of my top 10 aside from what you've already got.

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Jungleland, The Promised Land and Darkness On The Edge Of Town would all make my top twenty easily. I'm not familiar with Thundercrack and while I do like Dancing In The Dark, I just wish a synthesizer hadn't been used for the main melody of the song.

Have you heard the club remix? I know that sounds like a bad version, but for Boss fans like us, it's almost as good as the original.

Yeah, almost.