Frequently Asked Questions

Basics (14)

It all started with two observations:

1. Most folks like to create and share "best" and "worst" lists relating to movies, books, and music and...

2. Comparing lists and finding people of similar tastes is a great way to find new things to watch, read, or listen to.

The Listology allows you to share all manner and variety of lists relating to movies, books, and music. You no longer have to content yourself with some "official" body telling you what "The Most Influential Novels of All Time" are. Instead, you can publish your own version of that list here.

Even better, you can search all the lists that have been submitted to The Listology. Suppose your favorite movie is "Ishtar," and you haven't been able to find anyone who shares your tastes. How are you supposed to get reliable movie recommendations? Just navigate to our "search" screen, plug in "Ishtar," and see what lists it appears on. If you find a list titled, "The 10 Best Movies Ever," you might have found a compatriot!

Of course, this site is only useful if The Listology contains lists, so if you like the site, please contribute! Just click on "My Content" in the menu, and start sharing your favorite movies, most hated books, most overrated albums, or anything else you can think of.

Only registered users can create content. If you are a registered user, you can log in using the "User login" box at the right. If you are not a registered user, you can create a new account using the "Create new account" link under the "User login" box at the right.

Once you are logged in, you can create content using the Create Content menu item, just choose what kind of content you want to create (List, Article or Poll) and dive right in.

Piece o' cake. Just use the "Search" box to the left to enter your search criteria. You can also browse the site content based on genre or content type using the Browse menu.

When you create a list, you can allow other readers to comment on that list. Only logged in users can leave comments. Reader discussion will appear with your list, at the bottom of the screen (after your own list comments, if you choose to provide them.) However, it's perfectly understandable that you might not want complete strangers posting thoughts on your lists for all to see, so this feature can be activated on a list-by-list basis. When creating or editing a list, you have the following options under "Comment settings":

* Disabled (No comments can be left.)
* Read only (Any existing comments can be read, but no new comments can be placed.)
* Read/Write (Anyone can read comments, and registered users can leave new comments.)

Just choose the option you want, and save your list. You can change this option at any time.

The search index is rebuilt every half hour, so it could take up to that long for your content to appear in search results.

So that when somebody finds one of your lists that they like, they can click on your user ID and see if they like all your stuff. Your account is the only thing that associates you with your content. That's it. You only need to create an ID and password. No marketing surveys. No intrusions.

Requiring registration for commentors reduces spam and keeps the level of discussion a bit more civil. A large portion of the abusive and/or problematic comments on most sites are left by anonymous users.

Click "My Account" in the main menu, this will take you to your account settings. From there click "Edit" and scroll down to the area labeled "Picture". You can upload a photo here.

See that "Forgot my password" link over on the right under the login box? It is your new best friend. In order to reset your password you must be able to access the email account you originally registered with. If you're having trouble, get in touch using the "Contact" link above.

We need your email address for the following reasons:

1. So that readers of your lists can give you feedback
2. So that we can e-mail you your password if you forget it (note that this is the only way to recover a forgotten password)
3. To take advantage of the Listology notification services

Your email address will always be kept private, and will never appear on any Listology pages unless you specifically put it there. Every user is provided with a contact form so that other users can get in touch without having their email address. Listology will never provide your email address to anyone else for any reason.

Cookies are used on this site so you don't have to login each time you want to edit your lists or profile. That's it. We don't use them to track your movements around the Internet, and we don't store any sensitive personal information with them. However, you should be aware that once you login, anybody that has physical access to your computer will be logged into The Listology as you. Of course, if somebody you don't trust has physical access to your machine, the safety of your Listology data is the least of your worries.

You've probably disabled cookies on your browser. The Listology uses cookies to keep you logged in during a session. For more information on The Listology's use of cookies, see above.

Listology was designed by Martin McClellan. When the site was redesigned, Martin did an amazing job mixing the simple feel of the old site with a more modern and polished look. Martin also designed our iconic mascot.

That is our mascot, created by Listology's designer Martin McClellan. This is how he came about in according to Martin:

It's a bullet, an "el" and a bullet. But, if you put them together (in pretty much any typeface, using asterisks instead of bullets when typing) it makes a face.


I added a little line to that, and thought Listology could have a mascot, which goes well with the tag line.

He doesn't really have a name ... yet!

Just click "Contact Us" in the "About" menu above and fill out the contact form. Suggestions, kudos, criticism and bug reports are all welcome.

Advanced (3)

You can put links in your lists, polls, articles, posts and comments using a little simple HTML. This is best described by example. Suppose you want to link to Steven Soderbergh's page in the IMDb. First, you'd navigate there in your browser to see what the link is. In our example, it's:,+Steven

Now all you have to do is incorporate this into your link. The HTML looks like this:

I've really enjoyed everything <a href=",+Steven">Steven Soderbergh</a> has done since "Out of Sight".

This will appear to users like so:

I've really enjoyed everything Steven Soderbergh has done since "Out of Sight".

That's all there is to it!

Like links, this is best illustrated by example. This code . . .

I said "to <strong>boldly</strong> go where no man has gone before", not to <em>italically</em> go there.

. . . will appear like so:

I said "to boldly go where no man has gone before", not to italically go there.

Listology also has a couple built-in styles you can use if you like. If you create a list that looks like this:

Godfather <span class="gray">(arguably Coppola's greatest)</span>
<span class="highlight"> Godfather II </span>
Godfather III <span class="gray">(ugh.)</span>

My new entries are highlighted.

. . . it will appear like so:

  • Godfather (arguably Coppola's greatest)
  • Godfather II
  • Godfather III (ugh.)

My new entries are highlighted.

The idea was to create easy, standard methods of [a] highlighting new entries to lists and [b] visually distinguishing notes from list items.

If you don't want a bullet to appear at the beginning of a given list item, just make the first character on that line an underscore. For example, this suppresses the bullets in front of the month headers:

The Matrix Revolutions
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix

. . . and appears like so:

  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • The Matrix

Note that the underscore all alone on a line by itself becomes a line break in the list.

Etiquette (3)

While we are as hands-off as possible regarding list content, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate posts and their authors from the site. "Inappropriate posts" include: fast money-making schemes, or posts that are pornographic, defamatory, racial, abusive, or hateful.

I try to keep Listology PG-13ish, but mostly with that rule I'm trying to prevent abuse and frivolous spouting of profanity. Don't go hog wild. There, a vague answer to a subjective issue.

Some folks like to read the last page first, while others find that sacrilegious. Out of respect for both groups, you can post spoilers, but if you do we request that you enclose the spoiler in

Spoiler: Highlight to view
tags. To do that, just type something like this:

"I really liked the movie until the end; [SPOILER]I can't believe everybody died![SPOILER] I didn't see that coming."

This will appear to everyone else like this:

"I really liked the movie until the end; <SPOILER - highlight to read>I can't believe everybody died!</SPOILER> I didnt' see that coming."

So if you are the sort of person that reads the last page first, all you have to do is swipe your mouse over the "blank" space between the spoiler tags to see what's there.