Connoisseurs of REAL Trance Music...prepare to have your mind blown \o/ --> /o/ --> /o_

Honestly, whoever told you you have exceptional taste in trance is pretty wrong. Go look at darktremor's top trance list.

thanks for letting me know about his list--will check it out. did you check out any of the tracks you hadn't heard from my list? specifics would be appreciated instead of just saying my taste in music is crap in general.. or list the ones (if any) that you think are legit...

darktremor seems to really know his stuff when it comes to all types of EDM and I'm sure I'll find quite a few songs to add from his list. However, in my opinion his list doesn't hold a candle to mine... Like I said in the original post, i wish I could go back and be right there with everyone from the beginning...perhaps I'd have the same taste in trance as he does then.

one that I like especially from his list so far is: Solar Stone - Seven Cities. Will keep checking that list out.

Darktremor is a pretender so go ahead and have fun in his wagon. The things he wrote were ridiculous. His knowledge of every single electronic genre is obviously not that much, nor is mine. He likes minimal techno and thinks they're trance tracks, so he puts them in the top 400. He just defines music with words so sophisticated and confusing he can think of. Anyways, I'll check out the tracks on this list :).

heh..i didn't want to say anything about him without spending more time listening to his selections.

Please let me know if you find any gems. So far on other top progressive/uplifting lists I am not finding most of the songs on my list. A lot of time and thought went into selecting these.... Hope you enjoy

Well hey, you're not the only one with a favourite tracks list not getting much attention ;p. I got 2 good comments on my list. Almost a year when I started making the list 8). Trance is a dead genre pretty much and you seem like a guy with a similar taste at least. I'm a lazy listener admittedly because I hardly like anything. My taste in trance is very strict. I only like dreamy or atmospheric trance, something with a soul that drives forward on forever even if it's not totally original. But take my advice on darktremor seriously. He's probably not for you even though his list is definitely not total BS and he made effort.

Yeah, I was a bit harsh, because everyone, including myself, starts listening to this stuff, and thinks it is really good. I don't really listen to much trance anymore, but I have a list that probably bridges the gap between this one and darktremor's.

I find 'euphoric trance' really really boring and cheesey, but we have similar songs on our lists still, MTM.

I'll look up your list for sure. curious--what does MTM mean?

what is it about feeling like your mood is elevating and you're soaring through the sky that you find cheesy and boring? I just think it's easy to make statements like that for people like darktremor as well. Unfortunately, I think people who glorify darktremor's list may have had an association with the first trance songs they fell in love with because it was also when they were rolling on a certain substance (which can never be as good as the first times)...

I'm sure the old trance producers are thinking what they would give if they could have all the technology that exists right now. I agree, there is beauty in the simpler original trance made with more humble equipment, but there's no doubt that at least some of them could have been even more mind blowing with newer techniques, layers, sounds, technology...etc.

i look for a very simple, yet exquisitely beautiful melody.

Anyway, what music are you into now, now that you don't listen to trance much? If it was that great back then, if it were me I would just keep listening to it and supporting it. Anyway, it's a good thing that we all have different music tastes and that our tastes will probably keep evolving as will the music. :)

MTM refers to ModernTranceMusic.

Firstly, I've never done hallucinogenics and very rarely go to clubs. So strike that out. I started listening to 'trance' when I was 15, and my friend gave me an album of stuff. It was mainly the really cheesy anthem uplifting stuff, like Groove Coverage, Kyau & Albert and the like, with a sprinkling of eurodance. I listened to that CD a lot.

Then I found darktremor's list. While I stick more with progressive/Ibiza/chillout trance as opposed to minimalist trance, I find our trance tastes very compatible.

One of the reasons older trance is usually better, barring personal preference, is because back in the day, it was far harder to make electronic music than it is now. I could buy Fruity Loops, and make a passable song in most styles quite quickly today, whereas it would have taken more skill to use the turntables, samplers and keyboards in the early 90s. Because literally anyone can make trance now, the market is flooded by crappy anthem trance. The technology isn't that different, in terms of what can and can't be made, it's just the time it takes to make a song is shorter nowadays. So I really doubt any trance producers are losing sleep over not being able to... add what to a song again? What studio trick could they have done now that they couldn't then?

I'm into all different types of music now, anything from classical, to jazz, to ambience, to other electronic genres, to rock. I still do like trance, but why spend tonnes of time listening to it when I enjoy other genres more? I like expanding my mind musically, not restricting myself.

Just from what I can take from your intro, you sound quite smug and egotistical in saying that 'others think I have exceptional taste in trance'. I'm not sure how old you are, but that sentence is what made me comment here.

aiite, it's 330AM and I've gotta study.

i don't think i criticized anyone else's tastes or preferences in music. It's OKAY to state what others have said about my taste in music... Would I waste my time to make up a story to pad my ego? Maybe. There're all kinds of people out there. Judging from your first and last comment, you're obviously bent on trying to put me or the people who supposedly told me I have exceptional taste in music in our place. Read the next few sentences I wrote after the sentence you're referring to.... but whatever. call me smug if you want. Have fun policing the internet as the anti-troll troll.

For one, I highly doubt trance tracks could have as many layers as they do now. I'm not saying more layers is better, but clearly classic trance sounds more simple/less full/perhaps less-goosebump-inducing because of the lack of technology. It's 2012, and by now we're all pretty used to the sensory takes more to get the hair on our necks to stand.

What technological advancements and cheap equipment/software has done is enabled a exponentially larger, wider, more diverse group of people that can produce trance. It's undeniable that with this comes new talent. Case in point--what if Mozart could never afford a piano or was born before it was invented? Same with pretty much anything like sports that only people with money could afford to participate in... How many of the artists that I mentioned above are raking in the huge bucks by doing what they're doing? I know at least a couple of them on my list make very little and do it more as a passionate hobby. How many people had the money to afford that kind of equipment back in the day? Only the privileged, that's for sure. Heck, I recently barely could afford even a 15 year old USED Roland JP-8000 virtual analog synthesizer that had played a huge part in the evolution of music in this genre and others... Even if money weren't an issue back then, today's technology enables the music to reach a much wider audience and inspires more trance maestros across the globe..

Did we even have 386mhz intel processors back then??? Not only has technology as in software, computers, sound design improved....but in general everything has evolved and/or advanced. Some people just don't want change...people get stuck in the decade of their glory days. That being said, there's a lot of crap being produced nowadays and I'm sure there was crap being produced back in the day, as well. Did trance producers who were more affluent/privileged/rare have more talent back in the day? Have all the good melodies been exhausted already?

you said you rarely listen to trance...that's all i'll find myself listening to. So, at least I'm not contributing to the genre's decline.

I was never much of a partier, myself. Just married and almost 30 here. What did it matter what age I was? Good for you you were "above the influence". You're wrong in calling mdma a hallucinogen, however. And from one trance lover to another, "ignorance is bliss". :) I sincerely hope at very least you're using some audiophile-quality head/earphones to listen to trance or whatever tickles your eardrums nowadays.

Happy listening :)

some amazing movie scores here. probably some that have been overlooked in other similar lists:

Hey dochyo

You commented on my old list that I made a while back and I just wanted to say thanks. I also got a chance to check out your list and I must say it is a good list. It is a good list, and by looking at the songs I can see what your style of songs are. You like uplifting, melodic, emotional driven and epic tracks that make you get goosebumps and feel the excitement of it. I use to be like you and boy back in the goosebumps days it was good memories for me.

You are a good listener and your efforts in creating a list and stuff really proves that you are committed and dedicated to Trance. And you probably already know by now that nobody on an average listens to Trance music. So, it's no slouch that you know your stuff. Though I must mention, even though your taste and perspective are good, it also needs room to grow and explore more to get better. What I mean is, your taste in Trance has not yet fully developed. You'll know when your taste has fully grown as matured---- when that happens, you actually STOP listening to Trance because you nailed it enough.

The point I am trying to make is that people think your egotistical is because you still have a small naive spirit in the Trance scene. But that's fine, I was there like you too...

I do know your songs on there as I used to listen to a lot of ASOT back then and songs and artists such as Daniel Kandi, Dash Berlin Waiting, Out of The Blue, etc...

You should check out Stoneface & Terminal. They create high quality uplifting happy Trance tracks. Some examples are Blueprint, Out of The Blue (Remix). I can't believe you don't have Gouryella - Gouryella as Gouryella - Walhalla on there! Those are really uplifting and melodically beautiful tracks. Though you may not like it at first; it was like rat with me. What about Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave? Rank 1 - Airwave?

If you don't like old songs, then these songs at good modern day ones: Fast Distance vs Dimension - Above The Clouds (Original Mix). And check it more Armin since Armin SPECIALIZES in fluffy happy euphoric Trance.

Armin Van Buuren - Coming Home (Original Mix)
Amin Van Buuren - Hold Onto Me

Also listen to John O Callaghan - Out of Nowhere (Stonface & Terminal Remix) really great euphoric sound. I know it's hard to hear new songs but bear with me you'll like these songs that I mentioned and try to listen to these on by one and don't rush it so you don't feel overwhelmed.

I'm just like you man I went through a phase in mt Trance listening experience where I only liked happy euphoric melodic uplifting Trance but late on I got so tired of it. I listened to Tiesto more to learn his darker style of euphoric Trance which was still euphoric but in. "darker" style. I respect your tastes and your perspective and you can improve so much by listener to more types of Trance. And you will learn to appreciate old school Trance later... New Trance sounds sharper and advanced but actually the quality and heart of it cannot compare to Classic Trance (1990-1995) or Gateway Era Trance (1996-2002). Trance has changed so much over the years so we must be specific about which era we are talking about to compare. But man trust me old school Trance sounds laughable and silly to you right now but later on you'll find it to he totally different and when that day comes you'll understand.

I doubted and hated darktremor too but I found out he is so right in many ways. Too much excessive happy uplifting Trance makes me look like a happy unicorn. I know because it happened to me. I got too fluffy at one point.

Trance is dead; and to find people like you is a rarity and you must be one of a kind, and probably most of your friends or family do not see Trance on the same level you see it as

In any case, I should get some sleep. Keep up the good stuff there's SO many good tracks from the old school you are missing out on.

I appreciate your comments. I'm sure that my tastes can and will evolve and it is true that a lot of today's trance starts sounding generic/the same. However, I tend to like the really unique ones with memorable/brilliant melodies. I'll listen to your suggestions and try to keep an open mind :) There are a lot of close-minded trance heads out be careful of that too...

long live trance :)

Hi Dochyo

Thanks for listening to my list. I'll definitely listen to your list as well.

I don't think trance is dead - its just eveolving as usual. Now its at a stage where its a bit more "house" like. I like to listen to the weekly radio programs by all the major trance DJ's - armin van buuren, above and beyond, tiesto, markus schulz, ferry corsten, etc. Sometimes they play really good stuff.

not sure why it's not letting me add this:

Daniel Kandi ft. Phillip Alpha - If it ain't broke (orig)

it's saying something about spam :-/ I'll try again later..


You might find a ton of stuff from my listology page: along with my tumblr blog (which is the same list but in a more user-friendly format). Check it out and let me know.