Blogs/Messageboards With Good Writing and/or Good Taste

  • I don't read that many blogs, but that may just be because I don't keep track of where to go. These are the ones that have popped out.
  • Forest Gospel
  • Introduced me to: Pumice, Kurt Weisman, Chris Rehm, and others. Shared TMT's ballsy 2010 AOTY. Likes art, arty rock and neato-noise. Absolutely the one I go to the most often now.
  • Almost Cool
  • For posterity, a source going way back, may it Rest In Peace. (Brief stint as Something Excellent didn't last long). A big post-rock guy at one point. Introduced me to Fridge, the Notwist, Sigur Ros, Broken Social Scene, Animal Collective.
  • LeakTweeter!/LeakTweet
  • Not so much a blog, and a little up its own hyped ass, but absolutely a good barometer.
  • Foxy Digitalis
  • Holy moly these guys update a lot. I haven't visited much, but hope to wade through as often as possible.
  • Dreamcatcher Earring
  • Constant updates with free downloads and evocative less-than-haiku blurbs.
  • Drowned In Sound Community Recommendations
  • This is a great way to do recommendations, because you get a sense of what's taking off but you get a few obscure picks in there. This is where I found Mat Riviere.